How to make the Nespresso machine quieter?

A great cup of coffee is the best way to give you a good morning wake-up call. Imagine you wake up and craving your cup of coffee; you went straight into your kitchen and found that your machine roars into working. How irritating that was!

Naturally, noise is just the side effect of any action; the faster or stronger something, the noise it’ll make. Traditional coffee machines are not exactly quiet. This brings an interesting question why are coffee machines so noisy in the first place?

Usually, when electronics make excessive noise, something is going wrong with them, but with coffee machines, it’s just the way they are

Over the years, Nespresso machines have been accused of being noisy; however, they are less noisy than other capsule coffee machines. Is your Nespresso machine noisy?

Probably this is one of the hot topics contributing to debates that are increasing in global discussion forums and social media in this sector.

This article will discuss why Nespresso machines are noisy, how to make Nespresso machines quieter, and the factors while purchasing a quieter coffee machine.



Are Nespresso machines Noisy?

The fact that Nespresso machines are noisy came into the limelight back in 2014 with the appearance of the Inissia Nespresso machine model.

There are two main reasons behind them.

  • Firstly, when the Inissia model was sold to new users of capsule coffee machines, Who thought that capsule coffee machines were silent, but the fact is they are quite silent and are less noisy than those traditional espresso coffee machines.
  • Certain Nespresso models like Inissia or Pixie have a high sound peak at the beginning of coffee brewing. However, the sound peak level drop and the machine is almost silent after a few seconds. The initial peak sound makes the perception that Nespresso machines are noisy.

Nespresso machines don’t start off being too loud. But all Nespresso machine users know that noise level starts to rise over time.

Naturally, the coffee machine makes some noise during coffee preparation. Now, look at some parts of coffee machines that make noise.

  • Water pump pumping motion
  • Vibrations of internal parts which are connected with pumping water
  • Circulation of water through the thermo block
  • Internal moving parts of your coffee machine, such as automatic capsule perforation. 
  • Injection of coffee into the capsule.

However, our major concern is with the reason why coffee machines make noise. Usually, the main reason behind the Nespresso machine or any other coffee machine being louder is limescale buildup.

When you don’t clean your machine, the dirt and calcium deposit buildup inside your machine, causing most parts of a coffee machine not to work properly, and therefore, it makes noise. Therefore cleanup or descale your machine becomes mandatory to overcome this problem.

Another factor contributing to the Nespresso machine being noisier than other coffee machines is the parts and the raw material used for its body manufacturing. 

Could this be influenced by the fact that the arrangement of parts in the Nespresso machine and raw material used for assembling the Nespresso body is not up to standard, and therefore the reason behind the machine being noisy? We cannot say with surety, but this is really a strong hypothesis.

If Nespresso does not work, reset the machine to the default factory setting

What Makes Nespresso Noisy?

There are several factors behind the Nespresso machine being noisy during operation, like the size of the machine, the function of the milk frother, and most importantly, the process that the machine uses to extract the coffee. Let’s discuss each factor in detail.

1)Size of Machine

Obliviously the larger the machine, the louder it is. The size of the Nespresso machine is one factor in how loud it will be while operating.

This almost goes without saying, but yes, it does matter; larger machines tend to be noisier than smaller machines, but there is a far more significant factor that influences the sound of the coffee machine.

One of the leading culprits is a Milk frother.

2)Milk Frother.

Most Nespresso model comes with a milk frother, but many models lack this feature. Unfortunately, the Milk frother makes noise, and sometimes it is unbearable, and it doesn’t matter how quiet the machine is during coffee extraction. 

However, if you don’t stand the sound, and are also unwilling to compensate for the taste of your latte, then it is recommended to go with a manual milk frother.

These gadgets are budget-friendly, and even if it takes a long time to froth the milk by hand, at least you can take advantage of this time to find some peace of mind without this example of the cry of the vapors!

Facing an issue that your Nespresso machine milk frother not working, check out our complete guide to solve this

3)Extraction Process

You might be thinking that Nespresso being louder is mainly because of a Milk frother. Now, you’re probably researching this because you’ve heard that Nespresso machines, big and small, are pretty noisy when brewing your espresso.

Another reason that causes your Nespresso machines to be noisy is the way how the machine extracts the brew from the capsules. Much like a traditional espresso machine, a Nespresso machine uses significant force to press hot water through the coffee grounds in the capsule. And when you have a machine that requires the level of energy to produce that pressure, in addition to heat, it will make noise.

From this, you can conclude that no Nespresso machine is completely silent.

How to fix a loud Nespresso Machine

As mentioned, there are many factors leading to the Nespresso machine being too loud, yet the most prominent is limescale buildup in the machine, and fixing this issue has become mandatory.

Descaling your machine is the ultimate solution to this problem. 

You can either choose the manufacturer’s recommended Descaler solution, or you can go either with a natural cleaning solution like white Vinegar.

You can easily fix the loud noise of the Nespresso machine by following general guidelines. However, the bad news is if you don’t fix it, the noise level of Nespresso is continuously going to increase and become louder and louder.

So far, we have discussed that Nespresso is as noisy as many other capsule coffee machines. A certain level of sound is fine, however, if your coffee machine has suddenly increased sound, then it is not good, and we need to look after what’s the matter!

Our recommendation is to dissemble the machine so get visual access to the internal component of the coffee machine.

Final Thought

 While there can be a wide variety of factors that might make your Nespresso machine get louder over time, a bit of research gives out the actual culprit behind it – Limescale

So it is quite common for Nespresso machines to start making noises after ordinary use. This is mainly the result of limescale buildup, which will happen more frequently if you live in those geographical locations with hard water and use tap water to fill the machine’s water reservoir.

Fortunately, to resolve the loud noises coming from your Nespresso coffee maker, all you just need to do is descale the coffee machine using either white Vinegar or a Nespresso recommended descaling kit.