How to Make Keurig Coffee Stronger, Rich & tasty

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Is your Keurig brew leaving you disappointed with bland and lackluster flavors? Those handy K-cups are convenient and brew a decent cup of coffee, but they don’t have to equate to weak coffee.

7 ways to make Strong Keurig coffee

  • Use Dark Roasted K cups
  • Use Smaller Brew Settings
  • Press the Strong Button
  • Preheat your machine before brewing coffee
  • Use the Best Quality Water
  • Descale and Clean the machine regularly
  • Try grinding your own bean and use reusable K cups
How to Make Keurig Coffee Stronger

I have been using Keurig Coffee Makers for years and here I share my 7 exclusive tips in detail that will definitely help you to make your Keurig coffee stronger and full of flavors.

1) Choose quality Dark Roast coffee K cups

One of the easiest ways to make your Keurig coffee taste bolder and richer is to brew with dark roast K-cups. Dark roasts are roasted longer, resulting in a fuller, more intense flavor and aroma.

Keurig Coffee Makers are known for their quick brewing time, taking less than a minute to make a cup of coffee. While this is convenient, it can minimize the flavor of lighter roasts as they require longer brewing time to extract their complex flavor profiles. On the other hand, darker roasts are more efficient at extracting their flavors in a shorter brewing time.

Stick to reputable coffee brands like Green Mountain, Peet’s, Lavazza, or Starbucks to ensure freshness. Here are some of my favorite Strong Keurig Pods.

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2) Use Smaller Brew Settings

Another way to get a stronger cup of coffee with Keurig is to simply select a smaller cup size.

The ideal coffee-to-water ratio for Drip coffee is around 1:15 to 1:17.

An average k-cup has 9-12 grams (0.3-0.4 ounces) of coffee grounds. That means for stronger coffee your brew size should not be larger than 6 ounces or 8 at max.

Opting for the 10 or 12-ounce cup size settings on your Keurig machine will inevitably result in a watered-down brew, as K-Cups simply do not contain enough coffee grounds to brew such large volumes.

I always use a 6-ounce brew size when brewing Coffee in my Keurig and it tastes good.

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3) Press the Strong Button

Many Keurig models feature a “strong” button that extends the brewing time by 30 seconds.

This longer brewing process improves the extraction of flavor compounds, resulting in a bolder and more intense cup of coffee.

To ensure a robust brew, always use the strong setting when brewing your coffee (if your model has it).

4) Preheat the Keurig brewer

The ideal temperature for maximizing coffee extraction is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. However, most Keurig models brew coffee at a slightly lower temperature of 192 degrees Fahrenheit.

And this temperature can further drop if you haven’t preheated your machine.

To ensure optimal brewing temperature, perform a pre-heating cycle by running a machine without a coffee pod. This process warms up the machine’s internal piping, ensuring that the water reaches the coffee grounds at the ideal temperature for extraction.

And if your Keurig Model has adjustable temperature settings always run your Keurig at the highest temperature settings to maximize extraction.

5) Use quality water

For fresher, purer coffee flavor, always use filtered or bottled water.

The water you use can make a big difference in how your Keurig coffee tastes, Brewed Coffee is 98% water after all!

Hard water or water with off-tastes can negatively affect the flavor.

Tap water is fine if it is drinkable and free of chlorine. And also make sure to install Keurig water filters in the water tank.

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6) Clean and Descale your Keurig regularly

If you’re noticing a decline in the taste of your Keurig coffee, it’s time for a clean.

For consistently delicious coffee, make regular cleaning a habit, focusing on the K-cup holder and needles, where coffee gunk accumulates and taints the flavor of your brew.

Also, you have to descale your machine every three months as the water we use for brewing contains many minerals and these minerals accumulate inside the machine with time.

These minerals can ruin the taste of your coffee and also cause damage to your machine. Your machine can start leaking or blinking irregularly if you don’t descale it on time.

7) Grind your Beans and use Reusable K cups

I know you bought the Keurig machine for convenience and buying and grinding whole beans coffee seems to be a hassle.

But if you really want a stronger Keurig coffee then buying and grinding your own beans will be the best option.

There are two benefits of grinding your own beans

  • Your coffee will taste fresher. (As we know k-cups are usually very old and the coffee grounds lose freshness over time)
  • You can fill more coffee in reusable coffee pods which eventually results in a stronger brew.
Reusable K cups

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a Quick hack to get stronger Keurig coffee using My K-cup

This is a quick hack to get a stronger cup of coffee from Keurig using my K-cups. There are large holes at the bottom of my K-cup that produce very little resistance and water passes easily and quickly.

The idea is to place the used K-cup inside my K-cup filter to increase the resistance and extraction time.

Increased contact time between coffee and water will surely make your brew stronger.

Note: This can cause your Keurig to leak if done incorrectly

Follow these steps:

  • Remove the top foil of the used K-cup with the help of a scissor.
  • Now discard the used coffee grounds and clean the pod properly.
  • Now, with the help of scissors or a knife, cut the top of the K-Cup Plastic shell about halfway. Keep the bottom half and discard the top half.
  • Then, insert the bottom half plastic shell into the My K-Cup Body.
  • Add Coffee grounds to the Basket. Place the cover on top, lock it, and brew as usual.

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which Keurig machine makes the strongest coffee?

The Keurig Supreme Plus makes the strongest coffee of all Keurig models. This machine has multi-stream technology that evenly saturates the coffee grounds for optimized flavor extraction. It also features strength control settings, and when you run the machine on bold settings it increases the brewing time and makes the coffee drink very strong and flavorful.
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What is the Strongest K cup Coffee Pod?

Death Wish K cup Coffee pods make the strongest coffee drink possible with Keurig. It’s an intense blend of robusta and arabica beans and packs 3-4 times more caffeine than normal K cups.

Final Thoughts

Keurig coffee makers and other pod-based machines are highly convenient, simple to use, and user-friendly. But they are certainly not a great choice if you like to make stronger coffee and customize the brew settings according to your taste.

But you can make the taste of your Keurig Coffee a little better and bolder if you follow the above-mentioned tips.

Let me know which tips you plan on trying to beef up your Keurig coffee strength. Feel free to share your own secrets too!

If you have tried all the methods above and still your taste buds are not satisfied then you have to switch your coffee maker.

These comparisons might help you out.

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