Comparing French Press vs Keurig Coffee Makers

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Should your morning brew come from a K-cup pod or a plunger pot? Weighing the convenience of Keurig against the flavor control of the French press is key.

Key Takeaways

  • Keurig offers great convenience but French press maximizes in flavors.
  • Keurig uses K-cups to brew single servings fast while French press steeps grounds to extract fuller flavor.
  • Keurig machines are expensive upfront and ongoing while French press is very affordable.
  • Keurig brews one cup quickly while the French press makes multiple servings at a time.

In this breakdown, I’ll highlight the pros and cons of the single-serve Keurig vs French press technique. Comparing factors from ease of use to cleanup to customization and taste, you’ll uncover which method aligns with your coffee priorities.

Brewing Coffee in a Keurig

Keurig is a top-notch single-serve drip coffee maker brand known for its convenience. Insert the pod, push the button, and your fresh and hot coffee will be ready in minutes. How simple it is!

Keurig only brews one cup of coffee at a time and uses K-cup pods that contain 9 to 12 grams of coffee grounds and a filter.

The brewing principle of Keurig is more or less the same as the Drip coffee machine. So, if you love plain and smooth coffees from a drip machine and want a convenient version then definitely Keurig is for you.

Keurig coffee maker

There is a variety of Keurig K cups available, from plain coffee to flavored coffee to lattes. Also, many top coffee bean brands manufacture k cup pods, so you can easily find a coffee that fits your taste.

Keurig machines are way more expensive than French Press and the ongoing cost of k cups compared to coffee grounds is also a lot more. But, there is a cost for convenience, Isn’t it?

As Keurig brews coffee using plastic coffee pods there are many environmental concerns related to it.

According to TheAtlantic,

In 2014, enough K-Cups were sold that if placed end-to-end, they would circle the globe 10.5 times. Almost all of them ended up in landfills.

Keurig is the perfect machine for small homes and offices where everyone can brew their coffee with ease in minutes.

Pros of Keurig over French Press

  • A great deal of convenience and ease of use
  • Brew single-serve coffee quickly
  • Fully automatic machine – No brewing expertise required
  • A variety of k cup flavors are available to choose from
  • Variety of Models from entry-level Keurig mini to advanced Cappuccino and Latte makers like Keurig Café
  • The design is very stylish and modern for the counter of the kitchen or office

Disadvantages of Keurig

  • The taste of coffee is just ok, not ideal for coffee snobs
  • Very Expensive compared to the French Press
  • Can’t brew large batches of coffee at a time
  • The pods are made from plastic, so their environmental impact is obvious

Brewing Coffee in a French Press

The French press is an immersion coffee brewing method that involves soaking coarsely ground beans in hot water and pressing the coffee through a metal filter to make a full-bodied and flavorful drink.

French Press makes a rich and strong cup of coffee that is obviously better than anything you get from Keurig.

french press coffee maker

French Press does require some brewing experience since you have to select the right coffee grounds, steep them for enough time, and push the plunger accurately. Otherwise, you might end up with muddy coffee, which is what many people experience when they use French Press for the first time.

One of the best things about French presses is that they are very affordable, you can buy a good one for under 30 bucks, and they are portable and lightweight, making them ideal for camping and hiking trips.

There are multiple types of French presses available. The most popular one is glass, followed by stainless steel insulated French presses. Ceramic presses are also available, but they are not very popular.

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Pros of French Press over Keurig

  • Makes a Rich, Strong, and Full-bodied cup of coffee. Keurig is nowhere near it!
  • Very affordable! A good French press can be bought for under 30 dollars
  • Can brew 3 to 6 cups at a time depending on the size you choose
  • The perfect coffee device for traveling and backpacking
  • You can freely adjust the brewing parameters according to your taste
  • A completely sustainable way to brew coffee

Disadvantages of French Press

  • You must know how to use a French press coffee maker. Not as beginner-friendly as Keurig!
  • Not as quick as Keurig!
  • It can raise Cholesterol levels as no paper filters are used in the brewing process.

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Keurig Vs French Press | Side-by-Side Comparison

French Press Vs Keurig

1) User Friendliness and Convenience (Keurig Wins)

Keurig coffee makers are much more convenient and user-friendly compared to French Press. They are made to be simple and brew coffee at the touch of a single button.

Some Keurig models are also programmable, so you can easily get the ready cup of coffee at the desired time.

On the other hand, French Press requires some attention while brewing. Ideally, you have to grind the coffee beans first (Yes! You can use pre-ground coffee for French Press but it’s not recommended if you really want something fresh and flavorful).

In the next step, you have to let the ground steep the flavors with hot water for four to six minutes before pushing the plunger.

Yeah! It doesn’t sound very difficult but it does take a bit of work.

2) Brewing time (Keurig Wins)

It takes around two minutes for the Keurig to heat up, and it brews coffee in a minute once it’s ready.

For a French Press coffee maker, if you grind your own beans and add five minutes for steeping as well as three to four minutes for heating water, you’ll need approximately ten to twelve minutes for a ready cup of coffee.

3) Taste and the quality of the brew (French Press Wins)

The French Press tastes so much better compared to Keurig as the coffee grounds soak in water to extract full flavors and there are no paper filters involved in this brewing process, so the drink has a very rich mouthfeel and is full of coffee oils and flavors.

The Keurig is only designed to provide convenience, which won’t lead to the best cup of coffee. Yes, it can meet your caffeine needs if you are an average coffee drinker but definitely not recommended if you take your coffee seriously.

According to Julia from Business Insider:

“The most attractive part of a single-serve coffee machine is also its biggest downfall when it comes to taste: Quick, easy-to-use prepackaged coffee will never taste fresh”

Rich and stong French Press Coffee

4) The capacity of the Brew (Winner: French Press)

Keurig is a single-serve coffee maker, so it only brews one cup at a time. The brewing time is quick, so you can make multiple cups quickly, but it will definitely take longer.

If you mostly have your coffee alone or with one or two others, the Keurig machine can be perfect for you.

French press comes in different sizes, ranging from two cups to eight cups, so you can easily brew multiple cups at once.

If you’re having a gathering of friends or a big family, French Press is the perfect way to serve coffee.

5) Budget (Winner: French Press)

French press is much more budget-friendly compared to Keurig. Just spend 30 dollars to buy a good French press and you’ll love it.

Keurigs, however, are not cheap. The simplest models, like the Keurig mini or slim cost around 100 dollars, while the more advanced models, like the K Café or K Duo, are over 200 dollars.

Also, the recurring cost of coffee pods is also higher in the case of Keurig. Here’s a quick comparison of the estimated yearly cost of French press vs Keurig.

CostKeurigFrench Press
Cost of Unit100 $30 $
Cost of coffee per cup0.6 $ (Pods cost between 0.4 and 1.2 dollars, on average)0.3 $ ( Coffee Costs around 0.8-1$/ounce and one ounce can make 2 cups of coffee)
Cost per year for five cups Daily100+0.6*5*365 = 119530+0.3*5*365 = 580
French Press Vs Keurig yealy cost

That’s a saving of around 700 dollars per year if you use French Press.

So, Keurig definitely isn’t an option if you want to enjoy coffee in an affordable way.

Is Keurig or French press Better? (Final Thoughts!)

Both French Press and Keurig have their pros and cons, and none is necessarily better than the other. It really boils down to your personal preference.

French Press is better if you want to enjoy a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee in a very affordable way while Keurig is better if you are looking for a convenient way to brew coffee without any hassle.

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Is there more caffeine in French press coffee Than in Keurig? 

Yes! The amount of caffeine is relatively higher in French Press compared to Keurig and that’s mainly due to the prolonged immersion brewing process. A regular cup of French Press coffee contains 100-140 mg of caffeine, while a regular cup of K-cup coffee contains 75-125 mg.
However, the amount of caffeine mainly depends on the type of coffee beans you are using.

Should you filter in French press coffee? 

It Depends! You should filter French Press coffee using paper filters if you are a heart or cholesterol patient or if you drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee in a day.
The high amount of cafestol in French Press coffee might be harmful to you.
If you’re drinking only one or two cups of French press coffee a day and don’t have a health condition, you don’t need paper filters since they reduce the flavor of the coffee.
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Can you use Keurig pods in French Press?

No, you cannot use Keurig pods directly in a French press. Keurig pods are specifically designed for pod coffee makers.
However, you can empty the Keurig Pods in a French Press to make a cup of coffee.
Still, it will not make a perfect cup of coffee as the grind size in Keurig K cups is fine to medium whereas French press requires a coarser grind size.

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