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This hands-on review of Keurig K Select cuts through the noise to assess if this model properly justifies upgrading from budget models without overspending for unnecessary bells and whistles.

Keurig K Select | (Our Verdict)
(CoffeeAbout’s Rating 4/5)

The K-Select aims to strike a balance between compact entry-level models and feature-heavy options. To me, Keurig gets the blend right by focusing on what the everyday coffee drinker truly needs.

You get conveniences like the large 52oz removable tank, multiple brew sizes, and a useful “strong brew” setting. Meanwhile, the interface stays clean and simple to operate rather than overly complex.

I’d say it’s the happy medium hitting all the key marks for convenience, quality, and ease – perfect for folks who want to upgrade from their old drip machine without going over-the-top fancy.

Keurig Select review

Why Trust Us?

This review guide provides thorough feedback on the Keurig K-Select based on my own assessment and user feedback. I’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of the K-Select, including its pros and cons, to help you make an informed decision about this mid-range coffee maker.


✔️ Strong brew option and high altitude settings

✔️ Quiet brew technology

✔️ Compatible with K cups and universal cups for coffee grounds

✔️ Modern Design with many color options

✔️ Quick and Easy to use


❌ Don’t have many customizable options for brewing coffee

❌ No option for iced coffee

❌ Bulky appearance

Keurig k select Review (A detailed Go through)

After testing multiple Keurig models, I have come to the conclusion that the Keurig K Select is the best mid-range coffee machine for the average coffee lover who doesn’t know the details of brewing.

1) Design and build quality of Keurig K Select (3/5)

At first glance, the K-Select doesn’t stand out as a sleek or modern coffee maker.

Its simple button panel and plastic body give off an average vibe, a bit bulky but sturdy with good-quality plastic all around.

It is compact enough to adjust on the countertop of your kitchen easily. Even when the head is open, the height rises to just about 17 inches.

Keurig K-select
Keurig K-select

A variety of color options adds a nice personality. It’s available in Vintage Red, matte black, matte white, matte navy, oasis, and sandstone.

I do wish Keurig added some metal finishes for a more sophisticated edge. Still, the K-Select delivers on the promise of longevity with a sturdy design.

It has a large 52 ounces of water reservoir. The water reservoir has a little notch inside that indicates the max fill line and a window that indicates the water level via the exterior.

The drip tray is removable, so it makes the brewer travel mug friendly (it can accommodate a mug as tall as 7.4 inches).

Keurig K-select has an average-looking compact design and a button control panel display.

2) Performance of Keurig select (4/5)

Looking at the design and performance I must say that the Keurig K Select is the most reliable coffee machine.

If you are a beginner and don’t have knowledge of brewing, then trust me, Keurig K-select is a worthy investment.

Heating time is something that I never expected! it takes less than two minutes for it to heat up.

It took around 50 seconds to brew normal coffee while around 1 minute and 30 seconds to have a stronger brew.

52-ounce water reservoir gives you the freedom of brewing multiple cups without worrying about refilling the tank again and again.

The best thing is it is also compatible with the My K-cup reusable filter that allows you to use your own coffee grounds.

There is no temperature control functionality in k-select.

Keurig claims that their coffee maker reaches the maximum temperature of 192 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, while testing, I found that the K-select wouldn’t heat the water to that temperature level and reached the maximum temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite this, I believe the K-select’s performance is still superior to many other pod-based machines.

3) Taste and the quality of the coffee drink (3/5)

K-select is just as good as other pod coffee makers in terms of taste.

The quality of the flavor is quite decent, not remarkable just as you would expect from K cup brewer.

The K-select consistently dispenses the correct amount of water for each brew size, and the “strong brew” feature effectively improves the flavor, resulting in a bolder and richer cup of coffee.

If you’re a coffee purist who prefers strong this machine isn’t for you! Plus, not having a 4-ounce cup size option is a concern. It’s essential for making Keurig lattes, as the 4-ounce concentrated brew goes best with milk, giving you a strong and satisfying latte.

4) Ease of use (4/5)

Convenience is the hallmark of the K-Select. Operating this machine is a breeze: simply insert a K-pod, and select your preferred cup size. In less than a minute, you’ll be savoring a fresh coffee drink.

Instead of a complex touchscreen, there’s a button control panel. All the options are clearly labeled to avoid any kind of confusion and light up when the system is plugged in.

A total of 6 buttons are present on display, 4 are for cup-size servings, one is for power, and one represents strong brew.

The machine features three reminder lights that flash to indicate auto-off, maintenance requirements, and a low water level.

A slight inconvenience with this machine is that it won’t allow you to select the brew size until it ends heating which usually lasts around 2 minutes.

In my opinion, it would be better if we could insert the K cup and select the brew size right after turning on the machine. This would save us the hassle of waiting for the machine to heat up, freeing us up to attend to other morning chores. Actually, this feature is present in the newer Keurig Supreme series.

Keurig K select display
Keurig K select display

Also, Thanks to the quiet brewing technology of this machine, K-select is fairly quiet while brewing, with the highest decibel reading at 67 dB, making it ideal for the office environment.

Keurig K Select is super easy to use and offers simplicity and convenience to its customers.

5) Cleaning and maintenance (5/5)

Apart from being so convenient, K Select has a pretty easy cleaning process.  Most components are removable and dishwasher safe, so you can easily remove them, and rinse them with warm, soapy water.

The best thing about Keurig k select is a fingerprint-proof body, so there is hardly any need to clean it, but if necessary it’s as easy as wiping the exteriors with a damp cloth to maintain its sleek appearance.

The K-Select also accommodates a tall handle water filter kit, which can be easily inserted into the water reservoir.

Apart from regular cleaning of removable parts like the drip tray and water reservoir you must clean the top and bottom needles periodically and must descale the machine once every 3 or 4 months.

6) Value for money (4/5)

Keurig K Select is an incredible coffeemaker that gives the same benefits as the premium machines, and all that with an affordable price tag.

Although it lacks several upgraded features, like frothers, over-iced settings, and temperature control settings. But in a price range of under 150 dollars, that is acceptable.

Yes, you can find K cup Coffee makers with similar functionalities from other brands like Cuisinart or Black_Decker at a much cheaper price but with Keurig, you have to pay for the reliability and the brand name too.

Regarding coffee, k-select is limited to K-Cup pods to brew coffee, tea, and hot cocoa and the K-cups are quite expensive than regular coffee grounds.

A single K-pod costs you around 0.60 cents to 1$ depending upon which brand you use. Fortunately, this machine is compatible with my K-cup reusable filter, so gives you the freedom of using your own ground coffee and saving a lot of money.

In this budget range, K-select is an excellent option.

7) Customers Feedback

The K-Select has gained over 37,000 reviews on Amazon, with an impressive average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. This overwhelmingly positive reception speaks about the machine’s user satisfaction.

Customers really appreciate the machine for the simplicity and convenience it offers. They also mentioned that the Button control panel is much easier to operate than a complex touchscreen display panel.

However, there are a few negative feedback about the machine and most of them are concerned about the leakage of water or the Splashing of coffee drops at the end of the brew cycle. Some also complain about the flimsy design of water reservoirs.

But overall, the negative feedbacks from the customers are way less than the good feedback. And the majority are completely satisfied with the performance.

What I like About Keurig K Select

  • One of the best Budget-friendly Coffee Machines that brews premium coffee in quick time without any hassle.
  • Equipped with a 52-ounce water reservoir that is able to brew 7-10 cups of coffee without the need for a refill.
  • Decent design – ideal for small office spaces or mid-sized apartments.
  • Compatible with all types of K-cup pods and reusable My cups for the coffee grounds.
  • Comes with Keurig’s upgraded system for a quieter brewing
  • Have a strong brew feature that actually improves the taste of coffee
  • Requires very little effort in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

What I don’t like about Keurig K Select

  • It doesn’t feature a 4 oz brew size that is quite useful for preparing strong and rich Latte drinks.
  • No Temperature control
  • No over-iced settings for iced coffee.
  • The hot water on-demand feature is also not available.
  • The lid design of the water reservoir is not up to mark.

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Keurig k select Specs

Product TypeSingle-serve coffee maker
Dimension11.6 x 9.2 x 12.5 inches
Weight7.35 pounds
Water reservoir52 ounces removable water reservoir
Brew sizes6 ,8 ,10 &12 oz
DisplayButton control panel with buttons for Brew Strength and Brew Size
Temperature controlNo
Strength controlYes
Other featuresQuiet Brew Technology, Maintenance reminders, Removable drip tray, Auto Off, Strong brew button

Keurig K Select vs K classic

The K-Select and K-Classic lie within the same price range. But the Select upgrades things a bit with useful perks lacking on the Classic model.

Personally, I find that the strong brew option on the Select is worth upgrading for alone – it seriously makes the taste of coffee more flavorful and rich.

Looks-wise, they’re both a bit on the bulky side, but the K Select’s design feels a bit more on the classy side. It even offers an extra 12 oz brew size option, but honestly, I’ve found it tends to water down the taste, and I’d never use it for my caffeine fix.

And I appreciate the slightly larger 52oz tank, cutting down my refill frequency even if just by a few cups.

If I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with the K Select for that added flavor kick and sleeker appearance.

Keurig k classic
Keurig K Classic

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Final thoughts

The Keurig Select sits somewhere in the middle between the K-Classic and the K-Elite in terms of general functionality.

It is a good mid-range pod-based coffee machine perfect for coffee folks who aren’t in search of advanced coffee machines.

This coffee maker offers a very simple interface and some useful features that will help you brew a perfect cup of coffee.

So that’s it I hope you find this Keurig K Select review helpful and if you want to check reviews of other Keurig models they are linked below.

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