Why does my Keurig coffee taste burnt? Complete guide to fix it!

Being one of the most common beverages used globally, one can’t deny the importance of coffee in our life. 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day, which is more than 210 million people worldwide.

This eventually increases the demand for producing more coffee beans. As the production of coffee beans increases, the demand for coffee machines increases proportionally.

When it comes to the point of popular coffee makers, one of the most popular and best names in the coffee machine manufacturing industry is Keurig coffee makers. Keurig machines are the most conventional coffee machine that brews a single perfect shot of coffee with just one push of a button. Many people initially switched to Keurig machines to get the hand-off brewing experience.

However, as with many other good products, there are some pros and cons associated with Keurig coffee machines. Many people complain about coffee brews bursting or plastic taste using Keurig coffee machines. This issue has been reported many times, and many are searching for a solution.

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Why does my Keurig coffee taste like burst or plastic?   

Burst flavor occurs typically if you over roast the beans, or it can also occur if you brew coffee with hot water for a longer period of time.

If your Keurig coffee tastes burnt, bitter, or tastes like plastic, start by thoroughly cleaning, Descaling, and changing the water filter of your Keurig machine. Ensure to use high-quality K-cup for Coffee that is made from 100% Arabica beans

This article will focus on why does Keurig coffee taste burst? Reasons! Why coffee suddenly tastes bad? Some Effective Methods to make your coffee taste better and Tips to instantly make your k-cup taste better. We will discuss in detail each one of these topics so you will be able to get all information and need not look further.


Why does Keurig Coffee Taste Burnt? Reasons 

The burst or plastic taste of your coffee drink somehow is unusual, and drinking burst coffee will surely ruin someone’s day.

There could be one or more reasons behind the burst taste of your coffee. It can be because of the types of coffee beans used, the method of preparation of the coffee drink, or even because of clogging of the coffee machine.

Let’s discuss each of the possible causes in detail and solution guide to avoiding burst coffee taste in your Keurig coffee machine.

1)Usage of stale coffee beans

One of the leading causes of why coffee tastes burst is the usage of stale coffee beans. Therefore it is highly recommended to use fresh coffee beans and avoid expired or stale coffee beans while using the Keurig coffee machine.

Stale coffee beans end up being burst while brewing, leading to a burst taste in your coffee.

2)Improper coffee preparation method

The burst taste of your coffee drink can also relate to how you prepare your drink.

If you use over-roasted beans, your drink will end up being burst. Therefore it is highly recommended to use freshly roasted coffee beans for your Keurig coffee machine.

Another reason could be the usage of too much hot water to prepare your drink. The excessive hot temperature of the water can add up to the burst flavor of your coffee.

Therefore it is recommended to pay extra attention to the temperature of water used for brewing coffee and check the roasting period while brewing your coffee.

3)The internal buildup of oil

Oil buildup is usually caused by the residue of earlier made coffee, which is one of the leading causes of the burst taste of your coffee.

Therefore, proper maintenance and cleaning become mandatory to avoid this oil buildup. If you don’t clean the remaining oil residue, it gets mixed up with your Keurig coffee machine and ends up being burst or unpleasant taste in your coffee.

Best Solution Guide to avoid burst coffee taste of Keurig coffee machine.

As mentioned earlier, the top 3 reasons for the burst taste of your coffee brew in Keurig coffee maker, the most prominent among them is clogging of the machine due to oil residue and calcium deposits.

Therefore it becomes necessary to thoroughly clean your machine after each use and descale your machine at least once in 3 months.

With proper maintenance and cleaning, you can definitely get rid of the bad taste of your coffee prepared in your Keurig coffee machine.

You can use the manufacturer’s recommended Keurig descaling solution for cleaning, or you may opt for natural cleaning solution like vinegar or water with lemon juice.

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that is highly efficient in cleaning internal oil residue and calcium deposits. Cleaning the Keurig coffee machine starts with Descaling all parts of your coffee machine. 

Descaling is the process of Running a specific type of solution throughout the machine to eliminate internal and oil calcium deposits. Descaler solution is highly efficient in preventing corrosion of machine and not only helps you eliminate oil residues, but it also effectively eliminates all types of hard water deposits and lime at the same time.

Choosing the right type of Coffee for K-Cups is also necessary to ensure the perfect cup of coffee. There are many other things to consider when brewing Keurig coffee; reviewing these factors and tweaking some of them can end up leading to the perfect combination that suits one’s taste.

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How to make Keurig coffee taste better? 8 Effective Tips!

As mentioned earlier, Keurig is highly convenient in brewing a single perfect shot of coffee with just one push of a button, all you need is K-cup and machine, but despite all its convenience, Keurig lacks quality and flavors as compared to drip coffees.

Keurig coffee machines aren’t responsible for the bad taste of your drink unless they’re not taken care of.

To ensure good taste, there are many factors involved, like you must follow the descaling schedule, change the water filter, choose the right size of K-cup, choose water supply, and thoroughly clean your machine.

Let’s discuss some effective tips to make your Keurig coffee taste better.

1)Choose the right K-cup size.

Choosing the right k-cup size for your machine is highly effective in achieving a better taste of your coffee; however, doubling the K-cup or brewing at a lower ounce setting will definitely boost the flavor in every cup

2)Wash water reservoirs and other removable parts regularly.

To avoid oil buildup, regular maintenance and cleaning of all removable parts will boost the drink’s flavor. Regular cleaning will help you avoid any dirt buildup and calcium deposits, which leads to a better taste of your Keurig coffee.


3)Choosing the right amount of grounds

The taste of your coffee drink depends upon the types of coffee beans used for brewing (Arabica and Robusta are the two most popular options) as well as the color of your roast.

Robusta is low-quality beans resulting in a bitter cup of coffee as compared to 100 % Arabica beans (Quality beans result in the perfect blend)/

4)Preheat your Keurig machine.

Normally, Keurig machines cannot be preheated, but running a hot water cycle without K-Cups increases the temperature for the brewing process, producing a more flavorful blend.

K-Cups contain ready-to-use coffee grounds, and the freshness and quality of the beans used are usually unknown to the user but choosing the right reusable K-Cups helps create the best-tasting coffee.

5)Cleaning the machine.

Without proper cleaning, one can’t expect a better tasting flavor of your coffee drink.

Clean the water reservoir thoroughly, checks the water supply, and refill the water tank with fresh water to help get a better-tasting flavor out of coffee.

According to experts, tap water is best for brewing since it is hard water and helps in extracting more flavor. Alternatively, filtered or bottled water can be used, but distilled or softened water is highly not recommended.

Distilled water gives poor extraction of coffee and can cause leakage because the machine is unable to recognize it properly. Therefore it is recommended to use a water filter when using tap water for brewing. 

However, If your Keurig coffee still tastes bad, or your Keurig coffee tastes sour, or even Keurig coffee tastes watery, cleaning can be the solution to all your problems.

6)Keep Your Coffee Hot

Keeping your coffee hot is crucial in getting better flavor tasting coffee as cold coffee loses its aromatic profile as acidity increases with time.

To solve this, use a pre-warmed cup or insulated cup.

7)Descale your Keurig machine once in 3-To 6 Months.

Descaling is the process of Running a specific type of solution throughout the machine to eliminate internal and oil calcium deposits.

 Descaler solution is highly efficient in preventing corrosion of machine and not only helps you eliminate oil residues, but it also effectively eliminates all types of hard water deposits and lime at the same time.

Therefore coffee enthusiasts recommend descaling the machine once every 3-6 months or after brewing 300 cups of coffee; which one will come first.

For Descaling, you can choose the manufacturer’s highly recommended descaling solution or can choose natural cleaning solution like vinegar or water with lemon juice.

8)Adding the salt

Adding some amount of salt will soften the acidity, helps in removing some of the bitterness, and bring out the coffee’s natural flavor. Adding additional spices can enhance the coffee’s overall flavor and add extra warmth.

Why does Keurig Coffee taste bad all of a sudden? What to do!

When Keurig coffee suddenly starts tasting bad, this indicates that your machine needs routine cleaning. 

Coffee is something that someone is looking forward to, but a sudden change in taste surely ruins it.

Many Keurig machine owners don’t follow a schedule for Descaling and water filters, and these are two crucial elements in maintaining good flavor in every cup. Scale and mineral buildup are the leading causes of why your Keurig machine tastes bad.

Therefore, following a schedule for thoroughly cleaning the coffee machine is highly recommended, and descale it with the recommended descaling solution. Otherwise, calcium deposits will begin to form throughout the machine.

Water also plays a crucial role in affecting the taste of your coffee; using too hot or too cold water will make your coffee bad and excessive temperature of the water will burst your coffee.

The quality of water significantly affects the extraction and taste of the coffee.

Almost all water sources contain calcium, which starts depositing inside your machine, resulting in bad coffee. Therefore filter needs to be changed else the coffee will end up tasting foul.

Cleaning all parts of the machine is a must. For example, K-Cup holders can have coffee grounds, and scales stuck on them, which can affect the flavor of the brewed coffee. There is also a chance that the beans in the K-Cups or pods have already aged or the beans used were not roasted properly, making the coffee taste bad. 

Using reusable K-Cups and choosing the ground coffee is one of the solutions to make the coffee taste even better.

How to Get the Vinegar Taste out Of Keurig after cleaning or Descaling?

 Descaling is important to get rid of mineral buildups like calcium and magnesium.

Vinegar solution is used as descaling solution to descale Keurig machine; however, after descaling vinegar, taste and smell may retain and can affect the taste of brewed coffee.

Generally, after cleaning or descaling a Keurig, brew only water without K-cup until the water tank is empty. Then repeat it 2-3 times. Also, add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to the water container and brew it until it becomes empty. It helps neutralize the remaining acid.

This eventually helps to get rid of the vinegar taste and make your coffee taste better.

Follow these steps to get detail:

  • Remove the pod from the machine. 
  • Pour the water into the tank until it is full, then run the machine again and again until the tank is empty again. 
  • Ensure that there is no pod in the dispenser during this process.
  • Fill up to 2/3 portion of the water reservoir to do this. 
  • If you still can’t get rid of the vinegar taste, try adding ½ teaspoon of baking soda (It is known to neutralize vinegar and also has a very bland taste that offsets the bitterness). 
  • Thoroughly mix the baking soda in the water tank until dissolved, start the machine three times and repeat the process if necessary.

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 What is the best tasting coffee for Keurig?

When it comes to the point of Keurig machine, there are all kinds of coffee brands to choose from, enabling you to enjoy your favorite brands like Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee or alternate with lesser-known brands.

1)Peets Coffee

  • one of the Leading trusted brands of coffee in the industry.
  • One of their famous brews is Major Dickson’s K-Cups which Provide a smooth taste and fantastic aroma with chocolate and smoky notes in every sip

2) Original Donut Shop

  • Chocolate and nutty taste.
  •  It has a smooth taste and is not too acidic but has a slight aftertaste.
  • Brew fresh, bold, and flavorful coffee.

3) Green Mountain Coffee

  • Brew a rich, fragrant cup of coffee with no bitterness or acidity.
  • Highly economical
  • A specially designed paper filter is included in each pod; soak the coffee grounds in hot water before passing through

4)Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Compatible with all Keurig coffee machines
  • Brew slightly sweet and acidity cup of coffee, but it is classic and overall delicious.

5) Starbucks

  • Brew smooth and flavorful coffee without acidity and bitterness. 
  • available in decaf and contains 100% Arabica beans
  • Their Pike Place K-Cups have subtle roasted nut and cocoa undertones and are cholesterol-free.

Final Thought

Keurig coffee machines are highly user-friendly and convenient, and come with many built-in options like brewing options, coffee strength, and flavors offer, providing an easy and simple way to get that caffeine fix everyone that needs. 

With proper maintenance and cleaning, your machine definitely serves you for a longer period of time.

I hope this article will help you to prevent Keurig coffee from being burst and teach you some effective ways to make your drink taste better.

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