What is Nespresso coffee Machine? How to use them?
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Nespresso coffee machines

Nespresso coffee machine brand is based in Switzerland, and it is a subsidiary of a well-known giant in the food and kitchen business, “Nestle”. Nespresso coffee machines are very quick and straightforward to use. These machines brew espresso with Nespresso coffee capsules. 

Nespresso capsules are basically coffee grounds packed in specialized air-tight containers so that they can stay fresh for longer periods. You can choose your favorite capsule as they come in many different flavors. 

These capsules are inserted into the coffee machine, where hot and pressurized water is forced to pass through them to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

Nespresso is a premium coffee machine brand with a billion dollars per year of revenue.  


History of Nespresso coffee machines

Nespresso machines are not very old. Nestle patented the system of Nespresso in 1976. But the earlier machines did not look very compact and exquisite in design as they look now. They were just like a traditional Espresso machine with a large boiler and pumping system. 

In the preceding ten years, Nespresso made many changes to its existing design and made it capable of rolling out in the market of Japan, Switzerland, and many European countries in 1986. 

Eric Favre was the guy who initially came up with the idea of the Nespresso system. He noticed that one coffee bar in his vicinity was always full of customers and the taste of their coffee was also different and more pleasing than the other coffee bars in that area.

He decided to investigate why is it so, and he found that the brewing method of that bar was different from the brewing method of other coffee bars. He noticed that the Barista at that bar pumped the piston many times before releasing the coffee, while the other coffee bars did that only once.

This repeated pumping produced more pressure, resulting in greater oxidation of coffee beans, which eventually draws out more flavors from the coffee grounds and produces better crema. Favre introduced this repeated pumping system in the Nespresso machines.

Jean Gaillard was the marketing manger of Nespresso. He marketed Nespresso machines effectively and helped Nestle gain a vast customer base, from office to home consumers. In the 1990s, Nestle signed a contract with many coffee machines manufacturers like Breville, De’longi, and Siemens to expand its business all over the World.

Basic components of nespresso machine

Nespresso machines just look like conventional coffee machines and have a very simple design. With Nespresso machines, you can easily brew your favorite cup of coffee in a matter of minutes. A typical Nespresso machine has 6 parts.

1. Water tank

In a water tank, you can store water for up to 3 to 8 cups of coffee. Some Nespresso machines have large water reservoirs, while some have a capacity of only one cup.

2. Lever/Head

The lever of Nespresso machines is used open the head of the machine where you have to place the Nespresso capsules.

3. Capsule Basket

Nespresso machines have a separate capsule basket where you can store 5 to 10 Nespresso capsules for future use.

4. Operating Buttons

Nespresso machines have a very simple interface with only a few buttons. Modern Nespresso machines have only one button; they can detect the type of capsules and adjusts the brewing parameters according to it.

5. Drip Tray

Some Nespresso machines have two foldable drip trays and a removable one at the bottom. While modern Vertuo Nespresso machines have only one removable drip tray at the bottom.

6. Wastebasket

When you brew coffee, the used Nespresso capsules are automatically thrown into the wastebasket at the side of the Nespresso machine.


How to use a nespresso machine

As mentioned above, Nespresso machines have a very simple interface, and they are very easy to use. You don’t need to have Barista skills to brew a perfect cup of coffee with a Nespresso machine.

Original line Nespresso typically has separate buttons for Espresso and Lungo. While vertuoline Nespresso machines have only one button, they can read the barcode on the capsule and brew coffee according to it.

1. Add water to the Reservoir

Add filtered water to the water reservoir of the Nespresso machine.

Always fill the tank more than half so that the reservoir must have more water than required for one brewing cycle. 

If the water is less than required, you will not get the perfect tasting coffee, which might damage your machine.

Always add filtered water to the machine because normal water will cause the build-up of scaling and minerals inside the machine.

2. Put a cup under the coffee outlet

Adjust the cup under the coffee outlet; make sure to put it in the right place so that coffee doesn’t spill out.

Here the size of the cup is also important; some Nespresso machines allow you to put large travel mugs under the coffee outlet, while in other Nespresso machines, there’s a place for only small cups.

3. Turn on the machine

 Turn on the machine. Any of the two (espresso or lungo) buttons on a Nespresso Original Line machine can be used to turn it. On the other hand, the Nespresso pixie has its separate ON button.

Press the cup symbol on a Nespresso Vertuo line machine. As the machine begins to prime, the button will begin to blink.
When the light stops blinking, move on to the next step.

4. Insert Nespresso capsule into capsule holder

With the help of a lever and head, open the capsule holder in the Nespresso Vertuo line and Nespresso original line to put the capsule into the chamber.

The original Nespresso capsules are quite different from dome-shaped VertuoLine capsules.

Vertuo capsules rotate in the machine at some specific rpm, while in the original line machine, pressurized water is passed through the capsule. That’s why they are different.

After putting the Nespresso capsule, ensure that the machine’s head should be locked.

5)Brew your Coffee

 Press the desired type of coffee (espresso or lungo) on a classic Nespresso Orignal line machine, and the machine will begin dispensing coffee in about 25 seconds.

The machine scans the size of the capsule in a Nespresso Vertuo, and you simply push the cup symbol to have the machine brew the correct amount of coffee for the capsule.

To minimize overflowing, make sure to choose the appropriate mug size for the amount of coffee you plan to prepare.

How to use Nespresso machine

What's Special about Nespresso machines

Nespresso machines are undoubtedly the best choice for those who want their coffee at the ease of their home with minimal brewing efforts.

One just has to fill the water in the tank and push the button to get a freshly brewed shot of Espresso with a wonderful layer of crema over it.

1. Freedom to enjoy different types of coffee with a variety of Nespresso pods

Different people have different preferences when it comes to coffee. Some like it very intense and bitter, while others like it smooth and sweet. With Nespresso machines, you can easily find the coffee of your choice by trying different Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso Capsules has its unique rating system from 1 to 13. 6 or below is considered light, while 7 or above is deemed to be strong and robust in taste.

9 to 13 level Nespresso capsules contain dark roast coffee grounds and are perfect for you if you are a fan of intense flavors. If you want your coffee to be smooth in flavor, choose light roasted coffee grounds with a rating of 1 to 5. 

The capsules for Nespresso original line machines and Nespresso Vertuo machines are different. So, you must keep this factor in mind while buying capsules. Original line capsules are longer in shape, while Vertuo line capsules are smaller and wider. 

nespresso pods

2. Consistency in the taste

In Traditional Espresso Machines, you have to control different brewing parameters like the choice of coffee grounds, grind size, tamping, water temperature, etc., to brew a perfect shot of Espresso. 

No doubt, you can get a better tasting shot with a traditional Espresso machine, but you have to be an expert at brewing for that. But if you are not an expert, then you will end up brewing a terrible shot of Espresso.

With Nespresso machines, you will always get a consistent and flavorful taste as there are no adjustable brewing parameters involved in it. 

You don’t have to be an expert at brewing with Nespresso machines; you just have to push one button to get the same and consistent taste all the time.

consistency in taste

3. Size and design

Traditional Espresso machines are very heavy and large. They need a special place in your kitchen, and it’s very difficult to change their place after.

The best thing about Nespresso machines is their compact size and decent design. They can easily fit anywhere in your home, office, or room and looks beautiful. These machines are also very lightweight; you can easily shift them from your kitchen to office to room wherever you want.

4. Simple Interface

No coffee machine present in the market is as fast as Nespresso machines, which is also the reason behind their success.

Vertuo line Nespresso machines have only one button to start the operation. These machines work with unique barcode technology, which reads the code on the capsules and brews the coffee accordingly.

Original line Nespresso machines have separate buttons for brewing Espresso and Lungo. They are also very simple and easy to use.

5. Available at affordable prices

Nespresso machines are considerably cheaper in price than traditional Espresso machines. You can get the most affordable Nespresso model for under 100 dollars, while some models may go up to 250 to 300 dollars.

Some people may argue that Nespresso capsules are more expensive than the coffee grounds present in the market. Well, they are right in their argument, but loose coffee grounds are not fresh and flavorful if you look closely. While Nespresso capsules are air-tight, which keeps the coffee grounds fresh and delicious for longer periods.

On the other hand, if you buy whole bean coffee that remains fresh, you also have to invest in a good quality coffee grinder, which will cost you both time and money. 

So, Nespresso machines are perfect for busy people who value their time.


6. easy cleaning

The best thing about Nespresso machines is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. Nespresso machines will inform you automatically whenever there is a need for descaling. And you can easily buy the specialized descaling solutions of Nespresso from their stores.

Milk frother for Latte and Cappuccino lovers

While Nespresso machines are only specialized for brewing Espresso or Lungo, you can also prepare milk-based drinks such as Latte or Cappuccino.

Nespresso also manufactures its own Aeroccino milk frother, which is convenient and easy to use.

Nespresso Buying Guide

Nespresso machines are highly efficient and convenient, synonymous with specialty espresso coffee makers in the espresso world. Many users are confused between Nespresso Vertuo Next and Nespresso Plus to choose, so in this article guide, we provide buying guide, detailed comparison, and features to make the buying decision easy for you

Lattissima one and Lattissima touch are one of the best-selling coffee makers by DeLonghi. Both these models seem to look similar to many users through their practical design and features, but they are pretty different.


Nespresso Essenza is manufactured and sold under two brand name: DeLonghi and Breville. The practical functionality of both brands is almost the same, with a little bit of variation in design.

Each machine comes with a convenient bundle pack of 14 Nespresso capsules with different aromas to help you choose your favorite drink.

Nespresso common troubleshooting issues- Solutions

Why does Nespresso coffee tastes burst?

Nespresso coffee is typically robust, with a creamy texture and sharp notes – these three elements whirling and popping melodically in your mouth are the closest thing to a blessed morning coffee you’ll get. But what will happen if one day Your Nespresso machine’s coffee pod suddenly tastes bad, bitter, or bursts?

Can Nespresso Make hot water?

Nespresso machines are among the most popular single-serve coffee makers, the most marketed and appealing machines in the espresso industry that satisfies their customers with Convenience, a variety of coffee recipes, and, most importantly, the quality of coffee they produce. However, one of the most critical questions asked by Nespresso machine users that, can Nespresso make hot water?

                                                                                    Read more about can Nespresso make hot water?

Why is my Nespresso Blinking Orange?

Sometimes Nespresso machines keep blinking, and it is very much complicated to figure out the possible reason, especially when these coffee machines have so many sophisticated pieces. Blinking orange or red light in Nespresso indicates that the machine is not working properly and need fixing. So we provide a detailed guide on how to fix this issue.

Why is the Nespresso machine leaking?

Many coffee lovers report that sometimes Nespresso machines are spiriting coffee. There are many possibles reasons that cause your machine leaks, so we provide detailed guidance on how to resolve this issue so that you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

How to descale nespresso vertuo machines

Caring for the Nespresso machine means proper cleaning and descaling your machine, as it not only helps in prolonged Nespresso machine life, but it will surely serve you with great cups of brewing coffee( never lose charm in flavor and aroma).

Now, you must be wondering why descaling is important, why you need it, how often you should descale your machine, and most importantly, How to descale your Nespresso machine.

How to reset the Nespresso machine to the default factory setting?

Sometimes, if you want to customize the Nespresso default setting or want to try new Nespresso capsules, or simply want to try the hit and trial method until you brew coffee best suited according to your preference, you’ll need to reset your Nespresso machine.

Why is the Nespresso milk frother not working?

The milk frother not working properly is a very typical troubleshooting issue with the Nespresso machine, and the solution is rather simple. So there is no need to be panic and rush to the store to get a replacement or to a café to sip your coffee. All you need to do is follow some simple instructions, and you’ll be able to fix it on your own!

How to make Nespresso machine Quieter?

Nespresso machines have been criticized for being noisy over the year; nonetheless, they are quieter than other capsule coffee machines. Is your Nespresso machine noisy? This is most likely one of the hot topics leading to the growing number of arguments in worldwide discussion forums and social media in this field.
So this article guide helps you to make your Nespresso machine quieter.

Nespresso Facts

How long does the Nespresso machine last?

According to a recent study, the average coffee machine lasts between 6 and 10 years, depending on the type and model, as well as whether it is used for commercial or personal reasons.

Why does Nespresso have foam?

Crema is the lovely reddish-brown foam on top of the Nespresso pod shot that adds flavors, body, and a pleasing presentation to the overall aesthetic of a wonderful shot of coffee.

The brewing procedure, which extracts the coffee under pressure, pulls oil from coffee beans to the surface, resulting in froth (foam). Traditional espresso machines and Nespresso machines use pressure to extract oil from coffee beans.

How long Nespresso Pods Last?

The Nespresso pod has a long shelf life as long as it is stored properly, and it is safe to use even after the expiration date has passed as long as the Nespresso pod is in good shape. The pods may even persist continuously, according to the manufacturer, with just a minor loss of aroma and flavor.

What does Nespresso Intensity Level Mean?

The degree of roasting, body, and bitterness of a coffee is all described by its intensity level. Furthermore, the intensity is due to the coffee’s concentration. It has nothing to do with the amount of caffeine in coffee. These numbers range from 1 to 13, and Nespresso describes them as “intensity.” However, many people believe that intensity equals caffeine concentration, whereas, in fact, these scales determined the hardness, bitterness, and roast quality of coffee beans.