Why is the Nespresso machine leaking? complete troubleshooting guide to fix it

Nespresso is one of the top brands when it comes to upscaling coffeemakers. Nespresso machines are an excellent choice for brewing great quality, exceptional tasting coffee at home without breaking the bank.

But even with its growing appeal, some coffee drinkers report that Nespresso is frequently spiriting coffee. Sometimes wear and tear might be the cause, and sometimes your luck can cause your Nespresso to break when you need it the most. Like many other electrical appliances, Nespresso machines are not indestructible.

So the question arises why the Nespresso machine is leaking? What’s the possible reason behind it? How to fix it? Sometimes water pooling underneath your machine or dripping from the capsule holder could be the possible reason behind the Nespresso machine leaking.

Sometimes, many coffee drinkers conclude that the Nespresso coffee brewer is not working fine, and you have to buy a new one. Whether will be the reason, the leakage problem can be resolved quickly if you locate the possible cause.

What do we discuss in this article?

  1. Reason of why the Nespresso machine is leaking?
  2. Possible causes of leakage 
  3. Complete troubleshooting guide on how to fix it?
  4. Nespresso Vertuo line leakage reason, causes, and how to fix it?

Why is the Nespresso machine leaking? Reason!

There are several reasons behind the leakage of Nespresso. These include

Reason Causes solution
Water is leaking from the bottom of the machine.
  1. The water tank
  2. Thermo block or internal Pipework
  3. Thermo block or heating component
  4. Pump and water pipework
replace a Faulty component with a new component
Water leakage from capsule holder
  1. Usage of defective or 3rd party capsule
  2. Nozzle blockage or obstructions
  3. The capsule holder gunked up.
  1. buy the capsule from the authentic seller
  2. use a needle or pipe cleaner
  3.  Use a stainless steel wire brush to scrub the inside of the capsule holder.
The machine requires descaling. long overdue the descale Descale your Nespresso machine

We will provide in detail step by step troubleshooting guide to identify the likely fault, their possible causes, and a complete solution guide on how to resolve them ( without buying a new machine) so you will be able to brew your favorite cup of coffee flawlessly again.

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Water leaking from the bottom of the machine

Check if you notice water loss occurring underneath your Nespresso machine.

The reason is when you switch on the machine and leads to the formation of puddles or drops on the worktop underneath. Try lifting the machine immediately after using it to check for puddles. Water loss occurs depending upon the extent of the issue within the machine.

This usually happens because some of the damage in components or seals in one of following

  • The water tank
  • Thermo block or heating component
  • Internal water pipework

1) Water Tank

Carefully disconnect the water tank and check for breaks. Also, you need to check the connection of the water tank to the rest of the device and make sure that the rubber seals that connect these components to a pipe are intact and not leaking.

 Refuel on the bench and see if the water continues to leak. If you put a paper towel underneath it, you can easily spot leaks. This indicates that the valve at the bottom of the tank has failed.

 You can seek help or contact Nespresso to buy a replacement water tank or check out thrift stores or recycling centers.

2) Thermo block or internal Pipework

An easy way to find leaks in the Thermo block is to run the Nespresso machine while disassembled to see if water leaks can be detected. Step by step, following this procedure gives you a clear view of possible breakages that could cause leaks.

 To be sure of the cause of the leak, you must carefully disassemble the Nespresso machine by removing the rear screws and opening the back panels. Please note that this may void your Nespresso machine’s warranty and should only do so if the device’s warranty period has expired. Make sure to unplug your Nespresso machine before any maintenance to avoid electric shocks and short circuits.

Note: Using the machine with the housing open is extremely dangerous and should be done at your own risk. Water and electricity don't mix!

3)Thermo block or heating component

The high temperature ranges associated with the Nespresso heating component can degrade the pipes and gaskets. This is due to the heating and expansion of the metal, to contracts again when cooled. If this leakage problem occurs over time, you may find that the boiler has a dark pigment that appears due to the continuous dripping of water on the hot component.

4)Pump and water pipework

The Nespresso machine may encounter shocks in a residential or office environment, some components of the water circuit may come loose, causing leaks.

How to resolve it?

Once you have identified which component is likely to create fault, you can simply replace it with a new component. For this, you can seek help from a qualified service technician.

According to Expert

You should replace the damaged Nespresso component rather than their attempt to repair it. A brand new component is more likely to work better than the old patched-up piece. You can simply use a special type of heat-resistant glue to seal off joints complexly in a water circuit.

Some Nespresso models start leaking when their drips trays that collect water are filled up and start falling onto another component. In such a situation, you can simply remove the drip tray, empty it and again place it in its position; Your machine will no longer leak water now.

Sometimes the issue may be due to a loose component in the Nespresso machine water circuit. You can manually reposition the component and secure it firmly to deal with it.

Water leakage from capsule holder.

This situation mainly occurs when water fails to enter NESPRESSO capsules correctly.

You will easily identify this condition if you notice these two situations

  1. It occurs only when you are preparing coffee with a Nespresso machine
  2. Water comes out from the front of the machine, usually around the capsule holder or drip dray.

Usually, when you are preparing coffee with a properly functioning Nespresso machine. Water comes out at high pressure into your mugs through the capsule. However, if you notice water leakage from the capsule holder, in such a case, there is the possibility of spaces and cracks between the capsule and its compartment, then you will experience this kind of issue.

Now look at possible causes and identify which solution correctly fits in such kind of situation

1)Usage of defective or 3rd party capsule

Suppose you are using a 3rd party capsule or reusable capsule. In that case, there are maximum chances of leakage because the 3rd party capsule may not be exactly the right size for a specific Nespresso machine capsule mechanism.

Always buy the capsule from the authentic seller; you may contact the Nespresso helpline to seek professional support.

2)Nozzle blockage or obstructions

Over time the usage of Nespresso machine, a little residue left behind whenever you prepare coffee. With the passage of time, coffee residue buildup and eventually clog or block the pipe.

When the nozzle is clogged or blocked, it leads to disturbance in water flow and water pressure and causes leakage.

 You can use a needle or pipe cleaner depending on your Nespresso machine brand and model to unclog the pipe to resolve this condition.

Always seek help from a qualified service technician because some Nespresso machine models can get damaged using such an approach.

3)The capsule holder gunked up.

Unfortunately, the inside of the capsule is the darkest part of most Nespresso machines.

One of the most common causes of Nespresso leakage is a buildup of gunk in the piercing plate, and it eventually stops working properly. If the capsule can’t be pierced, the buildup backpressure causes the Nespresso machine to leak!

To resolve this condition, you can use a stainless steel wire brush, or even you can use a toothbrush along with hot soapy water to scrub the inside of the capsule holder.

Grab the Nespresso pods to check whether the capsule is leaking or not! If this doesn’t resolve the capsule problem, you may opt for another coffee pod brand.

The machine requires descaling.

One of the most common causes of Nespresso leakage is that the machine needs to be descaled. This happens mostly when you long overdue the descale

Coffee Expert recommends that descaling be performed once in 3 months or 300 coffees, whichever comes first!

We provide in detail the comprehensive guide on how to descale your Nespresso machine; you can also check it out at

Some of the most popular, budget-friendly descaling solutions are given below; you can check them out.

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Why is Nespresso Vertuo leaking

Nespresso Vertuo is one of the top models of the Nespresso Brand. But unfortunately, even with its growing appeal, some coffee drinkers report that Nespresso is frequently spiriting coffee. Let now look at why you should do this if your Nespresso Vertuo plus machine is leaking the coffee.

If you have Nespresso Vertuo, coffee leakage indicates that leaks have occurred due to a clog or break inside the machine. To resolve this condition, you have two possibilities.

  1. Clean the Nespresso Vertuo plus

2. Seek help from Nespresso Customer Service Line

Nespresso Vertuo line is a pod coffee machine that uses interconnected so many sophisticated components to prepare coffee. Unfortunately, this can mean a wide number of effects. It could be a seal, a fractured sock, a commodity oohing in the ministry. Still, there’s a hitch that comes with Nespresso’s design

How to resolve the Nespresso Vertuo leakage problem?

As described Nespresso leakage is a great problem and can’t be ignored. Therefore it is necessary to look after it before this condition even gets worse with time if not proper action is taken.

1)Cleaning the Nespresso vertuo machine

A clog in the pipes causes some coffee leaks. Utmost of the time, these clogs are due to limescale buildup. As further hard water deposits increase, the chances of having coffee backing up through the tubes increase. Occasionally, just drawing your coffeemaker using ginger is enough to unclog your machine.

 Before you start to fear or get too worried, try to descale your coffee machine. However, you might have just saved your VertuoPlus from an indeed larger breakdown, If it fixes the problem.

2)Contact NESPRESSO Customer Serviceline

While Nespresso has a repulsive nature worthy of being stingy with knowledge of its coffee machines, it also has a truly generous bond and one of the sleek customer service lines you might imagine. Since VertuoPlus is a relatively new line, it’s often safe to say you’re still stuck. The fancy thing you can do to resolve a problem is call Club Nespresso customer service and explain the situation. They will ask you to pull out the coffee machine; they can fix it yourself in most cases.

Fixing Your Nespresso Vertuo Isn’t Always Feasible. Why?

While, in theory, you can fix a broken seal or something, it’s not doable in practice. The Vertuo design contains many patented elements, and the entire design is specific to the Nespresso brand.

This means that finding spare parts won’t be feasible, and if you can find them, it will be expensive. Also, you won’t find much advice on repairing a Vertuo Plus by hand. Even Nespresso cracked down on the advice. Unless you’re a natural mechanic who can buy a bunch of broken Nespresso machines on eBay, it’s not a good idea to try and fix your machine yourself.

If your Nespresso machine Keeps blinking and you want to know the reason behind it. Read our detailed guide on why is my Nespresso blinking orange light?


 While it’s the last thing you need in the morning, a leaking Nespresso machine doesn’t necessarily mean disaster. With a few quick troubleshooting steps, we can quickly identify which part is causing the leak and what to do to fix it.