Nespresso Intensity Levels Explained (Flavors Chart!)

What do Nespresso intensity levels mean? It’s probably the most common question that arises from every Nespresso machine user, and many wonder if the intensity refers to caffeine content.

Nespresso intensity levels range from 1 to 13. With 13 being the highest in terms of roasting and robustness and 1 being the lightest. In terms of flavors, a rating below 6 is considered smooth and light, while a rating above 8 is considered strong and intense.

Key Takeaways

  • The higher the intensity of the Nespresso Capsule the stronger the Coffee drink it will make.
  • Strong doesn’t necessarily mean more caffeine, instead, it refers to body, bitterness, and the degree of roasting of coffee beans.
  • IL Cafe is the strongest Vertuo line pod and Napoli is the strongest Original line Pod.

What does Nespresso (strength) intensity mean?

The intensity level is defined as a coffee’s degree of roasting, body, and bitterness. In addition, the intensity is due to the concentration of the coffee. It does not refer to the amount of caffeine content in the coffee pods.

The higher the pod strength of Nespresso, the heavier will be the body, with more intense and robust coffee flavors and bitter undertones.

A Nespresso pod with intensity between 9 and 13 is best if you prefer bold, full-bodied coffee with a rich aroma.

On the other hand, if you prefer light, acidic, and smooth flavors with fruity notes then go for an intensity level below 5.

Understanding the Nespresso intensity scale

Least strength (Intensity Level ranges from 1 to 5) 

Low-intensity Nespresso coffee pods with intensity levels ranging from 1 to 5 brew a coffee with mellow flavors, a bright profile, a light body, and a sweet taste.

In these coffee pods, the coffee is roasted shorter and lighter, and the flavor profile of the espresso shot reflects the origin of coffee beans

Low-intense coffee pods are especially great for straight Espresso shots and black or Americano-style coffee (with water).

Medium strength (Intensity Level ranges from 6-8)

Medium-intensity Nespresso pods, with intensity levels ranging from 6 to 8 offer a rich and bittersweet flavor, making them a good middle ground between milder and more intense coffees.

With their balanced aroma, taste, acidity, and flavor profile, these capsules are versatile enough to be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from black to milky drinks.

Strongest strength (intensity Levels range from 9-13)

High-intensity Nespresso pods, with intensity levels ranging from 9 to 13 offer strong, intensely brewed coffee with a full body, a lush aroma, almost no acidity, and a bitter taste.

The coffee in these pods is roasted for very long periods, removing all the acidity and enhancing the bitter and smoky flavors.

The high-intensity coffee pods are typically a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. And the Robusta beans increase the bitterness in taste and make the drink more robust.

These pods are ideal for preparing milk-based espresso drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, and will surely amuse you with a powerful coffee experience.

I personally love Medium intensity pods for straight Espresso shots and strong intensity pods for Milk based drinks such as Latte and Cappuccino as the creaminess of milk pairs well with high-strength Nespresso pods

Nespresso Vertuo Pords intensity chart

These are the six sizes of Vertuo Line capsules.

  • Espresso — 1.35 ounces
  • Double Espresso — 2.7 ounces
  • Gran Lungo — 5.0 ounces
  • Coffee Mug — 7.8 ounces
  • Alto — 14.0 ounces
  • Carafe — 18 ounces

Nespresso Vertuo Pords chart

Table of Vertuo Pods

Nespresso podSizeIntensitycaffeine contentFlavor
SolelioCoffee2100-200 mgFruity & Light
VoltessoEspresso460 mgBiscuity & Sweet
Melozio DecaffeinatoLungo4less than 12 mgMalty Cereal & Creamy
EthiopiaLungo4120 – 200 mgFruity and Floral
ElvazioCoffee4120-200 mgFruity & Delicate
GiornioCoffee4120-200mgFloral & Velvety
XL Dolce IntensoAlto4228 – 350 mgCaramel & Toasted
Half CaffeinatoCoffee590 mgSweet & Velvety
ColombiaCoffee5170 – 200 mgWashed Arabica
OrafioEspresso650 – 60 mgCaramel & Roasted
ChiaroDouble Espresso6120-200 mgWoody & Earthy
Arondio Gran Lungo6120-200 mgCereal & Lightly Acidic
Hazelino MuffinCoffee6120-200 mgHazelnut
Caramel CookieCoffee6120-200 mgCaramel
MelozioCoffee6120-200 mgHoneyed sweetness
Vanilla Custard PieCoffee6120-200 mgVanilla
Decaffeinato IntensoEspresso7less than 12 mgCocoa & Fruity
Costa RicaLungo7120 – 200 mgMalty & Sweet
OdacioCoffee7120-200 mgFruity & Lightly Acidic
Intenso XLAlto7228-350 mgWood & Dark Caramel
ScuroDouble Espresso8120-200 mgCocoa & Vanilla
Fortado Gran Lungo8120-200 mgCocoa & Oak
StormioCoffee8120-200 mgSpicy & Woody
AltissioEspresso960 mgRoasty & Creamy Cereal
Altissio DecaffeinatoEspresso9Less than 12 mgFull-Bodied & Creamy
IntensoCoffee9120-200 mgRoasted Brown Sugar
DiavolittoEspresso10150 mgOak Wood & Leather
IL CaffeEspresso1150 – 60 mgVery Intense
A Table of all Nespresso Vertuo pods

What is the Storngest Nespresso Vertuo Capsule

IL Caffe is the strongest espresso pod in the Vertuo line with an intensity level of 11 and delivers bold and rich flavors with a subtle sweetness.

This blend of Vietnamese and Indonesian Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. It’s a popular choice for coffee lovers who prefer intense espresso shots with a thick layer of crema.

In Coffee drink sizes, the highest-intensity pod is Intenso with a rating of 9. It’s a blend of Guatemalan Robusta with bold and bitter notes, enhanced by Mexican Arabicas for a sweeter taste.

Original Line Nespresso Pods intensity chart

In original line pods, there are three sizes available.

  • Ristretto — 0.85 ounces
  • Espresso — 1.35 ounces
  • Lungo — 3.7 ounces

For ristretto pods, there are only high-intensity flavors available, whereas, for lungo and espresso, all flavors are available.

Here’s the flavors chart of the Nespresso Original line:

Original Line Nespresso Pods chart

Table of Original Pods

Nespresso pod
SizeIntensitycaffeine contentFlavor
EthiopiaEspresso455-65 mgFruity notes
CosiEspresso455-65 mgMild & lighted toasted
VollutoEspresso455-65 mgSweet & Light
Volluto DecaffeinatoEspresso4less than 3 mgSweet & Light
Buenos AiresLungo4100-110 mgSweet and cereal notes
CapriccioEspresso555-65 mgRich & Distinctive
CapriccioEspresso555-65 mgRich & Distinctive
NicaraguaEspresso555-65 mgHoney & Sweet Cereal
ShanghaiLungo575-85 mgFruity Blend
Caramel Crème BruléeEspresso655-65 mgCaramel
Cocoa TruffleEspresso655-65 mgFruity espresso
GenevoEspresso655-65 mgToasted Cereal & Sweet Caramel
Vanilla ÉclairEspresso655-65 mgVanilla
Tokyo VivaltoLungo675-85 mgRefined and Flowery notes
VeneziaRistretto855-65 mgIntense& Roasted
IndonesiaEspresso855-65 mgTobacco Leaves & Woody
Roma IntensoEspresso855-65 mgWoody & Cerealy
Stockholm FortissioLungo875-85 mgSweet cereal and malty notes 
Firenze AppeggioRistretto950 mgIntense with fruity notes
Rio De JanieroEspresso955-65 mgSandalwood and Herbal notes
ItalianoRistretto1050 mgRoasted and fruity notes
Ristretto DecaffeinatoRistretto10less than 3 mgSoft Cocoa & Subtly Fruity
Cape townLungo1075-85 mgIntense& Roasted
India Espresso1155-65 mgWoody & Spicy
Palermo KazaarRistretto12110 mgPowerful Bitterness with notes of Pepper
NapoliRistretto1360 – 70 mgHighly intense and roasted
A Table of all Nespresso Original pods

Which Nespresso original line pod is the strongest

Napoli is the Strongest Nespresso original pod with an intensity level of 13. It is characterized by a strong and intense flavor with notes of pepper and produces a very thick crema, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a bold and intense shot.

On the second number, there is Palermo Kazaar with a caffeine content of a whopping 110 mg in a single shot.

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Does NESPRESSO Intensity mean more caffeine?

The higher Nespresso intensity doesn’t necessarily mean more caffeine, in fact, it depends on the type and origin of coffee beans and the degree of roasting.

According to Nespresso FAQs

“The intensity is defined by a coffee’s degree of roasting, its body, and its bitterness. In addition, the intensity is due to the concentration of the coffee. It does not refer to the amount of caffeine found in the coffee.”

Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in tea, coffee, and cocoa plants. In addition, it activates the brain and central nervous system, keeps you awake, and helps to prevent fatigue.

Meanwhile, the intensity level depends on how the coffee beans are roasted, which has the ultimate impact on the overall texture and flavor of the coffee. It also stimulates taste with its dense texture, rich flavor, and savory aroma.

So please don’t confuse caffeine content with strength.

In fact, there are Italiano Decaffienato pods in the original series and Altissio Decaffeinato in the Vertuo series have an intensity of over 10 and a negligible amount of caffeine.

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How does Nespresso’s intensity level impact the taste and quality of coffee beans?

Higher-strength level doesn’t affect the amount of caffeine content, but it affects the taste and quality of coffee. Here we explained three essential elements and how they influence the taste, quality, and other coffee standards.

1)Degree of roasting

A coffee’s degree of roasting has a significant impact on its flavor, taste, and quality. There are four types of coffee roast

  • Light roasts
  • Medium roasts
  • Medium-dark roasts
  • Dark roasts

Generally, the darker the roast, the more intense and bitter the flavors. And lighter the roast more fruity and acidic flavors.

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2) Origin of the coffee

The taste and quality of coffee grounds in the Nespresso pods also depend on the origin i-e where the coffee beans were grown.

Coffee is grown in more than 50 countries in the World. Some countries are known to produce higher-quality coffee than others because of their geographical characteristics.

Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee beans while coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia are known for the best-tasting coffee in the World.

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3) type of coffee beans

The type of coffee beans whether it’s Arabica or Robusta can affect the taste of coffee.

Robusta coffee beans have a higher concentration of caffeine and chlorogenic acids than Arabica beans, which makes the taste of the drink intense and robust with bitter undertones.

Arabica coffee beans, on the other hand, have a lower concentration of these compounds and produce a smoother and fruity coffee drink with complex flavor profiles.

Final Thoughts on the Nespresso Intensity Chart

Now, I hope you have a clear idea of What Nespresso’s intensity level means.

The Nespresso intensity chart is a useful tool for coffee lovers who are looking to explore the variety of flavors and strengths that Nespresso has to offer.

For straight Espresso shots and black coffee, I recommend the pods with an intensity level between 5 and 8, and for the milk-based drinks, I will go for an intensity level between 7 and 11. However, taste is a completely subjective matter.

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Can you run a Nespresso pod twice?

Nespresso won’t recommend you use Nespresso pods more than once. However, you can reuse Nespresso pods if you want. But, the taste, aroma, and flavors will be affected and you will end up with a very bitter cup of coffee.
Here’s a guide on using Nespresso pods twice

What is the lightest Nespresso pod?

Among Original Nespresso pods, Ethiopia (4) and Cosi (4) have the lowest intensity. In Vertuo Pods Solelio (2) and Voltesso (4) have the lowest intensity.
These coffee pods have light-roasted coffee beans with smooth and acidic flavors.

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