30 Different Types of Espresso Drinks | (All Explained!)

If you are a coffee snob you must know what Espresso is. But do you know there are 30 different types of Espresso drinks? I bet you haven’t heard of them all before.

Espresso is the most popular coffee drink in the World and the type of Espresso drinks ranges from bold and strong shots to sweet and creamy Lattes.

Espresso Drinks Chart

I’m sure you’ll want to try all espresso drinks after reading this article if you’re a coffee enthusiast like me. To make it easier, save this chart and try them all one by one.

Espresso Drinks chart
Espresso Drinks Chart

Types of Espresso Shots

1- Espresso shot

The simplest espresso drink is a single shot of Espresso. The shot is brewed with 6 to 8 grams of ground coffee and 1 to 1.25 oz of pressurized hot water.

The water is passed through the finely ground coffee beans at a pressure of 9 bars that forms a wonderful layer of crema over the shot.

Espresso shot

2- Doppio

As we all know Espresso originated in Italy and “Doppio” means “double” in Italian. So, Doppio is simply the Double shot of Espresso.

For preparing a double shot of Espresso just double the amount of coffee grounds to 15 – 17 grams and the amount of water to 2 – 2.25 oz. Doppio has exactly the same taste as Espresso with a bigger serving size.


3- Lungo

“Lungo” means long in Italian and it is a less concentrated form of Espresso. Lungo shots are prepared similarly to Espresso, but with more water.

A typical Espresso shot has a water-to-coffee ratio of 1:2, while a lungo shot has a 1:3 ratio. Lungo has a slightly milder taste than Espresso but it is more bitter as the time required to pull a lungo shot is longer.

Lungo shot

4- Ristretto

“Ristretto” means restricting in Italian and by ordering a ristretto shot you are asking Barista to limit the amount of water.

Ristretto shots contain a 1:1 ratio of coffee to water, making them very bold and strong. The taste is less bitter than a regular Espresso shot because the time of brewing is very limited which leaves the bitter flavors unextracted.

Ristretto shot

Black Espresso Drinks

5- Americano

Americano is prepared by pouring hot water over a single or double shot of Espresso.

The size and taste of Americano are similar to that of drip coffee. Americano became popular during the Second World War. American soldiers in Europe didn’t like the strong taste of Espresso so they started ordering Espresso with added hot water on the top; later the drink become famous with the name Americano.


6- Long Black

Long Black is very similar to Americano and this drink is popular in Australia and New Zealand.

In long Black, an Espresso shot is poured over hot water contrary to Americano where hot water is poured over a shot of Espresso.

7- Espresso Macchiato

Espresso Macchiato or Café Macchiato is a single or double shot of Espresso topped with milk foam. No liquid steamed milk is added to the Macchiato but just a layer of milk foam.

Macchiato means “spotted” in Italian and it is a popular drink in Italy which essentially means spotted or stained espresso.

Espresso Macchiato

8- Espresso Con Panna

Espresso Con Panna is a single or double shot of Espresso topped with whipped cream. “Espresso Con Panna” means espresso with cream in Italian and it is a popular afternoon drink in Italy.

This drink is best if you are in the mood for something sweet with caffeine.

9- Romano

Espresso Romano is an Espresso shot served with a slice of lemon or by adding a small amount of lemon extract to the Espresso shot.

The acidity of lemon balances the bitterness and intensity of the Espresso shot and makes it a little milder.

10- Red eye

“Red eye” is prepared by adding an Espresso shot over a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Think of it as an Americano, but in this case, you will add brewed coffee instead of just hot water.

11- Black eye

Black eye is similar to Red eye the only difference is it is prepared by adding a double shot of Espresso instead of a single shot.

12- Dead eye

A dead eye is made by adding not one, not two but by adding three shots of Espresso into a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

All these “Eyes Drinks” are highly caffeinated and can keep you awake all night. They can either be served as hot coffee or cold or in iced form.

13- Laccino

Espresso Laccino is prepared by adding ice cubes over a single or double shot of Espresso. So, it is essentially a cold form of Espresso.


14- Freddo

Freddo Espresso is a chilled Espresso drink with a layer of milk foam on the top. This drink originated in Greece.

To make Freddo single or double shot of Espresso is blended with ice and at the end layer of milk, foam is added on top. This is a perfect drink to cheer you up on hot sunny days.


15- Black Tie

Do you like both Espresso and Tea? Then a black tie must be a perfect drink for you.

This drink originated in Thailand. It is prepared by adding a double shot of Espresso over Thai tea.

16- Espresso Martini

If you are a fan of both alcohol and Espresso then you must be fascinated by this alcohol-based espresso drink.

It is prepared by adding 2 ounces of Vodka and 0.5 ounces of Kahula added over a freshly brewed shot of Espresso either in chilled or hot form.

Espresso martini

17- Corretto

Café Corretto is another alcoholic Espresso drink which was originated in Italy. Corretto means correct in Italian so it is essentially a corrected form of Espresso.

It is prepared by adding a splash of Grappa or smoky Brandy at the top of the Espresso shot.

Milk Based Espresso Drinks

18- Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a popular milk-based Espresso drink prepared by adding steamed milk over a single or double shot of Espresso.

When prepared in the right way, a perfect cup of Cappuccino holds equal parts i-e 1/3, 1/3, and 1/3 of Espresso, Milk, and milk foam.


19- Dry Cappuccino

Dry Cappuccino is prepared in a similar way as Cappuccino. But as the name suggests it is dryer i-e it contains a lesser amount of steamed milk than a wet cappuccino.

As mentioned above, Cappuccino holds an equal amount of Espresso, milk, and foam but in dry Cappuccino, the proportion of foam is higher.

20- Latte

Latte has the same base as Cappuccino i-e a single or double shot of Espresso. The only difference is it has a higher ratio of steamed milk than Espresso.

Typically, Latte has 1/3 espresso shot and 2/3 steamed milk with a thin layer of foam at the top.


21- Piccolo Latte

Piccolo Latte is smaller than a regular Latte and the difference is it begins with a ristretto shot instead of a regular Espresso shot.

22- Latte Macchiato

Latte macchiato contains a similar proportion of espresso, milk, and foam as in a simple Latte. The difference in Latte Macchiato is Espresso shot is poured at the top instead of milk.

So, the first sip of Latte Macchiato will be strong and bitter instead of sweet and creamy as in a simple Latte.

Latte Macchiato

23- Mocha

Mocha is similar to Latte but with added chocolaty flavor. If you are a fan of both chocolate and Espresso then Mocha is the perfect drink for you.

To prepare a Mocha, the Chocolate syrup is added to a single or double shot of Espresso, and steamed milk is poured over it with a layer of foam at the top.


24- Café Galao

Café Galao is a Portuguese drink similar to Latte. The only difference is it has more milk than Latte.

Galao is prepared by adding three-quarters of milk over one-quarter of the Espresso shot and it is usually served in tall glasses.

25- Cortado

Cortado is prepared by adding a 1:1 ratio of Espresso and warm milk. This drink is very similar to Latte, the only difference is it doesn’t have a layer of foam on the top.

So, if you hate foamy layers on the top of a Latte then you must try Cortado you will surely like it.


26- Breve

Breve is similar to Latte but it is prepared with half and half milk instead of simple milk.

Half and Half milk is simply a mixture of whole milk and cream. As breve contains more cream so it is more rich, sweet, and heavy than Latte.

27- Raf Coffee

Raf Coffee originated in Russia and it is very popular in Russia and countries which were previously USSR.

It is prepared by adding a single or double shot of espresso to a vanilla syrup which is then topped with steamed milk and cream.

28- Affogato

Affogato is more like a dessert than a drink. It is prepared by pouring an Espresso shot over a scoop of ice cream and served in a small glass with a spoon.


29- Marocchino

Marocchino is prepared by adding a thin layer of cocoa powder over an Espresso shot and then topping it with milk foam and again cocoa sprinkles.

This chocolaty Espresso drink originated from Italy and Marocchino means “Moroccan” in Italian which is a type of light brown leather.


30- Bicerin

Bicerin is also a chocolaty Espresso drink like Marocchnino.

Bicerin has a layer of hot chocolate at the bottom, over it is a layer of Espresso shot, and at the top, there is a layer of whipped cream.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it! There are 30 different types of espresso drinks, some with fancy names and some with fancy toppings.

You will be able to easily prepare your favorite Espresso drink at home now that you’ve gained a complete understanding of it. Also, you’ll not be confused when you see fancy names on some cafe’s menu cards.


What are the most popular espresso drinks?

Cappuccinos and Lattes are by far the most popular Espresso drinks. They are sweet and creamy and prepared by adding foam and milk to a double shot of Espresso.

Which espresso drink is strongest?

Ristretto is the strongest Espresso shot. The coffee-to-water ratio in the Ristretto shot is 1:1 which is less than 2:1 as in Espresso.
“Ristretto” means restricting in Italian and this shot is essentially prepared by restricting the amount of water.

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