turn off or on Keurig auto off set Energy saving feature

Many Keurig models come with an Energy saver or auto-off feature to reduce power usage.

Keurig auto off set feature helps in saving the energy consumed and reduced the risk of electrical fires, but sometimes it is quite frustrating when Keurig keeps shutting off automatically a few minutes after the last brew.

It’s even worse when Keurig constantly turns itself off in between brewing coffee. The same thing happens to me, so in this article guide, I have described the complete procedure to get out of this issue. So keep reading to learn how!

how to turn off auto off on Keurig

Keurig Auto off set feature is very handy as it helps you to save energy and also save the appliance from electric failures. But sometimes Keurig keeps shutting off while brewing, in that case, turning off the auto-off feature might be helpful.

First, look at the Keurig models that allow users to turn off this feature.

Models That Allow You To Disable Auto OffModels That Do Not Allow You To Disable Auto Off
All Keurig 2.0 ModelsKeurig Supreme Models
Keurig K-Select     Keurig Mini Models
Keurig K-EliteKeurig Duo models
Keurig K-CafeKeurig K-slim
Keurig K-Classic

There is no universal rule for disabling the auto-off feature on Keurig, as different models have different procedures for enabling and disabling this function.

Disabling the auto-off feature on Keurig K- Elite

Keurig K-Elite automatically shut off after 2 hr. to reduce power consumption. To disable this feature manually, follow this procedure.

  • Press the setting button and Navigate to the auto-off option (displayed as a moon icon)
  • To disable this Auto-off feature, use the up and down arrows. Once done, you will no longer see the moon icon on your display screen.

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Disabling the auto-off feature on Keurig K- Cafe and K- Select

Keurig K-cafe and K-select models automatically shut off after 2 hrs. To disable this feature manually:

  • Turn the machine off, but leave it plugged in.
  • Press and hold both the “Strong” and the “10oz” buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  • Turn on the machine and you will notice that the green “Auto off light” has been turned off.
  • Repeat the procedure to enable the auto-off feature again.

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Disabling the auto-off feature on Keurig 2.0 models

To disable the auto-off options in Keurig 2.0 models, follow this procedure.

  • Move to AUTO ON/OFF in the settings menu.
  • Disable the Auto-off feature.
  • Choose the ENERGY SAVER option if you want Keurig to turn off on its own after a set period at any time of day.

Disabling the auto-off feature on Keurig K-supreme & K-Duo Models

Keurig K-supreme and K-duo models are specifically designed to auto shut off after 5 minutes. Unfortunately, you can’t disable this option.

Disabling Auto Off on Keurig K-Mini and K-slim Models

Keurig k-mini is specifically designed to turn off by itself after 90 seconds after the last brew and K-slim turns off after 5 minutes. Unfortunately, like Keurig k supreme models, you can’t disable this option.

Do all Keurig coffee makers turn off automatically?

As mentioned earlier, not all Keurig models have an auto-off feature. Auto-off is triggered at different times depending on your Keurig model.

Let’s see the Keurig model having an auto-off option and the time when energy saving will kick off.

Auto off Time
Keurig K mini
1.5 min
Keurig K Duo Models
5 min
Keurig K supreme models
5 min
Keurig K-Select, K-Cafe, K-Elite         
2 hrs
Keurig 2.0 Models15 min
Keurig K slim5 min


Final Thoughts

So, the Keurig auto set-off feature is very useful for reducing power usage.

But if you are facing some problems while brewing you can enable or disable auto set-off options in your Keurig machine.


Why Does My Keurig Turn Off By Itself?

Most of the Keurig Models have an auto shut-off feature that turns off the machine after some minutes of inactivity.
However, if your Keurig is shutting off while brewing coffee then there might be a blockage in your machine or some other technical fault.

Is It Dangerous To Leave Keurig On?

Yeah, it’s dangerous to leave Keurig or any electric appliance On while you are not using it.
Not only it wastes energy but it can also cause short circuits or other electrical failures in the machine.

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