Do All Keurigs Have a Water Filter? (find and replace it!)

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Water filters are the most essential thing especially if you use tap water for brewing coffee. These charcoal filters can effectively remove chlorine and other debris from the tap water.

But Do All Keurigs have a Water filter?

No, all Keurig models don’t have water filters. Most of the Keurig models have a place for water filters in their Water tanks but you have to buy water filters separately. There are some models, like K mini, mini plus, and Rivo, that don’t have a place for water filters. These machines are very compact, with a water reservoir capacity of only one cup, so technically, they can’t accommodate water filters.

I personally use tap water for brewing coffee with Keurig, but it’s only recommended if the tap water quality is good and drinkable. Otherwise, use bottled water or filtered water.

Keep reading to find out if your Keurig machine is compatible with the water filter or not, and how and when you should change your Keurig’s water filter.

Which Keurig Models have a Water filter kit

Most of the Keurig models can accommodate a water filter kit. The Keurig Water filters are located in the water tank of the machine and based on the model there are three different types of kits.

Tall Handle Water Filter Kit

This kit is for Keurig models that have water tanks taller than eight inches.

These kits typically fit the models with the side water reservoir.

Keurig tall handle water filter kit

Short Handle water filter kit

This kit is for the Keurig models that have water tanks smaller than eight inches.

These kits typically fit the models with the rear water reservoir.

Keurig Short handle water filter kit

Keurig K classic water filter kit

This water filter kit is only compatible with K classic models and has a bulkier design.

You have to check the serial number of your K classic model before purchasing the filter handle if it starts with “4” (44, 45, 48) you need a K classic water filter, if it starts with “55” you need a tall handle water filter.

K classic Water filter kit
Models that fit Tall Handle water filter KitModels that fit Small Handle water filter KitModels that fit K Select water filter KitModels that don’t fit any water filter kit
K-SupremeK250K Classic (Serial number begins with 44, 45, or 48)K-Mini
K-Supreme PlusK-CompactK-Mini Plus
K-Duo PlusK-LatteK-Rivo
K-EliteK-Duo Essentials
K425 and K525
K Classic (Serial number begins with 55)
Water filter handles for Keurig models

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How to replace the Keurig Water filter

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to replace or remove the charcoal water filter of your Keurig machine.

  1. Before installing the new water filter in the machine, the filters need to be soaked and absorb water. So place it in a bowl full of water for 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile, you can remove the old water Filter.
  2. Detach the water reservoir from your machine if it’s removable or simply remove the top if it’s not.
  3. Now grasp the water filter holder firmly with your hand and pull it out by giving a sharp tug.
  4. Remove the clip that holds the charcoal filter and discard the spent filter.
  5. After the new filter has soaked for 5-10 minutes, rinse it with water properly.
  6. Also clean and rinse the water filter handle properly, especially the bottom part, as there will be a lot of debris accumulated there.
  7. Insert the new filter in the filter handle with its rounded top facing up and reinstall the clip.
  8. Now rotate the dial at the top of the filter handle to the month you should change the water filter next. Ideally, the water filter should be changed after 2 months. So, if it’s January (1st month) rotate the dial to March (3rd month) and it will act as a reminder.
  9. Finally, place the water filter handle in the water reservoir and push it down firmly to lock it in place.
How to change Keurig Water filter

To ensure that you brew a perfect cup of coffee every time and to maintain the longevity of your Keurig machine, you must clean the machine, descale it, and replace the water filters regularly.

Otherwise, you may have issues like leaks in the machine, or the machine not pumping water properly.

How often should you change your Keurig Water Filter?

Keurig recommends changing the water filter once every two months or after 60 tank refills whichever comes first.

However, it also depends on the quality of water you are using to brew and how much you use your coffee maker.

Keurig water filter cartridges are charcoal-based filters that work effectively to remove chlorine and other debris from water when they are new but with time their filtering ability goes down and they become completely useless after they become saturated.

That’s why it’s very important to change it on time.

Some Keurig water filter handles have a dial that allows you to set a reminder to change the filter on time.

Do you need a Water Filter in Keurig?

You can use Keurig coffee makers without a water filter, however, it is not recommended, especially if the water you are using to brew contains minerals and other impurities.

The water filters are very important. Even when the water doesn’t seem to affect the taste of coffee, it’s essential to be aware of the harm it can inflict on your coffee maker.

If your Keurig doesn’t have a water filter, the minerals in unfiltered water can build up inside the piping or boiler of the machine and decrease the lifespan of the machine – Which definitely you will not want!

You can safely use your Keurig machine without a water filter if you are using distilled water to brew coffee.

What’s the Best water for Keurig

It’s always a best practice to use filtered or bottled in Keurig. As well as preparing the most flavorful cup of coffee, filtered water has the perfect amount of minerals, typically less than 100 ppm, which leads to less scaling inside the machine and a perfect cup of coffee.

I personally use filtered tap water in my Keurig and it works really fine. It contains the right amount of minerals to make my coffee more flavorful and not too much that can cause damage to the machine.

Here’s a detailed guide on What’s the best water for Keurig

Final Thoughts

Using unfiltered water in your Keurig can make your coffee taste bad and can also cause damage to your machine.

If you love your Keurig brewer and your cup of joe, be sure to install the right water filters and change them regularly.

Keurig Mini, Mini Plus, and Rivo users do not have the option of adding a water filter assembly so it is recommended that you use pre-filtered or distilled water for brewing coffee.


Are Keurig Water Filters Reusable?

The charcoal water filters on Keurig machines are not reusable; they must be discarded after two months when they become saturated with impurities.

Do You Need A Coffee Filter For Your Keurig?

The k cups already contain a paper filter, so you don’t need separate coffee filters when brewing coffee with Keurig.

Can You Use Tap Water In Keurig?

Using unfiltered tap water in Keurig is not recommended. According to research, most tap water contains a high amount of minerals that can damage your machine.
If the water in your area is drinkable, you can use it, but even if that’s the case, you should check the mineral content of the water first and ensure that it isn’t too high.

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