What is Doppio Espresso (All You Wanna Know!) 

Espresso has been the best pick for every coffee lover. But there is an option for a more divine shot of espresso. You can make a double shot of espresso for a crazy flavor.

Doppio is the term in the Italian language that means Double. This double shot of espresso is commonly known as Doppio Espresso. It is commonly used for preparing other Espresso-based drinks Cappuccino, Lattes, Americano, etc.

If you want a change in your caffeine intake, hook up with this doppio guide to know everything about this magical espresso shot.  

Doppio Espresso

Difference between Doppio and Solo Espresso 

Though, you might be confused between the solo espresso shot and the doppio. The reason to make a doppio espresso is to increase the volume of the shot as compared to the solo espresso. You can consume the double amount of coffee grinds in the doppio espresso.  

In a single espresso the ratio of coffee grounds is from 7- 9 grams and in a double espresso there are 14 -18 g of ground coffee. 

Type of Espresso Coffee Ground (in Grams)Water (In Grams) Brewed Shot (in ml)
Solo Espresso07 – 09 15-2530 
Doppio Espresso14 – 1830-4560 

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How to prepare a perfect shot of Doppio

Here comes the exciting part to brew the perfect double shot of espresso.  

Things to make Doppio Espresso   

  • Water (50-55ml)  
  • Coffee Grinder 
  • Coffee (14-18gm) 
  • Espresso Machine
  • Double Portafilter basket 
  • Additional flavors (Chocolate syrup, whipped cream, milk etc)

Step 1Clean the Grinder and Portafilter 

Clean the grinder by passing hot water over it and Swab the portafilter with a dry cloth. 

Step 2: Grind Coffee beans  

Take the dark or medium roast espresso coffee beans. The quantity of coffee beans for doppio is doubled than the usual espresso shot. Take 14-18 grams of coffee beans.  

For a perfect shot, the Grind size matters a lot! make sure to use fine grind size

Step 3: Fill the Portafilter 

Fill in the ground coffee in a portafilter. Level the surface of the grounds at the top of the portafilter. Press with the tamper to pack the coffee grounds  

Tamping the coffee grounds is very important for brewing a perfect shot. 

Step 4:  Brew the Coffee  

Now, add water to the machine, fix the portafilter at the end, and press the Brew button.

The doppio shot will be poured into your cup. Stop the brewing when the blonde brown layer of crema appears at the top. It should take around 25-30 seconds.

Enjoy! this perfectly brewed shot of Double Espresso.

There are different ways to enjoy doppio shots like adding chocolate syrup, whipped cream, milk, or ice. Or you can enjoy the original double shot as it is! 

What does Doppio taste like 

As Doppio is the double shot of espresso, you will get the same intense and rich taste as espresso with a double volume! It has a high caffeine content and a bolder flavor because of the high amount of coffee grounds.

Doppio espresso can vary in flavor depending on the beans used and the roast level, but a well-made espresso should be rich and creamy, with a strong aroma and a long-lasting flavor.

As a caffeine runner, I prefer a double espresso over a solo shot, as it delivers a quick jolt of energy and caffeine.

The difference between Doppio and Lungo

Lungo is like a less concentrated and larger cup of coffee. It is made with double the amount of water than in double espresso. Typically, a lungo serving is around 5 ounces whereas a doppio serving is 2-2.25 ounces

As a fact, doppio gives a more bold and more intense flavor of espresso than a lungo shot.   

Lungo is the Italian revised version of espresso in which the taste gets mild. The other difference is the brewing time between both of the shots. Doppio is brewed for 25-30 seconds while Lungo is brewed for a minute or longer.   

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The difference between Doppio and Americano

Americano coffee is made by diluting a shot of espresso with hot water, resulting in a milder flavor that is more reminiscent of traditional coffee.

So we can say Americano is essentially a less concentrated variation of doppio with added hot water.

Typically a 2/3rd quantity of hot water is poured over a double espresso shot to prepare an Americano drink.

Final Thoughts on Doppio Espresso

Doppio espresso gives a good taste and magical aroma. You can revive your energy with a perfect this perfect double espresso shot

It also works as a base for other coffee drinks like iced espresso, Latte, Cappuccino Americano, and many more. The best way to begin your day is the recipe of Doppio you found here! 

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