Can Nespresso make hot water?

Nespresso machines are among the most popular single-serve coffee makers, the most marketed and appealing machines in the espresso industry that satisfies their customers with Convenience, a variety of coffee recipes, and, most importantly, the quality of coffee they produce. However, one of the most critical questions asked by Nespresso machine users that, can Nespresso make hot water?

The ultimate answer depends upon whether you have Nespresso original line machine or vertuo machines. Usually, when brewing coffee, the Nespresso machine heats water in the temperature range of 83-86 degrees for the Original line and 78° ± 5° for Vertuo, which is quite ideal for brewing the perfect cup of coffee. But what if you want hot water for tea or something else?

So in this article, we will discuss in detail how to get hot water from Nespresso Original& vertuo machines, does Nespresso makes hot pods, and how to keep your drink for a longer period of time.

How to get hot water from Original Line Nespresso Machines?

Getting hot water from Nespresso Original line machines is super easy. All you need is to perform some basic manual steps. Steps are similar for all Nespresso Original line machines (Whether you have an Essenza, Pixie, Citiz, Inissia, Lattissima, or Creatista).

  • Open the lever of the machine
  • Eject any previously used capsule/pod.
  • Close the lever of the machine without putting a new pod/capsule in the machine
  • And finally, select the Lungo button. 3.7 ounces. of hot water will dispense into your cup.

The water in your Nespresso machine may have a brown tinge and/or coffee grinds floating in it if you do not clean or descale the machine regularly.

Coffee enthusiasts recommend descaling your machine at least once in 3-6 months or after brewing 300 cups of coffee.

Brew lungo several times without using a pod/capsule in the chamber until the water becomes clear. It is highly recommended to run the machine a few times to make sure that the water you get is really hot.

Can a Nespresso Vertuo Make Hot Water?

Making hot water with Nespresso vertuo machine is a bit more complicated than with an original line machine. First of all, the Nespresso vertuo machines model works on centrifugation (rapid capsule spinning) technology to extract shots by scanning barcode-enabled capsules. This means you cannot use reusable pods with this machine.

Vertuo line models work by reading the bar code on the pod to determine how much water to pull through. In this case, it helps you know whether you are making 1.35 oz. Espresso or a 7.7 oz. coffee

If there’s no pod/capsule in the chamber, and you start brewing by pressing the button, you’ll automatically get a blinking orange or red light error message.

How Does Nespresso Vertuo line Machine Make Hot Water?  

There are three parts of a Nespresso Vertuo Machine

  • Boiler, which is an electrically heated tank.
  • solenoid valve
  • pump, which sends water through the solenoid valve into a water reservoir for storage

The immersion heaters inside the Nespresso Vertuo hot water can heat the water to the right temperature for brewing the coffee. This makes wonderful coffee while also providing hot water for other purposes.

While using the Nespresso Vertuo machine, the boiler activates and heats water pumped through a solenoid valve.

The water that has been pumped through the solenoid valve is then stored in a water reservoir. This procedure prevents the boiler from shutting down too soon, causing the machine to lose some of its water.

This will cause the hot water to be dispensed out, allowing you to collect it in a cup or drink it directly from the machine’s spout. The machine boils the water and produces a tasty, creamy coffee brew.

Nespresso Vertuo doesn’t have a water Dispenser, so in order to get hot water from the Nespresso machine, you need to follow these steps.

  • Insert a used capsule into the Pod chamber of the machine.
  • Press the hot button and set your mug in the tray.
  • However, If you just want a cup of coffee with hot or cold water, press the hot button and wait a few minutes for the water to be dispensed.

Unfortunately, Nespresso Vertuo is incapable of producing hot water. The reason is Nespresso Vertuo line machines work by reading code from barcodes printed on each capsule.

However, adding too much water to the machine can dilute the espresso’s flavor. Therefore Nespresso Vertuo’s ability to create hot water cannot be trusted.

To avoid any problems, it is recommended to use fresh pods and double-check the size of your tank.

Without inserting the capsule into the chamber, the Nespresso Vertuo’s cleaning cycle discharges hot water. If you haven’t cleaned your machine in a while, start with a full cleaning cycle. Although it may take a little longer than you’d want, you’ll end up with hot water.

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How to get Hot water from Nespresso Vertuo Next, Vertuo or Evoluo?

Step by step Guide

  1. Fill the water reservoir with fresh drinking water and put it back into the machine.
  2. Under the coffee outlet, place a large one-quart glass measuring cup.
  3. Using the eject button, remove any used capsules from the holder.
  4. Turn the machine on and move the lever to the left to lock it.
  5. Within 2 seconds, press the brew button three times.
  6. Water will begin to flow from the machine within 2 minutes. Depending on your Nespresso model, hot water will be dispensed for 2-5 minutes. During this time, the orange light will blink. By pressing the button once, you can stop the procedure once you have the required amount of hot water.
  7. If the water contains a lot of coffee grinds or has a brown hue, discard the water, clean the measuring cup, and repeat steps 4-6, allowing the complete cycle to run. The second time through, the water should be cleaner.

How to get hot water from Nespresso Vertuo Plus?

Step by step guide:

  1. Fill the reservoir with fresh, clean drinking water.
  2. Under the coffee outlet, place a large one-quart glass measuring cup.
  3. Remove any unused/trashed capsules from the holder.
  4. Start the machine.
  5. Within 2 seconds, press the brew button three times.
  6. Hot water will begin to flow from the machine within 2 minutes and will last for 2-5 minutes. When the process is finished, the light will become orange. You can halt the operation once you have the required amount of hot water by pressing the button once.
  7. If the water contains a lot of coffee grinds or has a brown hue to it, you may wish to discard the water, rinse the measuring cup, and repeat steps 4-6, allowing the cleaning cycle to complete.

How does Nespresso Essenza mini make hot water?

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Does Nespresso make tea Pods?

Nespresso can exclusively produce coffee and espresso pods; it does not produce tea pods.

For the Original Line machine, you might be able to find certain tea pods from unapproved third-party manufacturers. However, before making a purchase, read the customer’s reviews carefully about pods because there have been numerous complaints about the pods not operating properly.

 Vertuo line machines: Because of the Nespresso patent on the Vertuo pod design, no third-party tea (or coffee) pods are available for vertuo machines.

So Instead of using tea pods, we recommend you go to Nespresso to get hot water and then brew a teabag to allow for sufficient steeping time.

Can you use a Nespresso machine to make tea?

Your Nespresso machine’s lungo button has been set to 110ml of coffee. We recommend one capsule for a teacup (150-180ml) and two capsules for a mug (250ml), depending on your strength and taste preference.

How to keep coffee hot for a longer period of time?

Here are five ways by which you can keep your coffee hotter for a longer period of time.

  1. Use A Travel Mug  
  2. Preheat Your Cup. 
  3. Invest in a Thermos (Highly recommended)
  4. Get a Cup Warmer for your Car. 
  5. Use Metal Coffee Beans.

Final Thought

The ultimate short answer to can Nespresso make hot water?

Yes! You can get hot water with the Nespresso machine. The only thing you need to do is not to insert the Nespresso capsule and hot the button; you will get water only.

Frequently asked Questions

Can you put hot or cold water in Nespresso?

Priming your Nespresso machine as well as the cup you’ll be drinking your coffee with will make a significant impact on the flavor and satisfaction you get from it. To do so, simply make a cup or shot glass of hot water in the Nespresso machine and then serve it.

How to get hot water from Nespresso DeLonghi?

All you need to do is open the lever, eject any used/trashed pod, close the lever without putting a new pod in, and then select the Lungo (larger cup) button. 3.7 oz. of hot water will dispense into your cup.

Why does the Nespresso machine not Heat water?

If your machine is clean but still doesn’t heat water effectively, the pressure may be too low. Try brewing five cups of water without inserting a capsule to recalibrate the Nespresso machine’s pressure. If this doesn’t work, you may need to reset your Nespresso machine.