7 best pre-ground coffee for French Press in 2022 (Coarse Grounds)

French Press is one of the most popular coffee brewing method around the World. But, it is not easy to find the best pre-ground Coffee for French Press.

If you are a French Press lover, you must know that a perfect cup of French Press can only be brewed with coarsely ground coffee beans.

The problem here is that most popular brands only sell coffee grounds that are extra fine or medium-fine in size. These coffee grounds are suitable for brewing pour-over coffee or Espresso but certainly not ideal for French Press. Because if you brew French Press with fine grounds, many of those grounds will pass through the filter of the French Press coffee maker and will make your Coffee muddy. 

So in this article, we have reviewed the best coarse grounds for French Press present in the market. We will discuss their key features, such as flavor notes, roast level, and origins. We know that this type of information about coffee grounds is beneficial in making a perfect buying decision.

best pre ground coffee for french press


Best Pre-ground Coffee for French Press | A quick overview

Our choice Our choice Primos Coffee Co, French Press Specialty Coffee
  • Roast: Both Medium and dark
  • Quantity: 0.75 pounds
  • Caffeine content: Caffeinated
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Premium coffee blend Premium coffee blend STONE COLD JO
  • Roast: Dark
  • Quantity: 2 pounds
  • Caffeine content: Caffeinated
view On Amazon
Specialized packaging Specialized packaging Stack Street Organic Coffee
  • Roast: Dark
  • Quantity: 1 pounds
  • Caffeine content: 24000
view On Amazon
Best for Light medium roast lovers Best for Light medium roast lovers Tim Hortons Original Blend
  • Roast: Light Medium
  • Quantity: 0.66 pounds
  • Caffeine content: Caffeinated
view On Amazon
Best choice for strong coffee lovers Best choice for strong coffee lovers Stone Street Coffee
  • Roast: Both Medium and Dark
  • Quantity: 1 pounds
  • Caffeine content: Caffeinated
view On Amazon
Sweet Caramel taste Sweet Caramel taste Gevalia Kaffe Costa Rica
  • Roast: Medium Dark Roast
  • Quantity: 0.625 pounds
  • Caffeine content: Caffeinated
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7 Best coarse ground coffee for French Press

It is always best to invest in a coffee grinder and buy whole bean coffee if you want the best from your coffee cup. But if you are always in a hurry in the morning and don’t like the fuss of grinding your own beans. Then here is a list of the best pre-ground Coffee for French Press.

Yes, there is a slight variation in the taste of these coffee grounds, but these are all suitable for French Press. 

1. Primos Coffee Co, Specialty pre-ground Coffee for French Press

Primos Coffee Co is a high-end, sustainable, and fair trade coffee company.

These coffee grounds are low in acidity and have a smooth and sweet taste with citrus notes. These are coarsely ground coffee beans with a very consistent size.

Primos coffee is available in both medium and dark roast. So, you can easily choose according to your taste.

One of the best thing about Primos coffee is that it is never blended, so you will never notice any mixture of flavors in your cup. Just one simple and smooth taste.

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  • Most consistent size

  • Coffee beans are grown in a specialized environment

  • Available in both dark and medium roasts

  • Smooth and consistent taste without any bitterness

  • Not for strong coffee lovers

  • Packaging is not up to mark

2. STONE COLD JO, Great Coarse grounds for French Press Hot Brew

Stone Cold Jo’s fresh and flavorful blend of premium coffee is ideal for dark roast coffee lovers.

The smooth, creamy taste has notes of toffee caramel, grape, and chocolate with a uniquely smooth finish. 

This blend is the perfect way to start your day off right with a cup of Coffee that will keep you fresh all day long.

The best thing about Jo’s Coffee is that they are very dedicated to their business. They only use the top 2% Arabica beans from around the World. They are also a member of the professional Roaster’ Guild. This team is a winner of the 2016 coffee roasting challenge championship.

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  • Smooth and creamy taste

  • Prepared from top 2% Arabica coffee beans

  • Perfect for both cold brew and French Press

  • Organic Coffee with low acidity

  • Not for strong coffee lovers

3. Stack Street, Organic Coffee Coarse Grounds For French Press coffee

Stack street coffee grounds are produced from premium quality 100% Arabica coffee beans. These coffee beans are handcrafted, certified USDA organic, and sourced from one single origin, Colombian supremo.

These Colombian coffee grounds are very low in acidity and have a smooth, bold, and well-balanced taste.

These dark roasted and coarse coffee grounds are perfect for brewing cold brew coffee or French press coffee. 

To preserve the freshness of Coffee, stack street packs the coffee grounds in specialized resealable freshness bags.

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  • Smooth and well-balanced taste

  • 100% organic beans with low acidity

  • Specialized resealable packaging

  • The grind size is not much consistent

4. Tim Hortons Coarse Grounds for French Press, Original Blend

Tim Hortons Coarse Grind Original Blend is the perfect Coffee to start your day. With a rich aroma and bold taste, this Coffee is an excellent addition to your kitchen for brewing French press coffee. 

These coffee grounds are sourced from 100% Arabica and USDA-certified organic coffee beans. These coffee beans are expertly roasted to medium level and processed precisely to preserve the rich and aromatic flavors of Coffee.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://amzn.to/3KTF7BI” ]

  • 100% organic and Arabica Coffee

  • Rich and flavorful taste

  • Best for a cold brew and French Press

  • The roast level is more inclined towards the light. So, it is a medium-light roasted coffee

5. Stone Street Coffee, Coarse Grounds For French Press Coffee, Strong & Smooth Blend

Stone Street Coffee is perfect for strong coffee lovers. Having a cup of French press coffee prepared from these dark roasted coffee grounds is a great way to start your day.

These coffee beans are sourced from “Colombian Supremo,” these are the highest quality coffee beans from Colombia.

Stone street coffee is available in both dark and medium roast. Dark roast has nutty and chocolaty notes, while medium roast has sweet and fruity notes in the flavor.

To preserve the freshness of the Coffee, Stone street packs the coffee grounds in specialized three layers resealable packaging.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://amzn.to/3MeUV2y” ]

  • Smooth and Aromatic flavors

  • Available both in medium and dark roast

  • Strong and bold taste

  • Specialized 3 layer packaging to preserve the freshness

  • The taste is slightly bitter

6. Gevalia Kaffe Costa Rica Coarse Ground Coffee For French Press

Gevalia Costa Rica Coarse Ground Coffee can bring out the full potential of your Coffee. You’ll enjoy a smooth and rich flavor from the robust medium roast.

Gevalia Special Reserve Coffee is sourced exclusively from the finest farms located in the best regions of Costa Rica to provide you with unmatched flavor and quality that will surely impress your taste buds.

With these medium roasted coffee grounds, you can brew a smooth, medium-bodied cup of Coffee with delicate sweet caramel and citrus flavors.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://amzn.to/3MaqnyS” ]

  • 100 % Arabica coffee sourced from Costa Rica

  • Fruity and citrus notes in the flavor

  • Resealable bag for ground coffee

  • Not for strong coffee lovers

  • Slightly bitter in taste

7. Trücup Low Acid Coffee French Press Coarse Ground

Trücup coarse coffee grounds are well suited for brewing a full-bodied and rich cup of French Press coffee.

These grounds are sourced from low acid medium roasted premium coffee beans. The coffee beans are passed through specialized water and steam process to remove all the naturally occurring acids and lipids.

The taste of this Coffee is sweet and smooth with a very satisfying aroma. This Coffee is best for stomach and heart patients due to its low acidity.

These coffee grounds are packaged in specialized vacuum bags to preserve the quality and freshness of Coffee.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://amzn.to/3vtjn9D” ]

  • Extremely low in acidity, best for stomach patients

  • Consistent coarse grounds perfect for French press coffee

  • Rich and bold taste

  • Vacuum packaging

  • It leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste

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Can you Brew a French press with pre-ground Coffee?

If you want the best from your cup, then “No”. If you want to save your time and compromise on freshness, then “Yes”.

Pre-ground Coffee loses its freshness and quality very quickly. As the larger surface area of pre-ground Coffee is more prone to oxidation. Oxidation makes the Coffee become stale and lose its freshness. 

So, it is always best practice to buy good quality whole bean coffee and invest in some good quality coffee grinder for ultimate freshness. 

All the good things come at some price. Buying whole bean coffee and grinder can cost you more money, and you have to spend an additional 10 to 20 minutes in the kitchen in the morning. As you have to put the coffee beans into the grinder, then grind these beans to coarse settings, and then you have to clean the grinder.  

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you must always buy whole bean coffee. But if you are not a coffee snob and just a normal cup of Coffee can fulfill your caffeine requirements, you can buy pre-ground Coffee.

If you are going to buy pre-ground Coffee for French Press, then always remember these tips:

  • Never buy too many coffee grounds. Always buy the quantity you can easily finish in two to three weeks.
  • Read the roasting or packaging date printed on the package. And always try to buy fresh coffee grounds.
  • After opening the package of coffee grounds, store them properly in an air-tight container.

What is the best coffee grind for French Press?

While choosing the best pre-ground Coffee for French Press, you must consider the grind size as it is the most crucial factor for brewing Coffee with French Press. Coarse grounds are perfect for brewing French Press coffee.

But remember, the grounds should not be too coarse; otherwise, you will end up with a cup of the cup that is too watery

On the other hand, the grounds should not be fine because fine grounds can easily pass through the filter of a French Press coffee maker and will make your Coffee muddy or grainy. If the grounds are too fine, they may clog the screen of the French Press Plunger and will make it very hard to push the plunger down, or they might damage the screen.

So, the best grind size for brewing a perfect cup of French Press coffee is coarse or medium coarse.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find the right grind size for French press coffee as the size of most of the pre-ground Coffee available in the market is fine or medium-fine. 

So, we have made your task easier by listing only those pre-ground Coffee available in coarse size.

If you have changed your mind and looking to buy a coffee grinder. Then check out our list of best electric grinders for French Press

Which roast should you choose for French Press?

The roast level of Coffee has a significant effect on the flavors and aroma of brewed Coffee.

The selection of the right roast for French press coffee mainly depends on the user’s preference. Some like the fruity notes of medium roasts, while others like the chocolaty or nutty notes of dark roasts.

Let’s go over each roast briefly so you can make an easy buying decision while selecting the right Coffee for yourself.

Light roast

The color of lightly roasted coffee grounds is light brown, and there is no oil on the surface of this coffee.

Light roast coffee beans are not considered ideal for brewing French Press coffee. As the taste of this roast is acidic.

The caffeine content in the light roast is the highest among all the roasts.

Medium Roast

Medium or medium-dark roast is considered to be ideal for French Press.

They are deep brown in color with very little oil on their surface.

Medium roasted coffee grounds can deliver you a full-bodied and rich cup of Coffee with a flavorful aroma. This roast is very low in acidity, and you will not get any bitter aftertaste.

Most of the pre-ground coffees mentioned above are available in a medium or medium-dark roast.


Dark roast

Dark roasted coffee beans are almost black in color and their surface is very oily.

If you love the intense flavors with slight bitterness then go with dark roast.

The best thing about a dark roast is that there is no acidity in the flavors. All the acidity gets removed at high temperatures and pressure during the roasting process.

In dark roasted grounds fruity and citrus flavors get diminished by the chocolaty, caramel, and slightly bitter notes. If the coffee is not roasted properly then you might notice burnt flavors.

Our Recommendations

Although all the coffee grounds mentioned above are perfect for brewing French Press coffee, I like Primos Coffee most.

The best thing about Primos Coffee is its consistent size that allows you to brew a perfect cup of French press coffee without any sediments at the bottom.

If you are entirely against the acidity and sour taste, go with TruCup low acid Coffee. With their specialized roasting process, they remove almost all the acids from the coffee beans.

And if you are looking for strong Coffee then go with Stone street coffee. Their dark roasted coffee grounds will deliver you a strong and rich cup of flavorful Coffee.