Why Is Nespresso Milk Frother Not Working? Complete guide to fix it

Imagine when you switch on the Nespresso machine in the morning like any other day and discover that your Milk frother is not working; it ruins your chances of brewing your delicious cup of coffee.

How frustrating!

This is a very common troubleshooting issue with the Nespresso machine and fixing the problem is pretty straightforward. So you don’t need to be panic and rush towards the market to buy a new one or head to a café to drink your coffee. All you need is to follow some instructions, and you can fix it by yourself!

In this article, we provide a complete step-by-step troubleshooting guide on why Nespresso milk frother is not working properly, possible causes, and provide a comprehensive guide on how you can fix it to get your aeroccino machine working properly again.


Why is Nespresso Milk Frother not working? Possible reason

To fix an appliance, figuring out the exact cause of the problem becomes mandatory. We found the top 8 possible reasons for Nespresso frother (also known as an Aeroccino) not functioning correctly.

  1. Placement of magnetic whisk is improper
  2. Liquid damaged the electrical components of the machine
  3. Burst out heating component and thermocouple
  4. Dirt’s on electrical component contacts
  5. The type of milk used isn’t suitable for frothing
  6. Damaged/broken magnetic whisk
  7. Too much amount of milk is used
  8. The outlet of the machine is trapped

Let’s now discuss each of these possible reasons, their causes, and solution for how to fix them.

The placement of the magnetic whisk is improper.

A magnetic whisk is that component of the Nespresso milk frother responsible for actual whipping. There are a few different reasons of this piece is not attached properly and is improperly placed, but possibilities can be figured out quickly.

magnetic whisk

Because of the presence of a magnet inside the whisk, it can be attached to any part of the inside of the frother. This can be complicated because there’s only one place for the machine to work.

If circular light on the front of the machine indicates lit red light, but milk is not spinning inside, then improper placement of magnetic whisk is the possible cause.


Ensure that the magnetic whisk is attached properly to the nipple on the bottom of the frother. Simply pour the milk into a cup, adjust the whisk again, pour the milk again, and you’re done!

Liquid damaged the electrical components of the machine.

Many users can’t realize that they just can’t wash their Nespresso milk frother. If water gets to the bottom of the machine where most electrical components are present, they become wet and eventually stop working.

Nespresso frother comes in 4 parts

  1. Frother itself
  2. Magnetic whisk
  3. Power station
  4. The lid

You can rinse the magnetic whisk and lid or even put them in the dishwasher. However, you must be careful while rinsing the frother without getting the bottom wet. Additionally, you must be careful to keep the power station away from water to avoid any kind of accident.


Unfortunately, if the milk frother stops working while washing, it’s time to buy a new one because you can’t repair it.

Fortunately, the milk frother is relatively cheap and can be bought online, or you can purchase different components separately if you need them. Still, the bottom line is if you take care of your frother, you will avoid having to replace it. The result: it will last for years!

Burst out heating component and thermocouple

To such components, fixes involve taking components apart and putting them back together again, which is quite hard. This involves dealing with electricity which is too challenging, and there is risks probability of electrocution and fire. Therefore it is highly recommended to seek professional help while dealing with such components.

Burst out Heating Component

The heating component is a copper strip printed on an electric circuit. They are a pretty cheap design choice, and as a result, there are maximum chances of failure for those devices that have been used a lot. It is pretty easy to figure them out and fix them before they cause any severe damage.


Open the container to access the PCB. You will quickly see where the track has burned; that is precisely the culprit. You will fix this by soldering a small strip of copper over where the track got burned. To do this, you had to scrape off some of the glazes to gain access to good copper.

Burst out or damaged thermocouple 

The thermocouple is a small electronic device present inside a milk frother. The thermocouple’s function is to monitor the temperature of the milk, and once the optimum temperature is achieved, it will turn off the device automatically.

A damaged or burst-out thermocouple indicates that the desired temperature is achieved even before the operation starts. This means your machine milk frother will turn on and gain turn off immediately without any activity involved.


To resolve this, you will need to replace the thermocouple. This can easily be disconnected from the PCB via a sliding connector. When inserting the new thermocoupleThermocouple, be sure to apply thermal grease to ensure it conducts temperature properly.

Dirt’s on electrical component contacts.

The Aeroccino milk frother gets its power from the round plastic connector located at the bottom of the machine. A presence of female connector on the milk jug and a male connector on the Nespresso machine.

Sometimes it is also a standalone base station based on the Nespresso machine model, but the functionality is the same.

These two connectors tend to accumulate grease, dirt, and milk residue, especially in overflow.

If the machine won’t turn on or seems to be getting power intermittently, that’s probably the possible cause!

Crusted milk residue is the main form of dirt that builds up in the milk frother over some time, especially if you’ve had a few boils. Once dirt begins to build up, it will trap moisture and erode the contacts.


The easiest solution is to thoroughly clean the plate with soapy water and treat the contacts with a contact cleaner.

You will need:

  1. Soapy water and cloth
  2. Isopropyl alcohol or methyl alcohol.
  3. Toothbrush or wire brush.
  4. Contact spray cleaner.

 Start by turning off the machine and unplugging it (just for safety). Turn the nozzle cartridge over and inspect both cartridge and base station connections. Take a small brush and soapy hot water and scrub it thoroughly until you can see the dirt has been removed completely.

A toothbrush is usually a perfect choice for this task and is performed with experts' highly recommended descaling Products and other cleaning products.

The type of milk used isn’t suitable for frothing.

Another reason that milk frother does not function properly is the usage of dairy that is not suitable for your Nespresso milk frother.

The coffee expert found over years' experience that milk that is lower in fat, more watery, and is unsweetened doesn't froth well.

Some of the worst kinds of milk for Nespresso milk frother are:

  1. Almond milk
  2. Cow’s milk ( 2% or lower)
  3. Soy milk
  4. Coconut milk

Macadamia nut milk 

Almond milk, cow’s milk, and coconut milk are too watery to be used for frothing. Nespresso milk frother heats them, but unfortunately, it won’t create any form.

Soy milk, on the contrary, is the slightly best choice, but the same it won’t create too much foam.

Macadamia nut milk ranked positive among all these categories depending on the brand you are using. However, it creates a foam that is not enough for a latte.


The only solution is to choose milk wisely that precisely fits your Nespresso milk frother requirement.

Usually, milk that is higher in fat, less watery, and contains little sugar performs the best.

Some of the best milk for Nespresso milk frother are:

  • Oat milk (low-fat, regular, and full-fat)
  • Cashew milk (full-fat)
  • Goat milk
  • Lactaid (dairy milk with added lactase)
  • Whole milk

Even though having lower fat content, Oat milk is a good choice for frothing. The thickness and creamy flavor make it an excellent option.

 Cashew and goat milk should be whole to produce the best results. Plus, whole milk is still a great product; However, Lactaid is not up to great expectations for an exception.

 Using any of the above milk will dramatically improve the results of your Nespresso milk frother. Practice milk until you find one suitable for your machine.

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Damaged/broken magnetic whisk

Sometimes wear and tear and some occasional freak accidents break the magnetic whisk attachment.

When the small neodymium magnet falls off and gets lost is the most common issue, in this case, rendering the whip unusable.


The best solution is to get a replacement that fits your Nespresso milk frother. You can buy these from your Nespresso seller, but they are not cheap, and there can be pretty long delays in receiving parts as most stores don’t keep them on hand.

The best choice is to buy them from amazon.

Too much amount of milk is used.

While frothing, ensure to use the right amount of milk for Your Nespresso milk frother as Overfilling the pitcher will prevent your machine from frothing at all.

It is highly recommended to use cold and fresh milk as described earlier. There are two lines of indication inside the Aeroccino frother: 8 ounces is the maximum capacity to produce hot milk; 4 ounces is the maximum capacity to produce hot foam.


Ensure Never to exceed 8 ounces of liquid inside your milk frother. If your machine pitcher does not have an indicator, it is a general rule to fill the milk up to the top of the magnetic base. This will resolve your problem and produce the perfect amount of foam.


If you don't follow general guidelines, your Nespresso milk frother will overflow and don't function correctly.

Machine outlet is trapped!

Sometimes your Nespresso milk frother does not work because your outlet of the machine has suffered a power surge. It can come from anything. Sometimes there are too many electronic devices plugged into the same outlet.

This is usually resolved by pressing the “Reset” button on that outlet to fix the problem. If not, you can take other steps to remedy the situation.


finds a power outlet and plug the nozzle into it. All You need is to reset the circuit breaker or move some of the other devices to prevent further power outages.

Things are beyond repairing? Get replacement

Sometimes it’s not worth fixing things. If you’ve found that the motor has burned out or one of the previous solutions failed to fix your problem, your best bet may be to purchase a replacement nozzle. It is quite easy to find third-party dealers who list new and second-hand parts on sites like Amazon and eBay. Before buying, make sure you have the correct one for your machine.

Final Thought

so far we have discussed the top 8 reason that causes your Nespresso milk frother not to function properly. So, now that you know all the remedies and faults when you find the Nespresso milk frother not working, put your knowledge to good use!

When you check out a coffee machine, you also need a thorough understanding of maintenance, cleaning, and troubleshooting.

So, if you want to fix the problem on your own, you just need to follow the necessary steps mentioned in this article. However, if the nozzle itself is broken, you will need to seek professional help to successfully fix the problem.

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