Why is my Keurig coffee not hot enough?

Keurig coffee machines are highly conventional machines that brew a single perfect shot of coffee with the ease of just pushing the button. However, as with many other good products, the Keurig coffee machine has some pros and cons. One of them is that Keurig coffee is not hot enough as it should be.

Many users encounter this issue and anxiously look for a solution because they never want to lose charm in their cup of coffee. So, in this article guide, we will discuss why Keurig isn’t heating enough, what are possible reasons behind it, and how you can resolve this problem.

why is my Keurig coffee not hot enough

Why is my Keurig coffee not hot enough?

If your coffee is not brewing as it should be, then there are three possible reasons

  • The water pump isn’t functioning properly.
  • The heating system inside is malfunctioning due to an issue with the water pump.
  • Dried coffee grounds and calcium buildup inside the machine clogged Keurig, causing malfunctions.

Sometimes Keurig might disperse water but won’t heat up enough, and as a result, the coffee brew is not hot enough. As mentioned earlier, if this issue occurs as there are chances that your Keurig machine heating mechanism will probably shut off.

This may be due to the water pump is not working correctly. If the water pump is not pumping water, then the heating element shuts off automatically to prevent the machine from overheating.

Additionally, if you don’t clean your machine regularly, then limescale buildup over time clogged your machine, and the machine won’t operate properly.

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Keurig not heating enough- Solution!

As mentioned, if Keurig isn’t heating as required, the possible reason is the issue with the heating element and water pump. If the water pump is not pumping water or not working properly, the heating element automatically shutoff to prevent overheating.

If the water pump isn’t working properly, then the possible reason is Water pump is clogged.

The ultimate solution is to clean the machine, especially the valve at the bottom and on the machine where the tank goes. Regular cleaning is mandatory for the smooth functioning of the machine. 

Coffee enthusiasts recommend cleaning every time before you brew coffee and after you brew coffee or at least descale your machine once in 3-6 months.

You can watch the video for guidance

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Keurig hack

A simple trick to preheat the machine is to simply run plain water through the machine for one cycle, then brew your own cup as pre-warmed water extracts more coffee flavors.

Another solution is to hold the brew button for several seconds to help it start working properly. Sometimes simply resetting your machine resolves most of the issues.

If the water pump or heating element stops working completely, Contact Keurig customer support to seek professional help.

How to Achieve optimum brew temperature with a Keurig coffee machine?

Many Keurig coffee machine users are confused about the best optimum temperature for brewing coffee. Fortunately, this range lies within a few degrees. In general, by experiments, many agree that the optimum temperature range for a perfect cup of coffee using Keurig lies between 190-200 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, coffee enthusiasts agree to 192 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect optimum temperature for brewing coffee.

So there are many complaints from Keurig machine users is that Keurig brewing coffee is not hot enough, Therefore we discuss some methods to make Keurig coffee hotter.

How to make Keurig coffee hotter?

There are several factors for bringing down the temperature of the coffee, resulting in the cooler first slip. We will discuss a possible solution to deal with this.

  • The usage of paper or foam cups can significantly lower the temperature (by up to 10 degrees) in a short time. The ultimate solution is to double your cup to create a double wall and use a lid to cover it up (We recommend you choose a travel mug as it helps keep your coffee hotter).
  • A mug with a large opening will cool considerably faster than one with a smaller opening or, better yet, one with a lid.
  • Make usage of a cup warmer, as they work well and are also reasonably priced.
  • Try Investing in a stainless steel thermal carafe if you use Keurig® 2.0 K-Carafe® pods.
  • Using a cool ceramic cup will cool the coffee as soon as it comes into contact with it. Warm the ceramic in the cup with a water-only brew cycle before brewing.
  • A brewer left empty or turned off for an extended amount of time is more likely to produce a first cup below the 192-degree target temperature. To preheat the brewer, try a water-only brew cycle first.

The ultimate solution Tip to maintain a hot, constant temperature for an extended period of time is to use a stainless steel travel mug.

We recommend you choose the Contigo brand as it helps in maintaining optimum temperature for a longer period of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I increase the temperature on my Keurig coffee machine?

Keurig® Plus Series devices (K425/K475 and K525/575), you may manually adjust the brew temperature. For complete guidance, read the instruction manual for each specific model you have. 

Why is my Keurig not brewing at all?

If your Keurig machine isn’t brewing as much coffee as you’d like, the possible reason is coffee grounds are clogging the waterline. Ensure to thoroughly clean the needle to get rid of the considerable grounds and debris. After you’ve unclogged the water pipe, you will be able to get the full flavor of coffee as usual.

Why is my Keurig brewing slowly?

The blocked water line is the primary cause of your Keurig’s brewing coffee slowly. Your Keurig will not work properly if the needle line or channel where your coffee passes through becomes blocked. As a result, you must unplug the machine’s water lines.

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