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Keurig Supreme is the most premium series of Keurig. It has three variants Supreme Simple, Supreme Plus, and Supreme Plus Smart. Before you buy one, you might like to learn about the features of these three machines. 

Our Choice | Keurig Supreme Plus Smart

Keurig Supreme Plus Smart

The Keurig Supreme Plus Smart offers all the features of Supreme Plus and gives the user more control over temperature and strength. It features a Smart Wi-Fi device that can connect to your mobile phone.

Undoubtedly, Supreme Plus Smart is the best machine in the Keurig Supreme series. If you have no budget issues, then you must go with that machine. Otherwise, go with Keurig Supreme Plus. I don’t recommend Keurig Supreme

There is only a price difference of 50 dollars between Keurig Supreme and Supreme Plus smart and I must say that the additional features you get with this machine, are surely worth that price.

Why Trust Us

As a seasoned coffee enthusiast with extensive experience in brewing technologies, you can trust my hands-on knowledge of Keurig Coffee makers. I’ve extensively reviewed the Keurig Supreme along with the upgraded Supreme Plus and Supreme Plus Smart models. I’ll share honest pros and cons so you can make the best buying decision for your needs.

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Keurig k supreme vs k supreme Plus | A Quick Overview

SpecsKeurig K-SupremeKeurig K-Supreme PlusKeurig K-Supreme Plus Smart
Brew Size6,8,10 and 12 oz cups4,6,8,10 and 12 oz cups4,6,8,10 and 12 oz cups
Water Tank Capacity66 oz78 oz78 oz
ColorsBlack, grey, whiteStainless Steel Metal WrapBlack Stainless Steel Metal Wrap
CompatibilityK cup pods and ground coffee beansK cup pods and ground coffee beansK cup pods and ground coffee beans
Strength OptionsStrong brew and Over ice3 options from light to strong5 options from light to strong
Temperature SettingNo3 options from mildly hot to very hot6 options from mildly hot to very hot
Programmable SettingsNo3 programmable preferences10 programmable preferences
Weight5.78 lbs7.50 lbs8.30 lbs
Keurig K Supreme vs Supreme Plus and smart

differences between Keurig Supreme and Supreme Plus and Smart

The main difference between Keurig Supreme and Supreme Plus is that Supreme is the most basic version that offers very limited customizable options while Keurig Supreme Plus has many customizable options to adjust the strength and temperature of the coffee drink.

1) Temperature Control

Keurig K-Supreme does not have any temperature control options.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus has three different temperature options, while Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart has six different temperature options from mildly hot to very hot.

Keurig Supreme Plus vs Supreme Plus smart - Temperature settings
Keurig Supreme Plus vs Supreme Plus smart – Temperature settings

If you are sensitive to the temperature of your cup of joe, you must consider this feature before buying a coffee maker.

The temperature of the water also has some effect on the taste and aroma of the brew. So, if you have control over the temperature, you can easily adjust it according to your preferred taste.

I have tested the temperature of drinks from all these coffee makers.

The temperature of the drink from Keurig Supreme was approximately 165 degrees.

For Keurig Supreme Plus, the temperature was 160 for the first setting, 166 for the second, and 168 for the third.

For Supreme Plus Smart, the temperature was in the range of 158 to 170 degrees with small increments for the six different settings from warm to very hot.

A plus for Keurig smart and smart plus

2) Brew Strength

Keurig K-Supreme has only two brew options: the strong brew and the second over ice for iced coffee.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus has 3 different brew strength options, and the Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart has 5 different brew strength options from balanced to intense.

Brew Strengths Keurig supreme Plus and smart

In Plus and Smart, you can easily vary the strength of your coffee according to your taste, from light to intense.

There is not much difference between Keurig Supreme and Supreme Plus as Supreme offers 2 options (i-e strong and mild) while Plus offers three options (mild to strong).

But Keurig Supreme Plus smart has six different options which might be a very useful feature for you.

Basically, the strength settings in Keurig prolong the brewing time which results in a longer extraction time and a more intense and bold cup of coffee.

A plus for Keurig Smart plus

3) Programmable Preference

Keurig K-Supreme has no programmable feature as it also does not have many customizable preferences.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus offers 3 different Programmable preferences, while Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart offers 10 different programmable preferences.

In K Supreme Plus select your preferred temperature and brew strength and press one of the three programmable buttons and your settings will be saved.

In K Supreme Plus Smart, select your preferred temperature and brew strength and press the heart button for three seconds and your settings will be saved. You can also name the programmed settings in the Keurig app

Keurig Supreme plus and smart programming

You can easily set the temperature and brew strength for 3 different users in Plus and for 10 different users in Smart. So, anyone can have a coffee drink of their choice by just pressing one button.

This feature is very useful if everyone in your family or office has different preferences. Every member can program the machine according to their taste and then brew coffee with just a single touch.

A plus for Keurig Supreme Plus and Supreme Plus smart.

4) Wi-Fi

In both Keurig K-Supreme and Keurig K-Supreme Plus, there is no Wi-Fi.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart comes with Wi-Fi, so you can connect your Keurig machine with the mobile app

Here are a few things you can do in the mobile app

1- Schedule your brew: Just put the K-cup in the machine and schedule the brew through the app and your coffee will be ready at that time.

2- Ordering K-cups: You can order K-cups from Keurig through the app.

3- Programmable preferences: You can edit or delete your programmable preferences in the Keurig app.

4- Contact customer support: You can easily contact customer support through the Keurig app.

Keurig supreme Plus smart Wi-fi

This Keurig app is actually quite helpful.

A plus for Keurig Supreme Plus and Supreme Plus smart.

5) Design and Color

The Keurig Supreme series features a sleek, space-saving design, adding a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen or office.

Keurig K-Supreme has 3 different color options grey, black, and white.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus has grey metal wrapping, which looks very stylish.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart has black stainless-steel wrapping, which gives a modern look.

6) Brew Size

Keurig K-Supreme has four brewing size options 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz. While Keurig K-Supreme Plus and Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart have five different brewing size options 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz.

If you are a fan of Espresso or milk-based coffee drinks, then a 4 oz size is a good reason for you to choose Keurig K-Supreme Plus as the 4 oz cup replicates the intensity of Espresso and pairs well with milk.

A plus for Keurig Supreme Plus and Supreme Plus smart.

7) Water Tank Capacity

All these 3 machines have removable water reservoir which is easy to fill and clean.

Keurig K-Supreme has a capacity of 66 ounces, while the Keurig K-Supreme Plus and Keurig K-Supreme Plus smart have a capacity of 78 ounces.

Keurig K-Supreme has a multi-position water tank, so you can easily adjust it on both sides of the coffee maker. This feature is very useful if you have limited space in your kitchen.

A plus for Keurig Supreme.

Similarities in Keurig Supreme and Supreme Plus

Multi-stream Technology

All the Keurig K-Supreme Models have multi-stream technology, which is the most innovative feature. 

In old Keurig machines, there is only a single stream, which doesn’t enrich the grounds adequately, resulting in a less-than-perfect extraction.

The Multi-stream technology uses five streams to enrich the coffee grounds in the K-cup pods from 5 different directions to improve the flavor extractions.

In the picture, you can see there are 5 needles in the machine that make holes in the top of the K-cup pod at 5 different locations.

Keurig Supreme Multi-stream technology
Keurig Supreme Multi-stream technology

Brew time

All these Keurig Supreme Models heat up very efficiently in 2-3 minutes and brew a cup of coffee in 1-2 minutes depending on the strength you choose.

Back-to-back brewing in these machines is also very fast. You don’t have to wait for the re-heating of the machine every time.

Sleek Design and easy to use

All these single-serve K-cup coffee makers have a very sleek and decent design. They only weigh from 6 to 8 pounds. You can easily change their positions in your kitchen or office as you want.

These coffee machines have a straightforward interface that is very easy to use. Any beginner can brew a perfect cup of coffee using these machines


All these Keurig Supreme machines uses regular K-cup pods and reusable filters.

There are a wide variety of K-cup pods available in the market for both coffee and tea. K-cup pods are very useful for beginners who don’t know the exact amount of grounds required for one cup of coffee.

You can use the My K cup reusable filter if you want to brew with ground coffee beans instead of K-cups. These reusable filters can be cleaned easily after brewing.

Over-ice settings

If you are a fan of iced coffee, you’ll love this over-ice feature present in all Keurig K-Supreme models.

The over-ice setting brews the coffee at a higher strength and smaller size. This allows the coffee to retain its strong flavors when poured over ice cubes and avoids becoming watered down.

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Final Thoughts

The advanced multi-stream technology in the Keurig Supreme series definitely makes it worth the price. This technology extracts the full flavors from the coffee grounds and makes the drink more flavorful.

I hope you’ve found this Keurig Supreme vs Supreme Plus comparison useful. So, which model you are going to buy? Do let me know in the comments!


Can you make tea in Keurig K-Supreme machines?

Yes, you can use tea k cup pods to make tea Keurig Supreme machines.
Also, you can get only hot water from Keurig Supreme machines to prepare tea with tea bags.

Does the Keurig Supreme dispense hot water?

The Keurig Supreme Plus doesn’t have a dedicated hot water function, but you can get hot water by running the brewer without a pod.
You’ll need to run 2-3 water-only cycles first to flush out any coffee residue in the machine before the water comes out clear.

Can you use distilled water in the Keurig K Supreme Plus?

Yes, you can use distilled water in the Keurig K Supreme Plus.
But I won’t recommend using distilled water for brewing coffee as trace amounts of minerals are required in water for a flavorful cup of coffee.

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