How to make the Nespresso machine quieter?

Nespresso machines offer unmatchable convenience and deliver a great cup of coffee. But it’s also the fact that Nespresso makes a very loud noise compared to other coffee makers. As well, Nespresso machines become louder with time.  

Naturally, noise is just the side effect of any action; the faster or stronger something, the more noise it’ll make. Traditional coffee machines are not exactly quiet.

Usually, when electronics make excessive noise, something is going wrong with them, but with coffee machines, it’s just the way they are

Over the years, Nespresso machines have been accused of being noisy.

Probably this is one of the hot topics contributing to debates that are increasing in global discussion forums and social media in this sector.

This article will discuss why Nespresso machines are noisy, how to make Nespresso machines quieter, and the factors while purchasing a quieter coffee machine.

why is my Nespresso so loud?

Nespresso machines don’t start off being too loud. But all Nespresso machine users know that noise level starts to rise over time.

Naturally, the coffee machine makes some noise during coffee preparation because of the motion of internal parts

  • Water pump pumping motion
  • Vibrations of internal parts which are connected with pumping water
  • Movement of bearing
  • Circulation of water through the thermo block

Usually, the main reason behind the Nespresso machine or any other coffee machine being louder is limescale buildup.

When you don’t clean your machine, the dirt and calcium deposit buildup inside your machine, causing most parts of a coffee machine not to work properly, and therefore, it makes noise. Therefore cleanup or descale your machine becomes mandatory to overcome this problem.

Another reason why Nespresso is too loud is that the bearing inside the machine wears out over time.  

If you are a technical person you can change this bearing by yourself or you can seek help from some technician to get it done for you.

3 ways to make Nespresso machine quieter

You can make the Nespresso machine quieter by proper cleaning and descaling, if the machine is too loud then there might be some problem with the bearing of the machine and you have to change it. Otherwise, you can place the machine on some woolen cloth to minimize the vibrations.

Let’s go through each factor in detail.

I) Cleaning and Descaling

Descaling your machine is the ultimate solution to this problem. 

Water flow is obstructed by scaling inside the machine, which contributes a lot to its loudness.  

It is recommended to descale your machine once every three months. And if the water quality is bad in your vicinity you have to do it more often.

You can either choose the manufacturer’s recommended Descaler solution, or you can go either with a natural cleaning solution like white Vinegar.

You can easily fix the loud noise of the Nespresso machine by following general guidelines.

Descaling the machine will significantly lower the noise of your Nespresso machine if you haven’t done it for a while.

But if you descale your machine regularly and still facing the issue of loudness then you have to change the bearings.

Follow this article for Nespresso Vertuo descaling instructions

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II) Change the bearing

Bearing inside the machine gets worn out with time and starts making too much noise.

The good news is you can change this bearing by yourself to make your Nespresso machine quieter. But it’s a quite complicated task.

I don’t recommend this fix if your machine is still in the Warranty period. Because opening the machine will void the warranty. And you can’t claim the warranty if something bad happens to your machine in the future.

Moreover, the period of Warranty from Nespresso is one year. And I don’t think that bearing degrades that quickly.  

Proceed with this fix only when your Nespresso starts making unbearable noise and it’s more than a year old. So that you have nothing to lose.

Don’t buy cheap metal bearings because they degrade very quickly and start making even more noise. You can get a good stainless steel bearing in the range of 3 to 5 bucks.

Watch out this video tutorial. It will help you in disassembling the machine and replacing the bearings.

iII) Place the machine on some woolen cloth

This is more like a traditional trick to minimize the noise of any machine. And the best part is it actually works quite well.

The vibrations generated by the machine increase when the machine is placed on a ceramic or wooden floor in the kitchen. This results in an increase in noise produced by the machine.

On the other hand, if you place the machine on a woolen cloth or towel, the vibrations are dampened, thus reducing the noise it makes.   

What Makes Nespresso Machine loud?

There are several factors behind the Nespresso machine being noisy during operation, like the size of the machine, the function of the milk frother, and most importantly, the process that the machine uses to extract the coffee. Let’s discuss each factor in detail.

1)Size of Machine

Obliviously the larger the machine, the louder it is. The size of the Nespresso machine is one factor in how loud it will be while operating.

Smaller Nespresso machines like Nespresso Essenza are quieter than bigger Nespresso machines like the Lattisima series.

2)Milk Frother

Most Nespresso model comes with a milk frother, but some models also come without it. Unfortunately, the Milk frother makes noise, and sometimes it is unbearable, and it doesn’t matter how quiet the machine is during coffee extraction. 

However, if you don’t stand the sound, and are also unwilling to compensate for the taste of your latte, then it is recommended to go with a manual milk frother and a Nespresso Essenza machine.

However, if you want to buy the quietest Nespresso machine with a milk frother. Check out the review of Nespresso Gran Lattissima

3)Extraction Process

Another reason that causes your Nespresso machines to be noisy is the way how the machine extracts the brew from the capsules.

There is a difference in the extraction process of Original line Nespresso machines and Vertuoline Nespresso machines.

Original line Nespresso machines brew like traditional espresso machines by pressurizing the water. While Vertoline line Nespresso machines brew by more advanced centrifugation technology.

In general Original Line Nespresso machines are a little quieter than Vertuoline Nespresso machines.

Final Thoughts

It is quite common for Nespresso machines to start making noises after some time of use. This is mainly because of limescale buildup, which will happen more frequently if you live in those geographical locations with hard water and use tap water to fill the machine’s water reservoir.

Fortunately, to resolve the loud noises coming from your Nespresso coffee maker, all you just need to do is descale your Nespresso machine.

And if your machine is old and you have already tried the descaling and it’s not working for you. Then it’s time to replace the bearings.


Does Nespresso make a quiet machine?

Nespresso machines are often accused of being too much noisy. But the Nespresso Essenza mini is a very quiet Nespresso machine though. It barely makes any noise.

Why does your Nespresso machine vibrate so much?

Some vibrations in your Nespresso machine are normal, but excessive vibration can be a sign of a problem.
Nespresso machines use a pump to force hot water through the coffee grounds. This pumping action generates vibrations!
It is important to ensure that the machine is placed on a flat, stable surface and is properly maintained to avoid excessive wear and tear that can cause vibration.

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