Keurig frother not Working Properly? (Here’s how to fix it!)

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If your Keurig’s milk frother has stopped producing creamy foam and instead produces flat and lukewarm milk, you’ve got a problem.

An underperforming Keurig frother can ruin your favorite foamy coffee drinks.

Reasons why Keurig Frother isn’t working properly

  • The frother does not fit properly on the frother base
  • Milk is above the maximum line
  • The Whisk of Milk Frother is dirty
  • The Whisk might be displaced
  • Trying to brew coffee and froth milk at the same time In Keurig K cafe
  • You Haven’t Covered The Frother With The Lid
  • You are using the wrong type of Milk
Keurig milk frother

The good news is, in many cases, the solution is simple. I will discuss all the possible reasons why is your Keurig frother (Both Standalone or K Cafe) not working properly and how you can easily fix it.

How to fix Keurig Milk Frother

1) Make sure that the Frother fits properly on the base

Sometimes the frother isn’t properly placed on the machine base. Usually, this happens after you have moved or cleaned your machine.

When you don’t place the frother properly on the base the Keurig frother will beep 3 times and refuse to work.


Make sure that the frother is correctly seated on the machine base.

Keurig milk frother base

2) Don’t overfill the frother jug

The frother will not function properly when you add more milk than it can handle.


In this situation, make sure that the milk does not cross the overfill line. Add the milk in the second cycle if you want more instead of overfilling.

3) Clean the Whisk of Milk frother

If you haven’t cleaned your frother for a longer time, Guck will form around the whisk and other components of the frother.

Guck inhibits the magnetic force used by the frother to prepare the milk.


You must clean the frother after every use. Simply rinse the frother jug soak the whisk in warm soapy water and scrub the guck off with a light brush.

Clean keurig milk frother

4) Place the Whisk properly in the frother

After cleaning or moving the machine, many users forget to check whether the whisk is correctly positioned in the frother or not.

If the magnetic whisk is misplaced the light on the frother will start blinking and won’t work


Make sure the magnetic whisk is securely attached to the frother.

Keurig milk frother whisk

5) Don’t Try to brew coffee and froth milk at the same time In Keurig K cafe

If you try to brew coffee and froth milk at the same time in Keurig K cafe the frother will not work and all lights start flashing.


Wait patiently until the machine brews coffee. Once the coffee is brewed, the frother will automatically start foaming milk.

6) Cover the frother with the lid

This sounds obvious though, the frother isn’t going to work unless you cover it with the lid.

Sometimes users forget to cover the frother, which is why the milk frother isn’t working.


Make sure to cover the frother with the lid.

Why is Keurig Frother only heating the milk but not frothing it?

If your Keurig frother is only heating the milk but not frothing it then there is an issue with the milk you are using. Your frother is completely fine.

It is recommended to use fresh dairy milk, especially 2 percent or whole milk. These kinds of milk have a high-fat content, making them suitable for frothing. Although, You can also use skimmed milk or non-dairy kinds of milk such as Almond or Soy Milk but it won’t form the perfect froth.

Also, it is strictly not recommended to add creamer to the frother as it can damage the frother. You can add the creamer at the top after preparing a cup of Cappucino or Latte

In Keurig K cafe frother, there is an option for Latte and Cappuccino. You will get more froth when you press the Cappuccino button and less froth when you press the Latte button.

So, Press the Cappuccino button in Keurig K cafe frother if you are looking for more froth.

Keurig k-Cafe milk frother replacement parts

The damaged electrical part might be the reason that your Keurig frother does not work. But luckily your machine is not a waste if some of its parts start malfunctioning. You can find the replacement parts on Amazon or other online or local stores as well.

Here you can buy replacement whisk from the official Keurig Website

Read the review of Keurig K Cafe Only Keurig with a Milk Frother

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has helped you find the answer to why the Keurig frother not working properly whether it’s a standalone Keurig frother or a K cafe frother.

In most cases, this problem occurs when users don’t clean the frother for a very long time or misplace the magnetic whisk when cleaning it.

However, if these simple hacks don’t work for you then it’s best to contact Keurig support.


How to Froth Milk without a Frother?

You can easily froth milk without a frother in a clean glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Add milk to the jar, leaving at least half the jar empty. Put the lid on tightly and shake the jar vigorously for 30-60 seconds. The shaking motion will turn the milk into a foamy, frothy consistency.

Can you add creamer in Keurig frother?

Yes! you can add the creamer to the Keurig milk frother but you will not get the best results. Keurig frothers are only designed to froth fresh milk.

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