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If you own a Nespresso machine, you’ve probably noticed those little capsules marked “Gran Lungo” and wondered what exactly makes them different.

Gran Lungo is one of Nespresso’s signature coffee styles, but the name doesn’t exactly tell you much about what you can expect from a Gran Lungo cup of joe.

Gran Lungo Nespresso

What is Gran Lungo?

Gran Lungo is a 5 oz coffee drink offered by Nespresso Vertuo Machines. It uses more water than a regular espresso shot, resulting in a drink with a higher volume. Gran Lungo is an Espresso-styled Longer Coffee drink with a rich layer of Crema but has a milder and smoother taste.

A 5 oz cup of Gran Lungo contains 120 and 200 mg of caffeine depending on the type of pod.

The higher caffeine content in this drink is due to its longer extraction time and more coffee grounds as compared to traditional espresso.

While a typical espresso shot is pulled for 20-30 seconds, Gran Lungo extends this process to 40-60 seconds, extracting more coffee and, consequently, more caffeine.

The Gran Lungo Capsules have about 9-10 grams of coffee grounds, which is more than the Single Espresso Capsules that have 6-7 grams.

You can easily prepare Gran Lungo drinks in Nespresso Vertuo machines. Simply insert a gran lungo pod and the machine will automatically adjust the brewing parameters for a perfect cup every time.

Gran Lungo

Gran Lungo vs Lungo

“Lungo” means long in Italian and Both Lungo and Gran Lungo are extended versions of traditional espresso shots. The main difference between Lungo and Gran Lungo lies in the volume of the serving size. Lungo offers a 3.7 oz cup, whereas Gran Lungo provides a Grander 5 oz serving.

Nespresso Original Line Machines offers “traditional Lungo shots” while the Vertuo Line machines offer Gran Lungo Coffee which is Nespresso’s own creation.

The 150ml Nespresso Gran Lungo coffee tastes just as good as a Lungo, but it’s bigger – like your regular cup of joe.

Nespresso Lungo

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Gran Lungo vs Double Espresso

You might confuse Gran Lungo with a Double Espresso but they aren’t the same thing. In fact, Nespresso Vertuo line machines can brew both Double Espresso and Gran Lungo coffee.

A standard double espresso shot is about 2-2.25 ounces or 30-35ml. On the other hand, Gran Lungo coffee is about 5 ounces or 150ml.

Gran Lungo Nespresso Vertuo pods have a similar amount of coffee grounds as Double Espresso pods, but they are brewed for longer and with more water.

This results in a milder and slightly more bitter taste compared to the rich flavor of Double Espresso.

Gran lungo is similar to an Americano or long black coffee drink, except it has a thick layer of crema.

Is Gran Lungo Coffee or Espresso?

Gran Lungo is neither Espresso nor traditional coffee but it lies somewhere in between.

The main difference between Gran Lungo and Coffee is that Gran Lungo has a layer of crema, similar to Espresso, and is slightly smaller in size than a serving of traditional coffee.

Gran Lungo tastes more like watered-down Espresso. It is not as strong and intense as Espresso but certainly a little more bitter and robust than regular coffee.

So, Gran Lungo is a perfect drink for anyone who loves both traditional coffee and Espresso and wants to try something new!

Lungo and gran lungo Nespresso pods

Nespresso sizes

Vertuoline machine offers 5 different cup sizes.

  • 14-oz alto XL
  • 8-oz mug of coffee
  • 5.07-oz Gran Lungo
  • 2.7-oz double espresso
  • 1.35-oz espresso

Original line Machines typically have two or three sizes depending on the model

  • 3.7 oz lungo
  • 1.35 oz Espresso
  • 0.84 oz ristretto
Remember, Nespresso vertuoline and the original line machine use different types of coffee pods/capsules that are not interchangeable. 

Vertuo line gran Lungo pods

The Nespresso Vertuo line offers six different varieties in the Gran Lungo range with different intensities and flavor profiles.

Original PodSizeCaffeine ContentIntensityFlavor profile
EthiopiaGran Lungo120 mg4 (Light)Fruity & Floral
InizioGran Lungo120 mg4 (Light)Floral
ArondioGran Lungo150 mg6 (Medium)Cereal & Lightly Acidic
Costa RicaGran Lungo140 mg7 (Medium)Malty & Sweet
FortadoGran Lungo195 mg8 (Dark)Cocoa & Oak
Fortado DecaffeinatoGran Lungoless than 12mg8 (Dark)Intense & Full-Bodied

My favorite Gran Lungo Pods are Costa Rica and Fortado.

Original line Lungo pods

Original PodSizeCaffeine ContentIntensityFlavor Intensity
Buenos AiresLungo104 mg4 (Medium)Sweet & Cereal
ShanghaiLungo82 mg5 (Medium)Fruity & Fine Acidity
Tokyo VivaltoLungo82 mg6 (Medium)Flowery & Complex
Vienna LinizioLungo75 mg6 (Medium)Round & Smooth
Stockholm FortissioLungo80 mg8 (Medium)Rich & Full-bodied
Capetown EnvivoLungo110 mg10 (Medium)Intense & roasted

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Can you add milk to Gran Lungo?

While you can certainly add milk to your Gran Lungo coffee, the resulting beverage won’t quite mimic the flavors of a cappuccino or latte.

Both cappuccinos and lattes are traditionally prepared with double shots of espresso, giving them a stronger and more pronounced coffee character.

Personally, I like to drink Gran Lungo coffee as it is! (No added sugar, milk, or creamer) and I think it’s the best way to enjoy it.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, The Gran Lungo is the ideal choice for those coffee lovers who want a coffee-styled espresso.

If you are a fan of Americanos and long blacks, you will definitely love the Gran Lungo.

What are your favorite Gran Lungo Pods, Do let us know in the comment!

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