Nespresso Stuck in Descaling mode

The working efficiency of Nespresso decreases with time, just like many other electronic appliances if they are not maintained and cared for properly.

Regular cleaning and descaling are highly recommended to increase your machine’s lifespan and serve you with a great cup of brewing coffee (never lose charm in flavor and taste).

There is numerous information available on the internet on the descaling of Nespresso machines, but unfortunately, sometimes Nespresso machines get stuck in descaling mode, and it is a very healthy discussion and debate on coffee forums and social media among many Nespresso machine users, and they are desperately looking for a solution.

Fortunately, you are landed in the right place because I have done proper research and compiled the best possible solution on how to get Nespresso out of descaling mode.

How to get Nespresso out of descaling mode

how to get Nespresso out of descaling mode?

Remember, descaling is a continuous process (it takes around 20 minutes to complete) and it can’t be stopped. Before you start the descaling process, make sure that you have enough time and all the necessary accessories.

For Vertuo Machines, follow these Nespresso Vertuoline descaling instructions.

You have to follow all the instructions clearly, otherwise, there is a chance that your machine will get stuck in a descaling mode.   

Normal Descaling cycle

  1. When the descaling mode alert appears, enter the descaling mode and wait for some second.
  2. The machine starts blinking rapidly, confirming that it has entered the descaling cycle.
  3. After descaling, you have to run the rinsing cycle. For that fill the water tank again with fresh water and press the button.
  4. After the rinsing cycle, press and hold the button for 7 seconds. Your machine will get out of descaling mode and the light will become steady.
  5. For VertuoPlus Machine, Hold the button and lever for 3 seconds. The light will turn steady green and your machine will be out of descaling mode.
  6. Allow the machine to cool down for 20 minutes.
  7. Your machine is ready to use.

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If you have completed the descaling cycle properly and still your Nespresso machine is stuck in the descaling mode then you must be doing something wrong or there might be some technical glitch in your machine.

You must make sure that you are not making these mistakes

i) Stop pouring water

Sometimes users don’t read the descaling instructions clearly and keep on pouring the water into the water tank.

Your machine will never get out of the descaling mode if you keep pouring water into it. And the rinsing cycle will never stop.

So, what do you have to do?

As soon as there is no water left in the tank, the rinsing cycle has ended. Don’t pour the water again otherwise, the machine will again go into the rinsing cycle.

Just press and hold the button for 7 seconds in the case of Vertuo next and press both the button and lever for three seconds in the case of Vertuo, Vertuo Plus, and Evoluo until the light becomes steady and your machine will be out of descaling mode.

iI) Don’t turn off the machine during the descaling cycle

The descaling cycle continues for 20 minutes and it is recommended not to turn off the machine during this period.

If you turn off the machine by removing the plug during this period your machine will again go into the descaling mode whenever you start it again.

III) The machine needs a rinsing cycle

If your Nespresso still saying descale after the descaling process then you might have missed the rinsing cycle.

I know it’s obvious for most of us, but some people don’t know that a machine needs a rinsing cycle after a descaling and it is clearly written in the descaling instruction.

Basically, you need two tanks to finish the descaling process. One with the mixture of descaling solution and water and the other with only fresh water.

How to Exit Descaling Mode in Nespresso (Different Models)

Here are the instructions for exiting the descaling mode for different Nespresso models

Nespresso ModesInstructions
Vertuo PlusPress the button and lever down for 3 seconds until the light becomes steady Green
Vertuo Next, Vertuo and EvoluoPress the button for 7 seconds until the light becomes steady Green
Essenza MiniPress and hold the Espresso and Lungo button for five seconds
CitiZ, Innissia, and PixiePress and hold the Espresso and Lungo button for three seconds

3 tips if Nespresso stuck in descaling mode

If you followed all the descaling instructions properly and your Nespresso still saying descale after descaling. Try these tricks, they might help.  

i) Press the button for a longer

Sometimes, maybe due to some glitches, your machine will not get out of descaling mode if you press the button for 7 seconds (as instructed).

In that case, it is advised to press and hold the button for 30 to 40 seconds or until the blinking light becomes steady.

This trick has helped many Nespresso Vertuo users to get their machines out of descaling mode.

II) Descale the machine again

It is possible for your Nespresso machine to become so dirty that one descaling cycle is not sufficient. This is especially true if:

  • If you haven’t performed the descaling cycle for a very long time. (It is recommended to descale Nespresso once every 3-6 months or after 600 cups of coffee).
  • If you use tap water to brew coffee. (Tap water is usually hard water which contains a lot of minerals).

If the above cases are true run the descaling cycle two to three times and hopefully your problem will be solved.

III) Reset the Nespresso machine to factory settings

If you have descaled your Nespresso machine properly and it’s still not working then resetting the machine to factory settings might help.

For Vertuo Next, press the button five times in three seconds.

For Vertuo and Vertuo Plus, press the button and lever down for three seconds. Again press the lever down three times and press the button to confirm.

Here are detailed instructions on how to reset Nespresso machines (every model).

Contact nespresso support

If you have done all the things properly and still your machine is stuck in the descaling mode then there might be some technical glitch in your machine.

In that case, contact Nespresso customer support and seek advice from them. If your machine is still in the one-year warranty period then you are lucky. Nespresso support will replace your machine with the new one or repair the existing machine for free.

What is descaling and why it is important?

By definition, descaling is a metal cleaning process that removes the buildup of limestone, a hard off-white, and chalky deposit that can affect the operation of various parts inside the machine.

The descaling is important because the water we used to brew coffee contains minerals. When we brew coffee, water at a high temperature separates minerals that begin to build up inside the machine.

If these minerals are left untreated, it negatively impacts machine temperature (reducing the efficiency of the heating element), the taste of Nespresso coffee goes bad, and water flow gets disturbed inside the machine.

Fortunately, an ultimate solution is available to avoid all these issues, and that is descaling. Therefore descaling your machine on time is very important.

frequently asked question

Can I use vinegar to descale the coffee machine?

Nespresso doesn’t recommend you to descale the machine with vinegar, as vinegar is 5-8% critic acid, which can cause your coffee machine to leak.

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