A Detailed Review of the Latest Keurig Supreme Plus Model

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This hands-on Keurig Supreme Plus review cuts the noise to evaluate if upgraded offerings like multi-steam technology, modern design, and multiple customizable features legitimately level up the hype and taste.

Keurig K Supreme Plus | Our Verdict
Overall Rating (4.5/5)

The Keurig Supreme Plus is a great choice for coffee lovers who want the best possible taste from pod machines. Its multi-stream technology evenly extracts the coffee, resulting in a cup that is richer, more flavorful, and more consistent than what you’ll get from other pod coffee makers.

Keurig K-Supreme offers a wide range of customization to streamline brewing. Larger water reservoir, digital display, 3 strength settings, 3 Temperature Control levels, and option for iced coffee.

Yes! Keurig Supreme Plus is a little pricey but I must say the unique multi-stream technology actually makes a more flavorful cup of coffee and the advanced customization features are surely worth it.

Keurig Supreme Plus

Why Trust Us

I have taken an in-depth look at all of the top features of Keurig Supreme Plus and analyzed the pros and cons to help you make an informed buying decision. With our expert review, you can discover whether the Keurig Supreme Plus is the right choice for you or not.


✔️ High-quality extraction with Multi-stream technology

✔️ Iced coffee option

✔️ Compatible with K cups and universal cups for coffee grounds

✔️ Sleek and Modern Design

✔️ Low noise

✔️ Temperature Control Settings

✔️ Strength control settings

✔️ Programmable


❌ Components are not dishwasher safe

❌ Replacing the water filter is complicated

❌ The price is a little higher

❌ Single-serve only – No carafe option

❌ Some users have complained that the machine is not very durable

Keurig k-supreme plus Review (A Detailed Go-Through)

1) Design and Appearance of Keurig K Supreme Plus (5/5)

The thing I like the most about Keurig Supreme Plus is its modern, minimalistic, and sleek design. Even after having many advanced features and a large water reservoir, this model doesn’t have a bulky appearance like other premium Keurig models.

The machine is wrapped in stainless steel, giving it a premium look.

Keurig K-supreme Plus has a 78-ounce water reservoir on the left side of the machine (which is not multi-positional as in the simple Supreme Model).

Keurig Supreme Plus

On top of the Supreme Plus, there is a circular button display that allows you to easily select your desired brew size, temperature, strength, and over-iced settings.

Keurig Supreme Plus Display

Overall, I am very much impressed with the design of Keurig Supreme Plus.

2) Performance of Keurig Supreme Plus (4/5)

Performance-wise, I would say there is no match. The Keurig K-supreme coffee maker makes it a breeze to brew either a regular serving of coffee or a small, espresso-style shot to your liking.

The heating time of Keurig K-Supreme Plus is around 90-120 seconds for the first brew and 30-40 seconds for subsequent brews, which is really fast. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the machine to finish heating you can insert the pod and select the brewing parameters right after turning the machine on.

As the machine is compatible with all types of K-cup pods, you can experiment with varieties of K-cup to experience the best coffee experience according to your desired taste. You can brew iced coffee, tea, cocoa, and other coffee drinks within a minute.

Refilling the tank is pretty easy and the machine brewing calibration is extremely perfect.

Another good thing about Keurig Supreme Plus is the quiet brewing process it doesn’t make any annoying noise during the operation and continues to brew silently.

Overall, I am satisfied with the performance of Keurig Supreme Plus.

Issues with Keurig Supreme Plus

Since the Keurig Supreme series is new some customers face issues like the lid of the water tank being very tight which creates a vacuum and makes it difficult for the machine to pump water. And some customers have also complained that their Supreme Plus machine died in less than 6 months.

However, you can easily replace the machine within the one-year Warranty period if you face any issues.

3) The taste and quality of the Drink (4/5)

Over the years, many coffee lovers have debated that the quality of coffee is not up to mark with pod-based coffee machines. It’s true that pod-based machines don’t offer the best cup of coffee, but their unique selling point is convenience and speed.

I usually give a 2 or 3 star rating to pod-based coffee makers but the Keurig Supreme Plus with its multi-stream technology and the strong brew features deserves 4 out 5.

Multi-stream technology uses 5 needles instead of one to evenly saturate your coffee grounds with multiple streams of water to achieve maximum extraction and flavors.

If you have been using K-cup coffee makers for a while I am sure that you will love the taste of coffee from this upgraded machine.

This innovative multi-stream technology extracts more flavor and aroma from the coffee grounds, resulting in brighter and stronger drinks.

Be sure to choose a universal reusable coffee filter with five holes on the lid if you are using your own ground coffee instead of K-cup pods.

Another good thing for strong coffee lovers is the option of a 4 oz brew size that makes strong and intense small shots of coffee that pairs perfectly with milk-based coffee drink.

And also you can adjust the strength of coffee from mild to strong.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the taste of the coffee drink from Keurig Supreme Plus and I must say it’s better than other K-Cup Machines.

4) Ease of use and maintenance (5/5)

All Keurig models are highly convenient and easy to use and their innovative technology grabs the attention of coffee lovers, fortunately, Keurig K-Supreme Plus continues its tradition of being simple, user-friendly, and efficient.

All you need to do is insert the K-cup of your choice, press the desired coffee size, adjust the temperature and strength of your choice, and the machine will do its magic and prepare freshly brewed coffee for you within minutes. How easy that is!

Temperature control, strength setting, different flavor profiles, and labeled digital screen make the brewing process so much easier, even if you’re a complete beginner you can easily use this machine.  

Maintenance and cleaning are also pretty easy. You just have to remove the used pod and clean the pod holder after every brew and the machine is ready for the next cup.

The descaling process is also very simple, just fill the tank with the descaling solution and water and run the brew cycles until the tank is empty.

Overall, Keurig Supreme Plus is the quickest Keurig model and the most user-friendly.

5) Value for money and customer reviews (4/5)

Keurig Supreme Plus costs around 200 dollars and yes it’s way more expensive than other pod-based single-serve machines.

But the extra features this machine offers: modern and sleek design, up-to-date multi-stream technology for better extraction, programmable preferences, and greater customization options are definitely worth the investment.

Keurig Supreme Plus has almost 7000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.3 average rating out of 5. More than 75% of users are completely satisfied with the machine. Customers love the modern design and the taste of coffee prepared through the latest multi-stream technology.

Of the bad reviews, many users are concerned with the reliability and longevity of the machine. However, Keurig has good customer support and will replace or repair your machine free of cost if anything happens.

Overall, I am not satisfied with the price tag of this machine it’s way too expensive for a pod-based coffee maker. But if you can afford it you will surely love it.

SOme Useful Features of Keurig k-supreme plus

Let’s discuss some of the great features of Keurig K-Supreme Plus that make it stand out from many Keurig coffee models.

1- Coffee Strength settings

With the Keurig K-Supreme Plus, you can brew regular, strong, and extra-strong. In contrast, the older Keurig K-Supreme offers only regular and strong.

The extra strong option slows down the flow of water to increase the contact time between water and grounds in the pod, resulting in better extraction.

2- Temperature control

Keurig Supreme Plus has three temperature settings, so you can experiment with different drinks at different temperatures until you find the right one for you.

At full hot settings, the machine delivers coffee at around 173 degrees, and at less hot settings, it delivers coffee at 165 degrees.

3- Brew size options

Keurig Supreme Plus offers five different cup sizes 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz. The 8 oz size is perfect for a regular serving of black coffee, while the 4 oz size is ideal for milk-based drinks with a strong coffee taste.

4- Programmable Preferences

Keurig K Supreme Plus gives you the freedom of setting 3 different programmable preferences.

Using this feature, you’ll be able to brew coffee with only one button and you won’t have to adjust the temperature and strength settings every time.

5- Over Iced settings

Keurig K-Supreme Plus features over-iced settings for preparing cold coffee. The Over Ice button brews a more concentrated, intense, and less hot 6 oz cup of coffee that pairs perfectly with Ice Cubes

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6- Quiet brewing Technology

Keurig Supreme Plus features quiet brewing technology that makes it less noisy than other coffee machines so you can brew your coffee in peace.

Keurig K-supreme line overview

Keurig introduced the K-Supreme coffee maker line in 2020. The main difference between K-Supreme coffee makers and the rest of the Keurig model is the introduction of multi-stream technology.

Initially, there were 2 models Keurig K-supreme and Keurig K-supreme Plus. In 2021, Keurig released the K-Supreme Plus Smart coffee maker in their Supreme line. This machine features Brew ID technology and a mobile app, which allow users to control their coffee maker using their phone.

Features of Keurig Supreme Plus

Product TypeSingle-serve coffee maker
Dimensions13.35” x 8.31” x 12.24” inches
Weight4.5 pounds
Water reservoir78 ounces removable water tank
Brew Sizes4,6,8,10,12 ounces
MaterialStainless steel and Plastic
Temperature controlYes (3 different settings)
Strength ControlYes (3 different settings)
Programmable SettingsYes (3 different settings)
Colors AvailableStainless steel
DisplayButton control panel with Digital Display
Other FeaturesMulti-stream technology, digital screen, Brew Over Ice, Programmable Compatible Travel Mug

How’s Keurig Supreme Plus Different from Other SUpreme Models

Keurig Supreme is the most basic model of the Supreme series while Keurig Supreme Plus Smart is the most advanced model. Keurig K-Supreme Plus lies in the middle.

Here’s a quick comparison among Keurig Supreme Models.

FeaturesKeurig SupremeKeurig Supreme PlusKeurig Supreme Plus Smart
Strength settingsTwo: Mild and strongThree: Mild, Strong and Extra StrongFive settings from Balanced to Intense
Temperature ControlNoThree: From mild to holdFive: From lukewarm to Extra hot
Programmable PreferencesNoThree programmable settingsTen programmable settings
Metal WrappingNoYesYes
Water Reservoir66 ounces multi-position water tank78 ounces78 ounces
Over iced SettingsYesYesYes
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivityNoNoYes
Multi-Stream TechnologyYesYesYes

So feature wise Keurig Supreme Plus is definitely better than the Keurig Supreme and the Keurig Supreme Plus Smart is obviously the most advanced model of all.

If you don’t have any budget issues you can go with the Smart model, otherwise, I don’t think the extra features in the K Supreme Plus Smart are worth paying an extra 50 dollars.

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Final Thoughts

And that wraps up my hands-on guide to the Keurig Supreme Plus! With multi-stream technology and precise temperature/strength settings, this model really lets you customize each cup.

Now that you know what sets Supreme Plus apart, let me know in the comments if it seems like the ideal single-serve brewer for your needs or not!

I hope you find this Keurig Supreme Plus review helpful and if you want to check reviews of other Keurig models they are linked below.


Is the Keurig Elite or Supreme Plus better?

Both Keurig Elite and Supreme Plus are advanced models and offer multiple customizable features like strength control, multiple cup sizes, and iced coffee settings.
However, with up-to-date multi-stream technology, the Keurig Supreme Plus actually makes a better cup of coffee.

Does the Keurig K Supreme Plus take regular K cups?

Yes, Keurig Supreme models are compatible with all the K cup coffee pods.
Special My K cup coffee filters are also available for Keurig Supreme models with five holes at the top if you prefer using your own coffee grounds.

Can you use distilled water in the Keurig K-Supreme Plus?

Yes, you can use distilled water in the Keurig K-Supreme Plus. I always recommend using filtered water for brewing coffee as trace minerals in water are required for proper extraction and a more flavorful drink.

Does Keurig K Supreme Plus have a water filter?

Yes, the Keurig K Supreme Plus can accommodate a tall handle water filter, where you can easily fit cartridge carbon filters to remove impurities from water.

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