10 ways to Make Keurig Coffee Stronger, blonde& tasty

I am a pretty serious coffee lover and need a real strong caffeine punch in the morning. Fortunately, Keurig proves to be a miracle for me, just insert a k-cup, push the button and you get a delicious brew cup of coffee within a few minutes. How easy that is! Although instead of being pretty fast and convenient, I felt sometimes that Keurig-made coffee doesn’t quite pack the punch and doesn’t deliver coffee with the most needed kick, which put me into thinking of how to make Keurig coffee stronger.

Without any doubt, the Keurig coffee machine bought great innovation in the art of brewing coffee and I really admire that, however, I have noticed that in many coffee forums and coffee lovers’ communities, many other Keurig machine users also complaint about losing control over coffee preparation while using Keurig. You’ll get coffee with much ease with a Keurig brewer, but if you didn’t like the coffee, there is no way to make it better! Is there any way?

So, I keep searching and doing various experiment to make my Keurig coffee tastes stronger and finally comes up with the result that if you are willing to put in the extra effort, it’s not impossible to brew delicious, bold, and stronger cups of coffee with your Keurig machine. So, keep reading to learn about my top tricks and tips to make Keurig coffee stronger!

The reason behind Weak Keurig coffee

Some Coffee enthusiasts sometimes find K-cup pods as the prominent culprit for brewing weak and watery, and also how Keurig prepares the coffee, they come up with 4 most prominent reasons behind weak Keurig coffee

1) Clogged needle

Most often, the reason behind weak coffee is a clogged needle. Keurig has a needle present at top of a machine designed specifically to pierce K cups that allow water to pass into the machine. In a healthy, functioning Keurig, the needle punches the k-cup and allows water to pass through which then drains into your cup. Clogged needle (buildup of mineral around the needle) unable to punches k-cup, so water is not able to pass through and results in weaker coffee.

2) packaging in K-cups

Keurig grinds the beans before sealing them in their K-cups to make sure that you’ll get your coffee as quickly as possible. As soon as beans get ground, they get exposed to oxygen resulting in making ground coffee stale. By the time it will reach you, the coffee in K-cups is likely to be lying for weeks or months, giving it enough time to get stale and lose taste, therefore resulting in weaker coffee.

3) Roasting

Another reason for weaker Keurig coffee is roasting. When coffee is roasted, it starts losing flavor. The reason is that freshly roasted coffee emits carbon dioxide gas, so it cannot be kept in airtight K-pods for a longer time after roasting. Resultantly, K-pods are packaged with pre-ground and pre-roasted coffee, which loses taste and goes stale as soon as the processes are finished.

4) Brewing Time

Another reason for weaker coffee is how Keurig brews the beans. I really admire Keurig for being too fast (mere brew coffee in 2 minutes), but faster doesn’t mean too effective. Producing coffee too quickly is another issue, Keurig should ideally give enough time so that coffee beans get in contact with water, but unfortunately, Keurig does not give the coffee beans and water much time together to make coffee too quickly, resulting in weaker coffee.

10 ways to make Keurig coffee stronger

So, here I discussed 10 top ways that definitely help you to make your coffee stronger and full of flavors.

1)Clean and maintain your Keurig machine regularly.

If you notice that Keurig brew coffee is getting worse and less effective in taste, then it’s time to clean your coffee machine( as cleaning instantly improves your coffee’s quality). I recommend you clean your machine on regular basis, but if not possible then at least in a week or month, or even more if you use it more frequently. For cleaning, you can use rinsing pods. For any cleaning method you opt for, it is always recommended to refer machine manual for proper direction.

Cleaning steps are:

  • Start by Removing the K-Cup holder, washing it out, and then cleaning the area to remove coffee grounds residues.
  • Scrub it carefully to remove any oil or bacteria buildup.
  • Finally, run vinegar or Keurig descaling solution through the machine for one or two rounds.
  • Run a few water cycles thereafter to clean it out so you don’t get vinegary-tasting coffee.

For better understanding, watch the video.

2) Use the right water

Water plays a critical role in making your coffee stronger, blonde and better in taste. Whatever will be your extraction method, water makes up 99 percent of your coffee. So, choosing good water definitely makes your coffee tastes stronger and full of flavors. Tap water is fine if it tastes good and is free of chlorine, filtered water is also great unless it is soft in minerals. The bottom line is you can use any water you want but make sure that it is not hard in minerals and doesn’t taste salt.

3)Choose quality coffee

So, whether you choose brand new k-cup pods (not all K-Cups are created equal), or are adding your own coffee into a reusable coffee filter, there is a simple trick to make your coffee tastes better, and that’s is to choose quality coffee. I recommend you to choose 100% Arabica coffee as it helps you to get smoother, less bitter taste notes.

4)Use a strong brewing setting.

The specialty coffee association of America recommends a 200 Fahrenheit water temperature for brewing coffee in order to get better extraction and brew time of at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds for a single serving. Keurig has a built-in strong button on the menu which allows for another extra 30 seconds of brew time which helps to balance out acidic flavors and helps in making coffee stronger.

5)Double up K-cup before brewing.

You can make stronger, bolder, more delicious brews by combining used K-Cups with reusable coffee filters. This works because it keeps the water retained in the filter for a longer duration, which improves the extraction process. So, all you need is to obtain a used K-Cup, clean it, and then insert it into the K-Cup. Fill the filter with coffee grounds. You’ll enjoy a much better cup of coffee.

6)Brew two cups instead of one.

Another hack to get a stronger cup of coffee with Keurig is to simply brew two cups instead of one. Just brew 2 K-cups at the lowest ounce setting instead of one at the higher ounce setting. It is highly recommended to Avoid 8 or 10 ounces brews setting as much as possible, instead you should choose an extra-strong 6 oz. cups. One thing you should keep in mind is that since you’re using and disposing of twice as many K-Cups, it’s not the cheapest or most ecologically option to obtain stronger coffee.

7)Avoid using too much water.

While using Keurig to brew coffee, it is highly recommended to follow instructions on how much water should be used. Don’t try to get more volume out of one single K-Cup than possible; you’ll just end up with a watery cup of coffee. Light roast coffees almost have higher caffeine content, but Keurig’s quick brewing technology makes it weak and tastes watery. So, I always recommend you to use medium roast and the 4-oz brew setting to get a stronger cup of coffee.

8)Preheat the Keurig brewer

Specialty coffee association of America recommends a 200 degree Fahrenheit temperature for the perfect extraction. However, some Keurig machines struggle to get cross this temperature barrier. So, if you start the machine colder, it has to work hard to heat the water, and the water cools down quickly as it passes through the cold machine. A handy trick to preheat your Keurig is to run a brew cycle with only water before making your coffee.

Running preheat water cycles heats up the heating element and that can result in a considerably stronger cup of coffee.

9)Find the best coffee Ratio.

According to coffee experts, the best coffee to water ratio is 1:16. So what does that means?

Each K-Cup uses five to seven ounces of water, which is less than one cup. In other words, if you want a stronger cup of coffee, use less water while brewing.

10)Buy a reusable filter.

Did you know that you can make significantly better coffee by using your own coffee in the reusable filter? Keurig produces reusable, permanent filters that function exactly like regular K-Cups but may be used with whatever ground coffee you like. If you notice that your coffee is weak and flavorless, it might be the coffee you’re using rather than the Keurig. A reusable filter allows you to experiment with different coffees to discover one that matches your taste.

The ability to grind your own coffee before brewing is the major benefit of using a permanent filter instead of a prepared K-Cup.

Tips to get a stronger brew from My K-cup.

Follow these steps to get a stronger brew from my k-cup.

Things you need:

  1. MY k-cup
  2. Used k-cup.
  3. Scissors
  • Remove foil lid of used K-cup with the help of a scissor.
  • Once the foil top is removed, you can now have access to used coffee grounds and filters. Remove them.
  • Saving the white plastic shell, carefully discard the foil top, coffee grounds, and the paper filter.
  • Now, with the help of scissors, cut the top of the K-Cup Plastic shell about halfway down the little flat bump
Take a look at the hole present in the bottom caused by the Keurig machine when it was used. This is what will cause more back pressure in the brewing process, allowing the beans to seep back into the water and result in a stronger brew.
  • Then, insert the plastic shell you just cut into the My K-Cup Body. Once your fitting is satisfactory, it’s time to brew.
  • Add Coffee grinds to your Basket. Place the cover on top, lock it, and brew as usual. After that, “Enjoy your Stronger Brew.”

My recommended Strongest K-Cup Coffee Pods.

So, if you don’t want to invest your time in these robust brewing methods, and also your Keurig machine is well maintained and working fine, you can try to experiment with K-cups you are using. Here I mentioned my top recommended Stronger K-cups coffee pods that definitely help you to get a stronger brew.

Final Thoughts.

Keurig coffee makers are highly convenient, simple to use, and user-friendly, but don’t always make the best coffee out of the box. So, if you want a stronger, blonde cup of coffee with Keurig, you might be a little disappointed. I hope that by following the above-mentioned steps, you will definitely be able to make your coffee stronger without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

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