Quick Recipe for making a Delicious latte with Keurig

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Craving a rich, creamy latte but don’t have an expensive espresso machine?

No problem – you can easily whip a delicious Latte right from your Keurig!

While Keurigs don’t brew true espresso, you can mimic a latte by combining strong coffee, steamed milk, and a bit of simple technique.

Read on to learn how to make this beloved coffeehouse drink without any special equipment required – just your trusty Keurig and some easy latte-making tips.

How to make Latte with Keurig

Can you make a latte with Keurig?

Absolutely! You can make a Latte with Keurig. While a traditional latte is crafted with espresso, a Keurig can produce a close approximation. However, to create true espresso, you’ll need an espresso machine.

With a Keurig, you can make regular coffee, not espresso, so technically, you can’t make classic espresso-based lattes.

But fortunately, you can make cafe au lait also known as Caffe Misto (a type of latte made with regular coffee instead of espresso). This recipe tastes very much like a latte, and you don’t need an espresso machine to make it.

How to Make a Latte with Keurig (The Best Way!)

Among Keurig models, only the Keurig K-cafe comes with a milk frother, while all other Keurig machines can only brew black coffee.

To prepare a foamy cup of Latte you will need a milk frother. You can buy a standalone milk frother from Keurig.

You can also prepare a latte without a milk frother if you are on a budget (more on that later).

What You’ll Need:

  • Keurig Coffee Maker
  • Milk Frother
  • Milk (Fresh Whole Milk is the best choice)
  • K Cup Pod (A dark roast is the best choice)


1- Froth and heat the milk using a standalone milk streamer.

If you don’t have a frother, heat the milk in a saucepan, then use a whisk to vigorously whisk the milk until it becomes frothy and has a smooth, creamy texture.

2- Switch on Your Keurig machine and Insert the K-cup Pod

I always recommend using dark roasts for making Lattes as their strong taste pairs well with the milk.

3- Press the brew button and use the smallest brew size (some models will have 6 oz the smallest and some will have 4 oz the smallest).

The trick is to use the smallest size for a concentrated cup of coffee. If your model has a strong brew button press that too.

4- Once brewing is complete, stir in any sweetener (if desired) while the coffee is hot.

5- Now add the frothed milk on the top of freshly brewed Coffee. While pouring, hold back the foam with a spoon and top it off on the drink for a luxurious texture.

The Coffee to Milk ratio for a standard latte is 1:2. But that ratio is used with Espresso which is much more concentrated than Keurig Coffee. I always use a 1:1 ratio of Milk and Coffee for a Keurig Latte and it makes a nice 12 oz serving of delicious Latte.

6- Add cinnamon, chocolate shavings, or other garnishes if desired, and Enjoy your creamy latte straight from the Keurig!

Keurig Latte

2 ways to Make Latte without a Milk Frother

For a well-prepared Latte, you need foamy milk. And here are some tricks to froth the milk without a milk frother.

There are two methods to do it. You can either froth the milk in a blender or in a jar/jug with a closed lid.

First, heat the milk on the stovetop or in a microwave until it starts boiling.

Blend it:

Now pour the milk into the blender and blend it for 30-60 seconds. You will get warm frothy milk.

Shake it:

If you don’t have a blender either then pour the milk into a jar that can be closed with a lid. Now shake the milk vigorously for 30-60 seconds until you notice a good amount of froth.

Milk frothing for Keurig Latte

Use Latte K cups to Make a Latte (Convenient Option)

To simplify latte preparation, special Latte K-Cups are available. These innovative pods combine milk powder and coffee grounds, enabling you to enjoy a quick and easy latte experience.

Additionally, these K-Cups come in various flavors, such as vanilla, mocha, and caramel, offering a medley of syrup and coffee flavors. While convenient, these pods deliver a very bland cup of Latte.

There are also two-step latte K-cups available. First, you brew a regular coffee pod, then you peel open this little packet of powdered milk. Saves you from having to froth real milk I guess.

I’ve never loved the taste of lattes made with those gimmicky pods. They just end up weak and watery to me, not nearly as rich and creamy as a real latte with real K-cup Coffee and frothed whole milk.

If I’m making lattes, I’d rather go for the real deal. Taking a few extra minutes to brew strong coffee and froth some real milk is totally worth it for a legit latte I’ll actually enjoy sipping. But hey, maybe those latte pod things work better for other folks!

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Keurig Models with Milk Frother

Only the K-cafe series from Keurig comes with built-in milk frothers. The frother is completely automatic and provides convenient frothing options at the touch of a button.

These K Cafe Models have a special “Shot feature” that makes concentrated espresso-style 2 oz shots of coffee for a stronger latte or cappuccino.

Keurig milk frother has two frothing options: Hot and Cold and two fill lines: the lower (cappuccino) fill line and the max (latte) fill line. 

For your cappuccino, the minimum fill line allows the frother to add more foam; for a latte, the maximum fill line adds less foam.

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How to Make a Latte with Keurig K-Café?

Keurig K-café is the most convenient machine for preparing one-touch latte and cappuccino drinks.

How to make Latte with Keurig K cafe


  • Fill the frother with the milk of your choice and close the lid.
  • Push the latte button to start foaming the milk on the Keurig K-cafe.
  • Insert the K-cup pod and Press the “Latte & Capp” button and your machine will prepare an espresso-styled small shot of coffee.
  • Now add frothed milk to the freshly brewed coffee.
  • Enjoy your frothy, flavorful latte! 

Tips for making a better latte with Keurig

Here are some tips for making a better latte using a Keurig

Use a dark roasted or espresso roast K-cup

Always use dark roast coffee pods for making a Latte with Keurig. The bolder intensity of dark roasts mimics real espresso even if the Keurig doesn’t brew with high pressure.

Light or medium roasts won’t have a strong flavor and are subdued when combined with milk.

Use the smallest cup setting and press the strong button

Using the smallest K-cup brew size like 4 or 6 oz concentrates the flavor to again emulate a real shot of espresso. Even if you plan to make a large 12 oz latte, start with a concentrated 4 oz coffee base. Many Keurig models also have a “strong” brew button for an even bolder shot of coffee, Press that too!

Always use frothed milk

Frothed milk is lighter and fluffier than plain steamed milk, which creates the thick, creamy texture that defines a latte. Steamed milk alone tends to blend into the coffee more, while frothed milk floats on top elegantly. So don’t be lazy and froth some milk up!

Add flavored syrups

Add a personal touch with syrups like vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, or even seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice. These syrups amplify the taste, adding sweetness and depth to your latte.

Make Iced Lattes in Summers

To make an Iced Latte with Keurig, Brew a strong cup of coffee over ice using a dark or espresso roast K-cup. I’ll do around 4 ounces brewed right over a big cup of ice cubes. Press the “brew over ice button” if your model has it.

While that’s brewing, froth up some cold milk in an automatic frother or blender. Takes like 30 seconds.

Then just pour the frothed milk over the iced coffee. Add some flavored syrup if you want. Caramel and mocha are my favorites for iced lattes!

Final thoughts

While obviously, you can’t prepare an authentic latte or Starbucks style with the Keurig machine. But I am sure that you will love the recipes I have mentioned above.

With a little technique and the right tools, you can froth up rich, creamy latte drinks right at your home with Keurig.

Let me know which method and flavors you try in the comments. I’d love to hear your favorite Keurig latte recipes.


Can you add milk to Keurig?

No, You should never put milk in a Keurig – or any other drip coffee maker. This can damage your machine and it’s almost impossible to clean.

Do you need special K-cups for lattes?

Yes, you can use Latte K cups to prepare Latte with Keurig but it won’t be as flavorful.
I don’t like Latte or any flavored K cups and I am sure you will not like it either as the taste is very diluted and watery.
The best way is to prepare coffee in Keurig and add frothed milk on top of it.

Keurig Latte Recipe

Here's a quick and simple recipe for making a delicious Latte at home with your Keurig!
Total Time: 5 minutes
Author: Johny Morrisson


  • Keurig Coffee maker
  • Milk Frother


  • Your choice of milk (Whole Milk is prefered)
  • A K-cup coffee pod (Dark roast is preferred)


  • Froth and heat the milk using a standalone milk frother.
  • Insert the K-cup pod inside the machine (Dark roast will be best)
  • Press the brew button and use the smallest brew size (some models will have 6 oz the smallest and some models will have 4 oz the smallest).
  • Once the coffee is prepared pour the frothed milk on top of the hot coffee.
  • Add the syrup and sweeteners to give extra flavor to your drink.

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