what is gran lungo Nespresso? (Everything you wanna Know!)

If you own Nespresso, you probably are familiar with Nespresso capsules/pods. Depending upon your Nespresso machine, whether original line or Vertuoline, you can pick a capsule of your choice that varies in caffeine content or Intensity level.

But what does gran lungo mean in the Nespresso world?

What is Gran Lungo?

5 oz cup of coffee contains Between 150 and 200 mg of caffeine. The Prolonged contact between the hot water and the coffee beans allows the maximum extraction of all the caffeine, that’s why it is stronger than traditional lungo.

So, Gran lungo is the perfect choice for those coffee lovers who love both Espresso and traditional coffee. In this 150ml Nespresso coffee, you will get similar quality as lungo, but relatively bigger in size like traditional coffee.

Gran Lungo vs Lungo

Lungo is a drink you can prepare in Nespresso original line machines while Gran Lungo is a specialty drink of Nespresso Vertuoline machines.

Nespresso Gran Lungo (Vertuo Machines)

Gran lungo pods of Nespresso are brewed with more water and contain more caffeine than single and double espresso pods. The taste will be less intense than regular espresso but bitter.

You can easily prepare gran lungo drinks in Nespresso Vertuo machines by inserting the gran lungo pod into the brewer.

Gran lungo vertuo pods have more coffee grounds than regular espresso pods.

Nespresso Lungo (Original Machines)

Lungo is similar to Gran Lungo but has less volume.

Lungo drinks can be prepared in Nespresso’s original line machines by inserting the lungo pod and pressing the lungo button.

Lungo pods typically have more coffee grounds than regular Espresso pods.

Gran Lungo vs Double Espresso

You might confuse Gran lungo with a double Espresso but they aren’t the same thing. In fact, Nespresso Vertuo line machines can brew both Double Espresso and Gran Lungo coffee.

A standard double espresso shot is about 2-2.25 ounces or 30-35ml. On the other hand, Gran lungo coffee is about 5 ounces or 150ml.

The gran lungo Nespresso vertuo pods have more amount coffee grounds and they take longer to brew than standard espresso or double espresso shots.

Gran lungo is similar to an Americano or long black coffee drink, except it is richer and has a thick layer of crema (as in espresso).

Lungo and gran lungo Nespresso pods

Nespresso sizes

Nespresso machines brews barista-style beverages with great consistency optimized flavor extraction and produce a thick, layer of crema.

Vertuoline machine offers 5 different cup sizes.

  • 14-oz alto XL
  • 8-oz mug of coffee
  • 5.07-oz Gran Lungo
  • 2.7-oz double espresso
  • 1.35-oz espresso

My favorite Gran Lungo Pods are Costa Rica and Fortado.

Original line Machines typically have two or three sizes depending on the model

  • 3.7 oz lungo
  • 1.35 oz Espresso
  • 0.84 oz ristretto
Remember, Nespresso vertuoline and the original line machine use different types of coffee pods/capsules that are not interchangeable. 

Vertuo gran Lungo pods

Original Podsizecaffeine contentIntensityFlavor profile
EthiopiaGran Lungo120 – 200 mg4 (Light)Fruity & Floral
InizioGran Lungo120 – 200 mg4 (Light)Floral
ArondioGran Lungo120 – 200 mg6 (Medium)Cereal & Lightly Acidic
Costa RicaGran Lungo120 – 200 mg7 (Medium)Malty & Sweet
FortadoGran Lungo120 – 200 mg8 (Dark)Cocoa & Oak
Fortado DecaffeinatoGran Lungoless than 12mg8 (Dark)Intense & Full-Bodied

Lungo original pods

   Original Pod Sizecaffeine contentintensityflavor intensity
Buenos AiresLungo77 – 85 mg4 (Medium)Sweet & Cereal
ShanghaiLungo77 – 85 mg5 (Medium)Fruity & Fine Acidity
Tokyo VivaltoLungo77 – 85 mg6 (Medium)Flowery & Complex
Vienna LinizioLungo77 – 85 mg6 (Medium)Round & Smooth
Stockholm FortissioLungo77 – 85 mg8 (Medium)Rich & Full-bodied
Capetown EnvivoLungo77 – 85 mg10 (Medium)Intense & roasted

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Is Gran Lungo Coffee or Espresso?

Gran Lungo is neither Espresso nor traditional coffee but it lies somewhere in between.

In taste, Gran Lungo is more like watered down Espresso. It is not as strong and intense as Espresso but certainly a little more bitter.

In size, it can be compared to a traditional serving of coffee.

So, Gran Lungo is a perfect drink for anyone who loves both traditional coffee and Espresso.

Can you add milk to Gran Lungo?

Yeah, you can add milk to Gran lungo coffee if you like but it will not taste like Cappuccino or Latte.

The most common way to make a cappuccino or latte is by using double shots of espresso. This gives it a stronger taste.

Personally, I like to drink Gran Lungo coffee as it is! (No added sugar, milk, or creamer) and I think it’s the best way to enjoy it.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, The Gran Lungo is the ideal choice for those coffee lovers who want a coffee-styled espresso.

This 5 oz Nespresso drink is the perfect balance between a small espresso drink and the 8 oz coffee drink. If you are a fan of Americanos and long blacks, you will definitely love the Gran Lungo.

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