Best Reusable K cups in 2024 to use your own Coffee Grounds

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Tired of wasting money on endless plastic K-cups? Looking for an eco-friendly way to enjoy delicious coffee from your Keurig machine? The solution is simple – switch to reusable K-cup coffee pods.

Top 5 reusable K cups

  1. Keurig My K-Cup Universal Filter – Best for Keurigs
  2. 6 Reusable K Cups – Most Economical Option
  3. Noalto Reusable K Cups – Stainless steel option
  4. Cafe Fill Value Pack by Perfect Pod – Most convenient option
  5. Reusable K Cups with 100 Paper Filters – Value Pack

In this article, we’ll go over the advantages, explore the top-rated options, and help you choose the best reusable k cup for your morning brewing needs.

With a small swap, you can save money, drink tastier coffee, and reduce your environmental impact.

Best Reusable K cup Pods

1. Keurig My K-Cup Universal Reusable Filter
(Top Option for only Keurigs) 

Keurig My K cup filter is the best reusable k cup for stronger coffee as it can fit 17 grams (3 tbsp) of coffee grounds whereas normal coffee pods only contain 9-12 grams of coffee. This coffee filter fits in the place of the pod holder of Keurig machines, allowing you to brew any ground coffee. It boasts durable construction and is easy to use and clean.

Universal reusable my K cups
Capacity17 grams
MaterialBPA free Plastic
FilterMesh filter

The My K-Cup is specially designed for Keurig Models with MultiStream Technology to extract full flavor and aroma from your favorite blends each time you brew.

It’s the only reusable filter approved for all Keurig home brewers, so you know it will fit and perform perfectly. Even though it is designed specially for multi-stream Keurig models but it is also perfectly compatible with single-stream models.

The removable lid of this refillable pod makes it easy to add your desired amount of coffee grounds without making a mess. Simply pop the lid open, add the grounds, and close the lid. In minutes, you’ll be enjoying a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee.

The durable construction also means you can use it over and over again – hundreds of cups with proper care.

A few users say very fine coffee grounds can sometimes clog the mesh screen, so a medium grind is ideal. And the lid can occasionally leak if overfilled. 


✔️ Easy to fill, clean, and dishwasher safe

✔️ Large capacity for coffee grounds – perfect for larger Keurig Cups

✔️ Compatible with all Keurig Machines


❌ Not compatible with other K-cup coffee maker brands

❌ Expensive than other options

2. 6 Reusable K Cups for Keurig Coffee Makers
(Most Affordable Option)

The GoodCups 6 Reusable K-Cups for Keurig Coffee Makers offer an economical and eco-friendly solution for brewing fresh, delicious coffee from your Keurig. Each pod is constructed of stainless steel micro mesh that optimizes water flow for full-bodied taste and aroma extraction. The durable material also means you can reuse each filter tens of times without impacting flavor or quality.

6 Reusable K Cups for Keurig Coffee Makers
Capacity13 grams
MaterialBPA free Plastic
FilterMesh filter

Having a set of 6 pods makes it easy to quickly brew multiple cups and flavors. No need for transition or cleanup between cups!

The only minor drawback is that very fine coffee grounds may seep into your cup a bit. And using the refillable pods is not quite as fast as popping in a K-cup. But most find the quality and cost savings outweigh these small downsides.


✔️ Durable construction

✔️ Set of 6 makes brewing multiple flavors easy

✔️ Easiest to clean


❌ Fine grounds may seep into coffee

❌ Only comes in purple color

❌ Not compatible with Multi-stream models

3. Noalto K Cups For Keurig
(Best Stainless Steel Reusable K cup)

The Noalto Reusable Stainless Steel K-Cups are designed to brew great-tasting coffee from your Keurig while being environmentally friendly. This product is completely made of stainless steel and does not contain any plastic at all. These pods are quick and easy to clean after use too – just empty the grounds and rinse or toss them in the dishwasher.

Noalto Reusable K cups
Capacity11 grams
MaterialStainless Steel

The perforated design of the pods allows for optimal water flow during brewing, resulting in the fullest, richest flavor from your favorite coffee grounds. Once you find the grind size that works best for your machine, you’ll be rewarded with a smooth and robust cup of coffee every time.

The stainless steel construction means you can easily reuse them thousands of times making it a lifetime investment

As a downside, you need to experiment to find the perfect grind size, and it gets very hot during the brewing process


✔️ Made of durable stainless steel

✔️ Optimizes water flow for full flavors

✔️ Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


❌ Gets very hot while brewing so you have to wait before taking it out

❌ Not compatible with Multi-stream models

4. Cafe Fill Value Pack by Perfect Pod 
(Easiest to fill reusable K cup)

The Cafe Fill Reusable K-Cup Pod Value Pack comes with a handy scooper that makes filling and using your own ground coffee in the pods super easy and mess-free. This all-in-one bundle provides two refillable plastic K-cup style pods along with a dual-purpose funnel scooper for efficiently preparing fresh cups of joe.

Cafe Fill Value Pack by Perfect Pod 
Capacity11 grams
MaterialBPA free Plastic
FilterMesh filter

The built-in funnel on the included scooper allows you to quickly portion out the exact amount of grounds needed to fill the pod, reducing waste and avoiding the mess of overflowing grounds. 

For an easy and affordable way to keep enjoying your Keurig coffee, this value bundle is a great option.


✔️ Comes with 2 pods and scooper

✔️ Scooper makes filling easy and mess-free

✔️ Affordable Option


❌ Some fine grounds spills into coffee

❌ Not compatible with multi-stream models

5. Reusable K Cups For Keurig with 100 Counts Paper K Cup Filters

These Reusable K-Cups are best for fine ground coffee as paper filters don’t let the fine particles pass into your cup. It comes with the bonus of 100 disposable paper filters for extra filtration and convenience. If you want to enjoy filtered and smooth coffee from your Keurig machine in an eco-friendly way, this set is perfect.

Reusable K Cups For Keurig with 100 Counts Paper K Cup Filters
Capacity11 grams
MaterialBPA free Plastic
FilterMesh filter

The combination of durable stainless steel mesh and disposable paper filters provides the ultimate barrier against sediment and grounds getting into your freshly brewed cup.

No more grit ruining your morning coffee! The paper and steel filtration traps even the finest particles for a smooth, residue-free brew every time.

Having 100 disposable paper filters included means you can start using the reusable pods immediately without buying filters separately.


✔️ Extra filtration from included paper filters

✔️ Durable and reusable construction

✔️ Sediment-free coffee


❌ Lids may leak if not fully secured

❌ Not compatible with multi-stream models

Buying guide for reusable K cups


It’s important to check the compatibility before buying reusable K cups as not all pods work in all K cup coffee makers.

For example, the Keurig My K-Cup is only compatible with Keurig brewers, not with K-cup machines from other brands. 

Other reusable filters that just have a single hole at the top are not compatible with newer multi-stream models like the Keurig Supreme series. 

Be sure to check that the pod you choose is advertised to work with your specific K-cup coffee maker model.

Compatibility of reusable K cups


When considering cost, reusable pods are substantially cheaper over time than disposable plastic K-cups. You can easily find basic reusable plastic filters for under $10. 

However, some more expensive options range from $15-$20, like stainless steel pods which are very durable but have a higher upfront cost. The Keurig My K-Cup is also pricier at around $15. 


Reusable K-cups typically come in either plastic or stainless steel material. 

Plastic pods are very affordable and come in fun color options. However, the plastic can become brittle and crack over time with repeated high heat from brewing. They can easily brew more than 100 cups of coffee, though!

Stainless steel pods are much more durable compared to plastic pods. The fine stainless steel perforations also provide excellent filtration and make a rich cup of coffee.

One advantage of plastic is that it stays less hot to the touch externally compared to stainless steel which heats up rapidly. 

Material of reusable K cups


When buying refillable K cup pods, pay close attention to the filtration quality. 

Reusable K-cups typically feature mesh screens or steel perforations, but some have very fine sub-micron screens while others have a little wider screens. 

Finer mesh is ideal as it prevents more coffee ground sediment from passing through into your cup. 

If you really want smooth coffee without any particles, you can pair reusable pods with separate paper filters

However, well-constructed steel micro mesh screens should sufficiently filter on their own and actually make a more flavorful cup of coffee.  


The capacity of a reusable K-cup pod affects the strength of the coffee you brew. Larger capacity means you can add more ground coffee, allowing you to make bolder cups even when using larger mug settings. 

Most reusable K-cup filters have a capacity of around 11-13 grams or about 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. However, the Keurig My K-Cup has an increased capacity of 17 grams. 

If you prefer robust intense coffee, seek out reusable pods with higher gram capacities. But a 2-tablespoon capacity works fine for a standard 8 oz serving of coffee.


When choosing the best reusable coffee pods look for the options that provide useful accessories to optimize the convenience and cleanliness of preparing your perfect cup of coffee.

Many reusable K cups come with an included coffee scoop that makes filling the pod with grounds simple and mess-free. Scoops have measurements marked meaning you add just the right amount, rather than guessing and overfilling.

Some reusable K-cup sets also include disposable paper filters which provide an extra layer of filtration, ensuring even finer coffee particles don’t end up in your finished cup.

reusable K cup Pod with coffee scoop

How to make the best cup of coffee with a reusable K cup?

Follow these tips to brew a great cup of coffee with your Keurig using a reusable K-cup coffee pod:

1. Select a medium or medium-fine coffee grind to achieve the best flavors. While you can use pre-ground coffee, it is highly recommended to choose whole beans and grind them yourself for maximum freshness.

The most common reason I see people end up with a bad cup of coffee when using reusable K-Cup pods is using the wrong grind size. Fine coffee grounds can clog the mesh screen and make your coffee muddy, while coarse coffee grounds can make your coffee taste weak or watery. For best flavors, medium grind size should go into a reusable K cup.

2- Open the lid of the reusable pod and insert a paper filter if you want.

Paper filters aren’t necessary, but make your coffee smoother and sediment-free. However, I don’t like to use them as they also remove some coffee oils, making the drink less full-bodied.

3- Use a scoop or tablespoon to add coffee grounds to the reusable K cup. For a 6-8 oz cup of coffee, around 2 tablespoons or 11-13 grams of coffee is recommended.

Be careful not to overfill as too many grounds can cause overflow or leakage.

4- Gently tap the pod to level and settle the grounds, then close the lid securely. Make sure the lid is snapped on tightly to prevent leaks. Place the filled reusable pod in your Keurig machine brewer, and brew as you normally would.

5- Once brewed, remove the pod and dispose of the used filter and grounds. Give the pod a quick rinse to keep it clean for next use.

Are reusable K-cup pods worth it?

Reusable K-cups have several pros that make them worth considering

Reusable K-cups are much cheaper in the long run compared to constantly buying disposable plastic K-cups. You can easily buy good quality coffee grounds at less than half the price of K cups.

Reusable pods significantly reduce plastic waste and are more environmentally friendly. You prevent hundreds of pods from entering landfills each year.

Reusable cups give you the freedom to brew using any coffee grounds you like. You can enjoy a wide variety of fresh roasts and blends.

However, there are some downsides to consider

Reusable pods can be messier and less convenient than popping in a plastic pod. Also you have to clean these pods after every use.

Depending on the quality, reusable filters may allow some sediment or grounds to get through into your finished coffee. This yields a grittier, less smooth cup.

I recommend you check Keurig Alternative single-serve machines if you want to use your own coffee as these machines usually come with a mesh filter for coffee grounds.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s the durable stainless steel build of the Noalto pods, the ultimate convenience of the Cafe Fill value pack, or the specialized design of the Keurig My K-Cup, you have excellent refillable K cup choices.

Each reusable pod enables you to move to waste-free coffee while getting great results.

Sure, you may need to periodically replace pods or experiment with grind sizes. But that small effort means less plastic pollution and more money savings.

What’s your experience with reusable K-cups? Give us the scoop in the comments down below!

If you still wanna use disposable K cups, Check out the following sustainable options:
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Can you put milk in reusable coffee pods?

No, it’s generally not advisable to put dried or powdered milk directly into reusable K-Cup coffee pods. 
The milk powder could potentially clog the mesh filter screen, preventing proper water flow and extraction when brewing. The milk could also get baked onto the screen during the hot brewing process, leaving residue that is difficult to clean off.

Do you need paper filters for reusable K cups?

No, paper filters are not necessary for reusable K-Cups. The built-in mesh screen in these reusable pods sufficiently filters out coffee grounds on its own. However, some people choose to use paper filters to make their coffee cleaner or smoother.

How long do reusable coffee pods last?

Plastic reusable K-cups generally last 6-12 months with regular use before cracking or wearing out. And the stainless steel reusable pods are more durable and can last for several years. Even with occasional replacement, these pods offer cost and waste savings compared to disposable plastic K-cups.

Do reusable capsules damage your Keurig machine?

Quality reusable coffee capsules will not damage your Keurig machine when used properly. For Keurigs, always use My K cup filters as they fit perfectly inside the machine and never cause any issues.

Can you put tea in a reusable K cup?

It is not recommended to use reusable K-cups for brewing tea as the design and mesh screen of these pods is optimized for coffee grounds, not tea leaves. Using them for tea can result in poor infusion and will not yield the best flavor.

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