How long does Nespresso machine last? 4 Tips to increase the lifespan!

How long does the Nespresso machine last? According to a recent study, a typical coffee machine usually lasts between 6 to 10 years, depending on your type and model and whether it has commercial usage or is used for domestic purposes.

According to recent research, here is a quick overview of the life expectancy of some popular coffee machines.

Machine  Life Expectancy Estimation in year
Nespresso machine Between 6-10 year  
drip filter coffee machine Between 5-10 year
  A fully automatic espresso machine  approximately ten years
Drip-Brew Machines Between 5-10 year

Now, you must be wondering that ten years is a too ridiculously long time to keep the machine, but if you think about replacing a coffee maker after 1 to 2 years of usage, you may go wrong somewhere.

Although for a coffee machine, ten years is far enough time, unfortunately, most of the brands won’t guarantee a warranty not higher for more than 1-2 years; this implies that if you don’t take care of the machine properly, then you will end up spending a fortune on the brand new machine over time.

This is serious; you won’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a machine that breaks down a couple of days after its warranty. With proper maintenance and care, you will get some miles out of your purchase.

How Long Do Nespresso Machine Last

How long does Nespresso Machine last?

Nespresso machines are pretty hard and hardly have some serious issue that causes them to break. Fortunately, with proper care and maintenance, your Nespresso machine could last for up to 10 years. However, how you take care of your machine will determine how long your machine will last.

Nespresso coffee makers are generally made of quality parts and cost a small fortune, with which there is great expectation from the Nespresso machine that it will provide you quality coffee for a longer period.

The prolonged lifespan of the Machine incentive keeping it cleaned and maintained. So let’s discuss how you can expand the lifespan of the Nespresso machine by avoiding some common coffee machine mistakes and by following the tips provided in this article.

Tips for Extending Lifespan of Nespresso coffee machine

There are several ways by which you can increase the life span of the Nespresso coffee machine, and many of them are simple as basic maintenance tips and guidelines.

Tip #1) Cleaning your Nespresso Coffee machine

You have noticed from a typical café coffee experience that some coffee café always serve their customers delightful, excellent tasting coffee while their other competitors lack coffee quality. However, the machine is the same. Why does this happen? Have you ever noticed? There are many variables involved in making espresso, yet the prominent one is how well they clean their coffee machines.

Why cleaning a coffee machine is necessary? The reason is that dust and nasty bacterial can build up in a coffee machine that causes problems like overheating, and calcium deposit buildup; these deposits prevent the heating element from boiling your water, in turn, giving you colder coffee. Unfortunately, if you won’t clean your machine deeply once a month, your machine won’t last for a longer period.

As soon as you notice that your coffee taste is not well, Immediately descale the machine. Make sure to read out the cleaning instruction for a specific model to learn the best way.

Descale your Nespresso Machine

The descaling process is similar almost the same in every Nespresso model.

Primary steps are

  • Remove the capsule tank, the drip tray, the water reservoir, and the cup support, and then empty them of their contents
  • Prepare Descaling solution to turn the machine on and put it in descale mode.
  • Begin the flushing process again
  • Rinse the Nespresso machine
  • Turn off descale mood.

Variation between different models depends on pressing buttons.

  Different Nespresso Model

 Nespresso Vertuo line Press the singular button for almost 7 sec
Nespresso Pixie, Inissia, and Citiz model Simanentanously press two flash button at same time
  Nespresso Prodigio model Press all three same buttons at the same time.

Coffee Expert recommends that descaling be performed once in 3 months or 300 coffees, whichever comes first!

For complete descaling guidelines, watch it.

Tip#2) Keep your Nespresso machine in a cool, dry place.

The impact of the surrounding environment highly affects the Nespresso machine as it affects the productivity of your machine in the long run.

Keep following things in mind while choosing where you park your Nespresso machine.

  Environment Impact
  Keep machine dry Water always finds its way. Moisture in the air can affect Nespresso machines externally, while in a wet environment, ingress of water can cause components of machines to rust internally and cause electronic failure.
 Sea breeze environment If you have a home near the sea, then keep your Nespresso machine on the cupboard as salt air is super corrosive and can cause great damage.
  Avoid direct sunlight contact. Most Nespresso models have black outer casing. In the presence of direct sunlight will absorb a lot of heat which causes the component to expand and contract to cause mechanical fatigue and ultimately cause parts of machines to crack.

Tip#3) Avoid using 3rd part capsule

Suppose you are using a 3rd party capsule or reusable capsule. In that case, there are maximum chances of leakage because the 3rd party capsule may not be exactly the right size for a specific Nespresso machine capsule mechanism.

Always buy the capsule from the authentic seller; you may contact the Nespresso helpline to seek professional support.

Tip#4) never let machine water tank run dry

Most Nespresso models, unfortunately, are unable to detect whether the water tank is empty or about to run out of water) as a result, the machine will go ahead and try to pump from the tank as usual, even if there is no water there! If this happens, the pump is sucking air into the system, which harms your coffee machine.

What are there consequences?

  • Creates pockets of vapor (and pressure) when these air bubbles enter the heating element.
  • Air in the heating element can cause the element to burn because no water is there to cool it down.
  • Sufficient air can cause the suction water pump to lose, which will slow down or stop the water movement altogether!

Make sure that your Nespresso water tank is almost half full of water.

As described earlier, the prolonged lifespan of the Machine incentive to keep it cleaned and maintained. Here is a general maintenance guide that is highly recommended for you to follow if you want to enhance the lifespan of your Nespresso machine.

  • Empty all content of the machine with fresh water to remove any remaining coffee residues. 
  • Empty the used capsule container – Coffee grounds contain rancid oils. If you leave capsules in the used capsule container for a longer period, the machine’s efficiency is ultimately reduced, and it doesn’t brew fresh coffee. 
  • Check the level of the water tank and make sure it is full every day 
  • Thoroughly clean the water tank every week 
  • Clean the exterior surfaces of the machine with a damp cloth and rinse it with warm soapy water.

Guideline to Increase lifespan of Coffee Machines

There are several ways by which you can increase the life span of the coffee machine, and many of them are simple as basic maintenance tips and guidelines.

1)Avoid using Oily beans.

Sometimes coffee beans do not look oily when you pop them into the coffee machine. All coffee beans have some level of oil within them which is extracted when your crush them.

Usually, the darker the beans, the more oily it is. Oily beans also have a richer, shiny coating than lighter, dried beans. The main reason to avoid using them is that when they are roasted, oil rises to the surface, and for some espresso coffee machines, it can be wreak havoc with their internal systems.

Excess oil residue becomes sticky over time and proves to be harmful to some coffee machines’ components like brew units and beans hoppers. Always read the instruction manual that comes with a specific model to check the best way out which types of coffee beans and roasts are best associated with your machine.

If you like the flavor of dark, high roasted beans but discover that your machine won’t work best for it, don’t expect to get too much use out of your investment

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2)Switch off the coffee machine

Suppose you leave your machine switch on regularly after every usage. In that case, there is a wastage of energy, but a continuous flow of electricity can damage internal machine mechanics and wear the components apart quickly.

Everyone is guilty of doing this, especially when last-minute coffee is the last thing you do before leaving the house.

Now many coffee machines come with auto shut-off features to resolve this issue. But if you have an older model that lacks an auto shut-off feature, you must keep your eye on the switch button.

3)Usage of the wrong Grind

Usage of the wrong Grind intentionally or unintentionally not only ruins your coffee flavor but also damages the coffee machine, internal mechanics. This can even become prominent when you are shoving a huge, chunky mixture of beans into a Machine designed explicitly for ultra-fine Grind; then, the machine will struggle to perform at an optimal level.

Ensure what kind of Grind is best suited for your machine model before using them in the machine.

4)Cramming capsule

Suppose you have made a significant investment in purchasing expensive coffee capsule packs, and when you pop them into the machine, they won’t fit.

Now, what do you do? Do you fight the temptation to cramp them in? If it doesn’t fit, it will never fit whatever you do!

Indeed, choosing the wrong capsule pod that is not compatible with your machine is great pain, but it seems to be ok when you make a huge investment on purchasing a coffee pod and your machine beak down, and suddenly you require a new machine.

Therefore it becomes mandatory to take proper care and maintain your machine to increase its life expectancy.

5)Not enough water in the tank

Although coffee machines are smart enough, some are brighter than others and can’t always tell how much water they have in the tank.

Suppose your machine has not enough water in the tank; by turning on the machine, it starts to pump the tank for the set time specified, although the machine is dehydrated. As a result, the pump will inhale air instead of water, creating air pressure in the mechanics of the machine.

If you do this repeatedly, your machine efficiency is reduced, and surely your machine will break down before it reaches its estimated life.

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When to upgrade your Nespresso coffee machine?

A famous saying is you get what you pay for. It applies equally to coffee machines. If you had made a great investment in purchasing a coffee machine and you have been keeping it in good condition through proper care and maintenance, then you’ve probably kept it running for a good five years or more.

However, it can be difficult to say goodbye to a trusted servant if it starts disturbing you and makes your money on repairing its component. Still, if you have any of the following issues, it might be time to finally say goodbye.

  • It’s broken
  • It’s outdated
  • Coffee pod problem
  • Brewing colder coffee.

If you are facing problems with Nespresso try resetting it to the factory settings. Read a detailed guide on how to reset Nespresso machines


As discussed, the estimated lifespan of the Nespresso machine is 6-10 years. But it depends upon you how you utilize the machine. By following a simple maintenance routine, you will be able not only to increase the lifespan of your machine but secure your investment for the longer term. In addition, with proper care, it will serve you with great-tasting coffee for a longer period, as good as it was when you first invested in your Nespresso machine.