Why does my Keurig keeps shutting off while brewing? 5 quick fixes

Nothing can amuse your morning but the sweet, decent cup of coffee brewed with your beloved Keurig coffee maker. But how frustrating is that when you put the pod in the machine, hit the brew button, but your Keurig machine has shut off and stopped working. You keep hitting the brew button a few more times, hoping that it starts working again, but still in vain.

Fortunately, you landed on the right page because I have done proper research and outlined the most common reasons why your Keurig keeps shutting off while brewing and how you can fix it? So keep reading to learn how.

Usually, a Keurig keeps shutting off because the k-cup hasn’t been punctured by the needle in the K-cup basket. Other causes might be clogged brew needles, misaligned water reservoir magnets, the machine requiring descaling, or faulty outlets.

What causes Keurig keeps shutting off when you hit brew? Reasons and fixes!

Some of the most likely reasons by which Keurig keeps shutting off while brewing includes:

  1. Machines require Descaling/cleaning.
  2. The bottom of the k-cup is Unpunctured.
  3. Misaligned magnet in water Reservoir
  4. Keurig needs to be reset.
  5. Exist needle is broken or clogged.

Let’s discuss each of these reasons in detail and their possible solution. So keep reading!

1)Machines require Descaling/cleaning.

Maintenance and cleaning are mandatory for the smooth functioning of kitchen appliances. The same principles apply to Keurig coffee makers. Water (recommended to use filter water) used for brewing coffee may contain minerals that cause limestone to build up inside the machine. If these minerals are left untreated, they cause water blockage inside the machine. If water can’t make it all the way through, this ultimately leads the machine to shut down.

Therefore, descaling or cleaning is necessary to fix the problem. Descaling will remove any mineral deposits that have built inside the machine and ultimately lead to shutting off the machine while brewing.

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2)The bottom of the k-cup is Unpunctured.

One of the most likely reasons Keurig keeps shutting off while brewing is not the issue with the Keurig itself but with the K-cup.

If you know how to use the Keurig coffee maker, you might have an idea that when brewing, you have to put the pod in the basket, and when you close the lid, it punctures the top. However, you should also have the idea that the bottom of the K cup is also punctured.

If the bottom of the pod isn’t punctured, the water injected into it is unable to escape, and the Keurig will stop brewing to avoid overflow. If the pod is extremely thick (certain milk K pods, such as cappuccinos& lattes or other milk-based drinks, are harder than others), or if the needle at the bottom of the brew basket has twisted, a hole may not be poked into the bottom of the pod.

There are two ultimate solutions to fix this problem

  • Either you need to poke the hole at the bottom of the k-cup manually by pressing it with force until it gets punctured
  • Bend the needle in the bottom of the pod basket upright and back to normal with scissors.

It is recommended that next time when your Keurig keeps shutting off while brewing, you should immediately open the lid, take out the K-cup pod and check whether there’s a proper hole for water to pass through or just a partially punctured hole on the bottom, now you have an idea what’s wrong is with the machine and how to fix it.

3)Misaligned magnet in water Reservoir

There’s present a magnet inside your Keurig water reservoir. Keurig coffee machines use this magnet to detect the water level inside the tank. However, over time, this magnet gets struck due to vibration and is misaligned from the original position while brewing. Once the magnet is misaligned from its position, the coffee maker is unable to sense any water and ultimately unable to brew.

A quick fix to solve this issue is before brewing, unplug the machine and remove the water reservoir(if Keurig has a removable water reservoir), check the magnet inside the water tank to make sure that the magnet on the water reservoir is lined up with the magnet on the brewer.

4)Exit needle is broken or clogged.

As mentioned earlier, for water to pass through K-cup, there are two holes- one below the capsule & another one at the top of the capsule. That’s why there are two needles- one below the pod holder and one under the part of the brew head that opens.

For smooth functioning, it is highly recommended to clean your Keurig machine to avoid the buildup of residues/debris on the needle.

If you haven’t cleaned your machine, then debris deposited on the needle reduces its efficiency in piercing the K-cup. Resultantly, there will be only one hole, and hot water during brewing will not make its way through the K-cup. Therefore, to avoid any mishaps, Keurig will automatically shut off to avoid overflow of water back into the pod holder.

In Keurig 2.0, this error occurs as "water under pressure".

A quick fix is to clean the needle with the help of a tool that comes with a coffee machine, or you can use the paper clip method. If the needle is bent or damaged, you can replace the needle gasket with that which is compatible with your machine.

5)Keurig needs to be reset.

If you’re Keurig still keeps shutting off while brewing even though you have applied all the hacks as discussed earlier, then probably it might be the Keurig internal flaws that are creating the problem.

The best possible action to this problem is to ultimately Reset your Keurig coffee machine.

Watch the video to learn how to reset your Keurig coffee maker.

Additional troubleshooting guide if Keurig turns off while brewing.

Some additional fixes might be fruitful if none of those mentioned above hacks work for you.

1)Left machine overnight

Although this is not a proven trick, yes, this work for some users, unplug the machine, remove the water reservoir and empty it. Leave it overnight. Now, when time has passed, place the water tank back, fill it with water, and try to brew. Hopefully, this helps you to get the issue fix!

Additionally, use another electrical outlet to avoid the electrical issue as the cause.

2)Auto-off feature

If your Keurig machine has an auto shut off feature or disabled timer, turn it off. This will keep the timer from running out and turning the Keurig off while you’re brewing.


If you have Keurig supreme model, you might have an idea. The K-Supreme model’s water tank has a tight covering. A vacuum might build when the brewer is extracting water from the tank. This will prevent water from exiting the carafe during the next brew cycle, forcing the machine to shut down and stop brewing. Try brewing without the lid on to see if that helps.

4)Contact Keurig customer services

If unfortunately, all these hacks won’t work for you, the ultimate solution is to contact Keurig customers service for seeking their professional help.


I hope these hacks will definitely help you to get Keurig coffee machine to function properly. These hacks range from puncturing the K-cup pods to descaling, resetting the entire Keurig to help you get your Keurig functioning, and making coffee again.

Frequently Asked Question


Here’s how to fast reset a Keurig Mini or other Keurig machine: 1. Pull the lever open and close it. Opening and releasing the K-Cup lever is the first thing to try. If your Keurig’s brew cycle is stopped, this will restart it and make it ready to brew once more. 2. Unplug and turn off


Fill a regular cup 1/2 with white vinegar, then fill it out with water. Pour into the brewer and start it up. Turn the machine off as soon as the brewer begins to dispense. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for cooling. Brew the leftovers.

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