Nespresso Vs Lavazza (Which Brand is better?)

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Both Nespresso and Lavazza are big names in the pod-based Espresso makers industry and perfect for coffee lovers who want a quick shot of Espresso.

If you’re looking for something premium and better quality, perhaps Nespresso is a better option, however, it’s expensive for a pod-based coffee machine. If you need an affordable machine that still delivers a decent shot of espresso, then Lavazza is your best bet.

PriceNespresso machines are expensive
-Starting at 180 dollars
Lavazza machines are more affordable than Nespresso
-Starting at 150 dollars
Machine VarietyThere is a range of Models of Nespresso machines available from entry-level to advanced cappuccino and Latte makerThe options of models in Lavazza are limited.
Pods Availability and Price– Being more popular Nespresso pods come in a huge variety and are easily available compared to Lavazza
– Pods can be easily bought online.
– Lavazza also has a variety of pods but it’s limited compared to Nespresso and also a little more pricey.
– Pods can be easily bought online.
Nespresso Vs Lavazza (Quick Comparison)

For a broader comparison let’s go through Nespresso vs Lavazza in detail.

Brand Comparison Nespresso Vs Lavazza

Nespresso vs Lavazza

Swiss Engineer Eric Favre was the guy who initially came up with the idea of the Nespresso system.

He launched one of the first pod-based machines at Nestle, Nespresso, but after a few years, he left Nestle and developed a new kind of pod-based espresso machine known as Lavazza, which doesn’t require aluminum capsules.

So, both Nespresso and Lavazza were essentially initiated by the same person.


The Nespresso brand is well known for producing high-quality coffee machines and capsules.

Estimates show nearly 400 Nespressos are consumed every second. Quite a huge number isn’t it?

Nespresso has two lines of machines i-e the Vertuo line and the Original line.

The original line machines operate similarly to traditional espresso machines. They use a pump system to generate pressure and can only produce espresso drinks.

Vertuo line machines have a more advanced centrifugation brewing system and can brew both Espresso and coffee drinks. However, their pods are different and relatively expensive.

Nespresso only designs the brewing system and outsources the manufacturing to other big brands like Breville and Delonghi.

Nespresso offers a wide variety of models, ranging from the entry-level Essenza and Pixie to the high-end Creatista and Lattissima series that brew cappuccino and latte.

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Although Lavazza has been in the coffee industry for more than 100 years, it is best known for its coffee beans and grounds rather than its coffee machines.

The Lavazza brand is one of the top Italian coffee brands, controlling almost half of the market share.

Having led the market in coffee beans, Lavazza now manufactures easy-to-use, pod-based espresso machines.

From an entry-level machine like the Lavazza Blue to an advanced Latte and Cappuccino maker like the Lavazza Expert, Lavazza has launched over 10 models of Espresso machines.


Similarities in Nespresso and Lavazza

Both Nespresso and Lavazza coffee machines look similar and operate on a similar principle.

Pod-Based Espresso Machines

Both brands use single-serve coffee capsules for brewing Espresso, but the type of capsules is different.


Nespresso and Lavazza place a high value on convenience, and it’s one of their primary selling points.

Brewing espresso on a traditional machine is not easy. You need expertise to use them, and they are not beginner-friendly.

With pod-based machines, you simply have to insert the coffee pod into the machine, press your desired shot button, and within seconds you’ll have your espresso ready.

Difference in Lavazza Vs Nespresso

In general, both Nespresso and Lavazza operate on the same principle with a similar interface, design, and water reservoir, but there are some differences between them. Let’s have a look at how these brands differ.


Taste is the number one concern for every coffee lover while buying a coffee machine.

There is always a debate about which company makes a better shot of espresso, Nespresso or Lavazza.

In my opinion, there isn’t a major difference in the taste of espresso from either of these machines. They look identical, have similar temperatures, and there isn’t a noticeable difference in taste.

For pod-based coffee machines, I believe that the taste solely depends on the type of coffee pod you use. There are a variety of pods available for both brands so you can choose the one that you prefer.

The Lavazza shot, however, seems to be more concentrated than the Nespresso shot, since Lavazza pods usually hold more coffee grounds than Nespresso pods.

Overall, there is no discernible difference in taste between either brand and I’m not inclined to give one brand a plus over the other for taste.

Price of the machines

There is a little price difference between Nespresso and Lavazza machines, but the difference is not a lot.

You might have to pay 20 or 30 dollars for the Nespresso Essenza mini as compared to Lavazza classy mini which is a quite similar entry-level machine.

In advanced machines, Nespresso offers many models in its Lattissima and Creatista series for 400 to 600 dollars whereas the Lavazza classy expert is available for under 300 dollars. That’s a considerable difference, I think.

Lavazza machines are quite affordable compared to Nespresso machines.

Lavazza coffee pods vs nespresso

As you probably know, all the pod-based drip coffee makers like Keurig and other similar brands use the same K cups.

Unfortunately, every pod-based espresso machine does not use the same Espresso pods.

Lavazza Coffee pods are not compatible with Nespresso and vice versa

Whether it is Lavazza or Nespresso, each brand manufactures coffee capsules compatible only with its machine. This causes availability problems sometimes especially if you live in the suburbs.

Due to Nespresso’s popularity, there is a wide range of coffee capsules available. Some 3rd party manufacturers also make capsules for Nespresso’s original line machines. This makes it easy to compare quality and price.

While Lavazza also offers many different types of coffee capsules, its variety is more limited than Nespresso’s.

Lavazza coffee pods vs nespresso


The Pros and Cons of Lavazza vs Nespresso

Things I like about Nespresso

  • Nespresso is a reputable brand with quick and easy-to-access customer support.
  • Nespresso has a capsule recycling program so you have peace of mind that your used coffee capsules are not ending up in waste. Also, every Nespresso machine has a used capsule container so you don’t have to dump the capsules in the waste.
  • Nespresso machines have an elegant and modern design, making them perfect for workplaces and homes.
  • Nespresso machines have an intuitive user interface, making them perfect for beginners.
  • Nespresso has a wide variety of capsules available for both the Original and the Vertuo lines. Original line Nespresso has even more variety as they are also compatible with 3rd party and reusable coffee capsules.

Things I don’t like about Nespresso

  • Nespresso machines are expensive paying about 200 bucks for a pod-based machine is too much.
  • Most of us love smooth and sweet milk-based espresso drinks like Cappuccino or Latte but all Nespresso machines do not come with an integrated milk frother (You can buy a separate Aeroccino Milk frother but you have to pay extra for it).
  • When compared with coffee grounds, Nespresso capsules are expensive.

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Things I like about Lavazza

  • Compared to Nespresso machines, Lavazza machines are cheaper and a great option if you have a limited budget.
  • Nespresso machines are often considered too noisy. In contrast, Lavazza machines operate very quietly, which is a perfect option if you’re fussy about noise.
  • The Lavazza machines have a very small footprint and a very elegant design, making them ideal for small kitchens and offices.
  • The taste of espresso shots from the Lavazza machine is a little more (Not a lot!) concentrated than Nespresso machines and that’s essentially because Lavazza coffee pods have more grounds in them.
  • Lavazza machines are quick and easy to use even a beginner can brew a perfect shot of espresso using them.

Things I don’t like about Lavazza

  • There aren’t many models of coffee machines to choose from.
  • Pods for Lavazza machines are only manufactured by Lavazza and flavor options are limited. Sometimes, availability is also an issue.
  • Lavazza coffee pods are made of plastic and they don’t have any recycling program. Although they have partnered with 3rd party recycling programs like Terracycle but it’s not as convenient as the Nespresso program.
  • Lavazza capsules are more expensive than coffee grounds and even more expensive than Nespresso capsules. So the recurring cost of brewing coffee is high.

Entry Level Machines: Nespresso Essenza vs Lavazza Blue

Let’s have a quick comparison between entry-level machines from Lavazza and Nespresso. Both these machines look quite similar and lie in the same price range.

Nespresso Essenza Mini and Lavazza BLUE Classy Mini
SpecificationsNespresso Essenza MiniLavazza Classy Mini
Drink OptionsEspresso
CompatibilityNespresso original line and 3rd party compatible capsulesLavazza BLUE & Expert Capsules
Water reservoir20 oz transparent water reservoir23 oz transparent water reservoir
Item weight4.3 pounds7.7 pounds
The dose can be programmedYesYes
Auto shut off YesYes

Machines with milk Frother: Nespresso Lattissima vs Lavazza Expert

While Nespresso has many models with milk frothers in the Creatista and Lattissima series but they are all very expensive. Lavazza Classy Plus has the huge advantage of being affordable.

Let’s have a quick comparison of the Nespresso Lattissima touch and Lavazza Classy Plus.

Nespresso Lattissima Touch and Lavazza EXPERT Classy Plus
SpecificationsNespresso Lattissima TouchLavazza Classy Plus
Drink OptionsEspresso
Coffee 8 oz
Coffee 8 oz
CompatibilityNespresso original line and 3rd party compatible capsulesWorks only with Lavazza Expert Capsules
Automatic Milk FrotherYesYes
The dose can be programmedYesYes
Auto shut off and
Descaling Alerts
Item Weight9.9 pounds8.9 pounds

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this Nespresso vs Lavazza comparison helpful in understanding the two popular pod-based espresso machine brands.

Nespresso will be the best option for you if you don’t have any budget issues because of its strong brand value, reliable build quality, quick customer support, and low coffee capsule costs compared to Lavazza.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option then Lavazza will be a better choice. Lavazza Classy Plus is certainly the best and most affordable choice if you want a pod-based Cappuccino and Espresso maker with an integrated milk frother.

Regarding taste, there’s little disparity between these brands; the difference mainly lies in the pod variety, where Nespresso offers a wider range.

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