How to get Nespresso out of descaling mode?

Nespresso is one of the most marketed and appealing coffee machines in the Espresso industry and is popular for its splendid roasts and rich aromatic blends. Like with many other electronic appliances, working efficiency linearly decreases with time, and Nespresso is no exception.

If you don’t care about Your machine, your machine will automatically lose its capacity to produce a better result. Regular cleaning and maintenance are highly recommended to increase your machine’s lifespan and serve you with a great cup of brewing coffee (never lose charm in flavor and taste).

There is numerous information available on the internet on the descaling of Nespresso machine, but unfortunately, the internet lack this information, and it is a very healthy discussion and debate on coffee forums and social media among many Nespresso machine users, and they are desperately looking for a solution, that there machine sucks in descaling mode? Fortunately, you are landed in the right place because I have done proper research and complied the best possible solution on how to get Nespresso out of descaling mode?

But before getting deep into the discussion on how to exist in Nespresso descaling mode, let’s first discuss what is meant by descaling? Why descaling is important, and how often do you need to descale your coffee machine? So keep reading to learn how!

What is descaling?

By definition, descaling is a metal cleaning process that removes the buildup of limestone, a hard, off-white, and chalky deposit that can affect the operation of various elements (including coffee makers).

In the presence of heat, thick layers of oxide are formed on metal, and hence, the reason for limescale being found in the boiler compartment of a coffee machine (Source:

Why is descaling important?

The ultimate answer is water used to brew Nespresso pods contain mineral (therefore recommended to use filter water) that starts building the machine with time. If these minerals are left untreated, lime scale buildup inside the machine negatively impacts machine temperature (reducing the efficiency of the heating element), the taste of your coffee, and water flow inside the machine.

Limescale is that solidified substance that grabs on the surface of the heating element of the coffee maker, electric heater, and electric kettle, resulting in reducing their efficiency. In most cases, it appears to be off-white and typically makes your machine appear to be dirty.

Limescale is the prominent nail in the coffin of the coffee machine, as its presence interferes with the heating element of the coffee machine, ultimately reducing its efficiency, as it coats the heating element, creates the resistive force and forces the machine to drive more power to achieve optimal temperature for heating.

Ultimately your electricity bill shoots up, and that is before your machine thermostat malfunction forces you to repair your machine. This problem even becomes worse if your geographical location contains hard water (higher concentration of magnesium and calcium), then this scaling issue will occur more frequently and severely. If you are unsure about the mineral content in water, we recommend you use a water testing kit.

Fortunately, an ultimate solution is available to avoid all these issues, and that is descaling. Therefore descaling is very important. All electronic appliances have their specific instruction to descale the machine.

How often do you need to descale your coffee machine?

Apart from regular cleaning, Nespresso recommends descaling your machine once every 3-6 months or after brewing 300 cups of coffee, which one will come first!

Descaling the Nespresso vertuo line machine is like a cup of cake. These machines have a light indicator mechanism that lets you know that it’s time to descale your coffee machine.

If you own a Nespresso vertuo line machine, I have written a complete article on descaling Nespresso vertuo line machine. You can check that.

So the question arises of how to exist in Nespresso descaling mode if you are stuck in during descaling?

How to get Nespresso out of descaling mode?

Remember, descaling is a continuous process (it takes around 20 minutes to complete) and won’t be stopped. Before you start the descaling process, make sure that you have enough time and all necessary accessories (descaling solution).  

  1. When the descaling mode alert appears, press the descaling button and wait for some second.
  2. The machine starts blinking rapidly, confirming that it has entered the descaling cycle.
  3. If your Nespresso is stuck in the descaling mode, push the button for 3 seconds.
  4. Push the button again to turn the machine on.
  5. Allow the machine to cool down after 20 minutes.
  6. If the machine doesn’t turn off, press the button for 7 seconds.

Hopefully, this will make your machine get out of descaling mode. You can watch this video for more information.

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Finally, to conclude this debate, I would say that descaling is mandatory not for the smooth function of your machine but also enhances your machine’s lifespan and enabling the machine to brew the best-tasting flavor of the coffee.

Unfortunately, if you are stuck in descaling mode, then you need not to be panic, just follow the above-mentioned steps, and you will surely get out of descaling mode. But if unfortunately, the above-discussed hacks don’t seem to be fruitful, then you might need to reset the machine, or you can contact Nespresso customer support to seek their professional help.

frequently asked question

Can I use vinegar to descale the coffee machine?

Nespresso doesn’t recommend you to descale the machine with vinegar, as vinegar is 5-8% critic acid, and ultimately this lets the coffee machine leak.

What to do if the descaling light stays on after descaling?

Manually exist special mode by continuously pushing the button and lever for three seconds, or when the entire green circle is flashing. Allow the machine to cool for around 10 minutes before producing a cup of coffee.

What to do if Nespresso is stuck in descaling mode?

To leave descaling mode, press and hold both the button and lever for about 3 seconds or until the light turns green. Now, Allow 10 minutes for the machine to rest. The machine is now ready to use. The orange light will blink every 2 seconds.