Why does my Keurig lights keep blinking? 8 different reasons

Keurig coffee maker is a specific single-cup brew coffee maker that uses specially designed coffee pods called “K-Cups.

K cups pond enables you with the convenience to customize your drink according to one’s preference taste. Various coffee roast helps keep your morning brew interesting with the availability of numerous k cup pods in the market.

In addition, Keurig coffee makers are the most budget-friendly coffee machines on the market, so you don’t need to break the bank to buy one for yourself.

However, this doesn’t indicate that Keurig machines are simple devices; you may need to deal with an inappropriate signal like a Keurig machine blinking light madly and is refusing to work.

There could be a few common reasons when the Keurig light starts blinkings. In this article, we focused on the most common Keurig light alerts and how to fix them, so you get back to brew your morning drink as soon as possible!

Why does Keurig lights blinks

How does the Keurig coffee maker work?

Keurig has its style of coffee pods called K-Cups. K-cup is small sealed capsules of ground coffee in the exact amount and ground to make the perfect brew.

 Place the capsule in the coffee maker. Please choose the size of drink you want to let the machine do its work. It punches holes in both ends of the pod, forcing the water through the ground coffee in the pod and into your cup.

Still confused? Our article How to use Keurig coffee maker helps answer all your queries, so you don’t need to look further. 

Why does Keurig Light Blinking? Reason

One of the most common causes of Keurig blinking light is that the machine faces disruption in the task and doesn’t know what to do next. The interruption might be caused by a power outage, a sensor signal failure, or you have a bad day that causes your machine to flash blue light, red light, etc.

However, most people don’t realize that behind all that plastic is an 8-bit PIC microcontroller that controls all operations of the coffee maker. And this device sometimes works a little, which is why the blinking or flashing lights appear.

Here are eight most likely reasons that Keurig machine lights keep blinking

  1. Using reusable K-cup
  2. Blue light flashes when the water reservoir is low.
  3. Keurig all lights flashing
  4. Keurig descale light flashing
  5. Keurig add a water light flashing
  6. The water filter is incorrectly installed
  7. Clock and power light flashing
  8. Frother light flashing

Now, let’s discuss each of these reasons, their causes, and how to fix them.


1)Using reusable K-cup

When you use refillable k-cup and pack them too tightly, the red light on your Keurig coffee machine starts flashing.

If you pack a k-cup too tightly with too much coffee and tamp it too hard, it creates lamp-off coffee and is dense for coffee to pass through. Keurig will interpret it as a blockage in the pipeline, and as a result, the descaling light starts flashing.

To resolve this problem, stop filling the k-cup so tightly. By rule of thumb, do not fill it beyond the required level, and as a result, the coffee will be brewed without any problem. 

Refill the coffee pods loosely, avoid overfilling them, and again, don’t pack the coffee grounds to allow you to fit them further. If the problem you are facing is not due to the packing of coffee too tightly, try to remove the pod to check if your coffee machine allows you to run a coffee brewing cycle without a pod.

2)Blue light flashing when the water reservoir is low.

A blue light flashing alerts the Keurig coffee machine when the water reservoir is low or empty.

Fill the tank with cold freshwater (minimum optimum water level required for all K-cup coffee makers to work correctly) to resolve this problem. Usually, a specific amount of water is needed to activate and function appropriately for the brewer.

If the water reservoir is low beyond the required level, the machine will not start at all.

However, if it doesn’t reset the blue light alert, try turning the machine on and off before making a cup of coffee.

3)Keurig, all lights flashing.

If all lights (add water, heat, and medium cup size buttons) on your Keurig coffee machine keep blinking, the issue is more likely is a charcoal filter in the water tank. However, the needle issue is also a possible reason.

A troubleshooting guide to resolving this problem is

  • Remove and empty the water reservoir. Check for any blockage in Valves at the bottom of the unit and if found, remove it. 
  • Make sure that the filter in the tank should be placed correctly in the holder. Fill the tank with water and put it back.
  • Remove all cup capsules from the brew head. Brew only 6-8 ounce cup size water into an empty measuring cup. If the size you choose matches the volume collected in the cup, you’ve fixed your coffee maker!
  • However, if not! You should check the charcoal or carbon filter.
  • Remove the filter and run the same 6 ounce or 8-ounce water cycles in the measuring cup. When the correct amount has been dispensed, change the water filter. Your machine should now be ready to use.
  • However, If you are not using any filter or the correct volume was not measured when you replaced the filter, try brewing water only three more times.
  • On the third time, if you still don’t get the right amount, try cleaning the needle outlet and repeating an infusion cycle. If the error persists,

4)Keurig descale light flashing

Water used for brewing contains a mineral that causes limescale to build up in your machine, which eventually results in blockage. The ultimate solution is to descale your machine immediately to get rid of this buildup. Once you descale your machine, the light will shut off automatically. The K Duo model requires pressing and holding the 8 ounces and 10-ounce buttons for a few seconds.

Expert recommends that the descale process be done once every 3-6 months. Make sure to use filter water as hard water contain many minerals.

 5)Keurig adds water light flashing.

Sometimes Keurig adds water light keeps blinking; if this happens first, empty the water tank and clean it with a mild detergent and a sponge or cloth. Turn the tank upside down and check the valve at the bottom of the water tank. 

Make sure there are no obstacles there. Ensure to check the valve at the bottom of the reservoir. The unit to which the tank is connected ensures there is no clogging. Then fill the water reservoir up to the maximum water level, but not over it. When the container is full, make sure it is standing securely on its base.

However, if add water alert is still alert, try cleaning the exit needle.

6)The water filter is incorrectly installed.

Sometimes water filter is installed incorrectly, which causes the problem. However, this problem is caused only by that Keurig coffee machine that has this feature built on them.

To resolve this problem, you need to follow the correct step for installing water if you have those Keurig coffee model that uses a filter.

  • Put the entire filter for about 5 seconds into cold water
  • Put the filter at the bottom of the water handle assembly
  • Set the timer dial to 1-2 months from today’s date to allow you to be replaced at the right time.

7)Clock and power light flashing.

An error has occurred if your Keurig K-Elite coffee maker blinks the clock and the power button. All You need is to unplug the machine from the wall outlet, plug it back in, then turn on the power button. This may cause your clock to reset.

8)Frother light flashing

There are two different frother alerts in the Keurig K Cafe. If the light at the base of the frother is flashing, you may be trying to froth while the brewer is brewing coffee. Unfortunately, It is not possible to do so. The milk frother will start once the coffee is ready and the brewing is complete. If all the lights at the base of the Keurig frother are flashing, there are three possible issues. 

  • Make sure that the whisk is correctly positioned in the milk frother. 
  • Check that there is enough milk in the milk frother 
  • The milk frother is firmly attached to the base.

If you are confused wheter or not you can put milk in Keurig Coffee makers. Read our detailed guide on Can you put milk in Keurig machine

How to use the Keurig coffee maker correctly?

Although Keurig coffee machines are simple to operate, you need to follow some simple steps to use the Keurig coffee machine preciously and prepare your cup of coffee as delightful as possible.

1)Ensure the pod of Keurig isn’t full.

Too strong of temptation could pack your pods with more grinds to produce a stronger cup. However, this will clog your machine as water will not pass through the excess grinds.

To resolve this problem, stop filling the k-cup so tightly. By rule of thumb, do not fill it beyond the required level, and as a result, the coffee will be brewed without any problem. 

Refill the coffee pods loosely, avoid overfilling them, and again, don’t pack the coffee grounds to allow you to fit them further.

2)Ensure coffee is adequately grounded.

Although coffee grounds for a drip machine may be used in a Keurig, coarse coffee works better.

 Grounded coffee too fine may result in sedimentation in your cup, and crushing it too coarse, the water will rush too rapidly through coffee, extracting less taste.

So make sure to ground your coffee adequately before brewing.

3)Use the machine’s smallest cup setting.

Most Keurig machines can brew a 6, 8, or 10-ounce cup of coffee. The number of grinds you use does not increase as the cup size increases; instead, more water is used, resulting in a weaker cup. Brew a 6-ounce cup for the best flavor and when you want more, refill your pod with new grounds and brew another.



We hope these tips have helped you fix your Keurig lights blinks problem. However, if these basic fixes fail Keurig doesn’t turn on all the lights, it could be the consequence of something much more serious.

Therefore, if the machine is still under warranty, we recommend that you contact Keurig for a professional examination or return it to the store where it was purchased.