Wet vs Dry Cappuccino | (What’s the Difference?)

You may often have faced the classic dilemma of choosing between wet vs dry cappuccino. Both variations of this Italian beverage have their loyal fans, but there are some differences!

Wet cappuccino has more steamed milk and less foam, resulting in a creamy texture and subtle taste, while dry cappuccino has less steamed milk and more foam, resulting in a drier texture and a more prominent coffee flavor.

Wet vs Dry Cappuccino

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What’s in a wet Cappuccino

“Wet Cappuccino” is made with a little more proportion of steamed milk than traditional Cappuccino which consists of equal proportions of Espresso, Steamed milk, and Milk Foam.

With a higher amount of steamed milk, the espresso’s potency is diminished, leading to a milkier taste and texture, coupled with a layer of microfoam on top. It retains its scrumptious taste and is ideal for those who like their coffee creamy and savory.

wet cappuccino

What’s in a Dry Cappuccino?

Wet Cappuccino is a twist on the regular cappuccino that consists of a double shot of espresso, a thin coating of steamed milk, and a fluffy layer of foam on top. It has a drier and less creamy texture than its wet cousin as it has more foam.

With less steamed milk, the espresso flavor is intensified, resulting in a bold and invigorating coffee experience.

The frothy foam on top adds a delicate and pleasing mouthfeel, making it a favorite among coffee aficionados who prefer a more robust and less sweet coffee taste.

Dry Cappuccino

The taste and flavors of wet vs dry cappuccino

A dry cappuccino contains less milk and more foam, resulting in a stronger and more intense espresso flavor. The abundant airy foam acts as an insulator to keep the espresso hotter for longer.

A wet cappuccino has more steamed milk, so it tastes creamier and more mellow. The milk rounds out the espresso’s sharp edges. You get a more balanced flavor with softened bitter notes and enhanced sweetness.

Because of the richer coffee flavor and thicker foam, I personally prefer the taste of a dry cappuccino.

I’d say a dry cappuccino is for hardcore espresso fans who love an extra bold, frothy drink. Wet cappuccinos are better if you like a cozier, gentler coffee experience.

the texture of wet vs Dry Cappuccino

A dry cappuccino is topped with dense, silky steamed milk foam. This gives it a lightweight, airy mouthfeel. While Wet cappuccinos have more steamed milk and less foam. This makes for a heavier, richer texture.

Some other texture differences:

  • Dry cappuccinos maintain their foam longer, while wet ones mix together more quickly.
  • Dry cappuccinos feel warmer because the foam insulates heat. Wet ones lose heat faster.
  • Foam clings to the espresso crema in a dry cappuccino, while the milk weighs down the crema in a wet one.

Which is a healthier drink

When consumed in moderation, wet and dry cappuccinos can both be considered healthy options.

Wet Cappuccino has more calories than Dry Cappuccino as steamed milk provides extra calcium, fats, and proteins.

As both Wet and dry Cappuccino is made with a double shot of Espresso the amount of caffeine remains the same which is around 120-133 mg.

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bone Dry and Super Wet Cappuccino

“Bone dry” cappuccinos are made only from espresso and milk foam, and don’t have any steamed milk. They have a different appearance from conventional cappuccinos.

This type of cappuccino is also known as an “Italian cappuccino” and is often preferred by those who want a strong coffee flavor without any milk or milk foam.

A super wet cappuccino is made with a single shot of espresso and a large amount of steamed milk, with little to no foam. This results in a coffee drink that is similar to a latte but with a little smaller serving size.

Some cafes might call it a “latte cappuccino” since it borders on just being a small latte!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, all the key differences between wet and dry cappuccinos broken down.

Cappuccinos are classic espresso-based drinks that have been enjoyed for decades.

When it comes to the wet vs dry cappuccino debate, I tend to prefer dry – I just love all that luscious foam!

And also the terms “wet” and “dry” are subjective and can vary depending on the individual barista and customer preferences. It’s always a good idea to clarify with your barista if you have a specific preference for the amount of steamed milk and foam in your cappuccino.

Let me know in the comments which type of cappuccino you favor and why.

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