How to enable or disable Keurig auto off set Energy saving feature

Keurig coffee makers have always been my top priority to fix caffeine punch in the morning. Its user-friendly interface, simple operation, brewing technology, and convenience have made me become a die-hard fan of Keurig and you don’t need to break the bank to get one for yourself. But counting doesn’t end here, many Keurig models come with an Energy saver or auto-off feature to reduce power usage.

Keurig auto off set feature helps in saving the energy consumed and reduced the risk of electrical fires, but sometimes it is quite frustrating when Keurig keeps shutting off automatically a few minutes after the last brew. This condition even gets worsen when you’re dying for your cup of coffee but Keurig keeps Turing itself off in the mid-brew. The same thing happens to me, so in this article guide, I have described the complete procedure to get out of this issue. So keep reading to learn how!

Do all Keurig all auto shut off?

Unfortunately, older Keurig models don’t have an auto shut-off feature, but newer Keurig models come with a built-in auto shut-off feature. The auto shut-off feature is very useful as it helps in saving energy and you don’t need to worry if you forget to turn off the brewer. This feature will be enabled by default. However, if you don’t want this option enabled or it is annoying you, you can simply disable this feature manually.

  Keurig Models That Allow You To Disable Auto Off  Keurig Models That Do Not Allow You To Disable Auto Off
Keurig 2.0 K400 series   
K supreme & k-supreme plus
Keurig 2.0 K500 series   
K Duo/ K Duo Plus
K mini/K15

Keurig models with auto-off features

As mentioned earlier, not all Keurig models have an auto-off feature. Auto-off is triggered at different times depending upon your Keurig model. Let’s see the Keurig model having an auto-off option and a time when energy saving will kick off.

Auto off Time
1.5 min
K Duo/ K Duo Plus
5 min
K supreme & k-supreme plus
5 min
Keurig 2.0 K400 series   
15 min
Keurig 2.0 K500 series   
15 minutes
2 hr.
2 hr.
2 hr.
Keurig 2.0 Models 15 min.

 How to disable the auto-off feature on Keurig?

There is no universal rule for disabling the auto-off feature on Keurig, as different models have different procedures for enabling and disabling this function.

Disabling auto-off feature on Keurig K- Elite.

Keurig K-Elite automatically shut off after 2 hr. to reduce power consumption. To disable this feature manually, follow this procedure.

  • Press setting button
  • Navigate to the auto-off option, displayed as a moon icon on the menu.
  • To disable this Auto-off feature, use the up and down arrows. Once this is completed, you will no longer be able to see the moon icon on your display screen.

Disabling auto-off feature on Keurig K- Cafe.

Keurig K-café models automatically shut off after 2 hr. to reduce power consumption after the last brew. To disable this feature manually, follow this procedure.

  • Turn the machine off, but leave it plugged in the power outlet.
  • Press and hold both the ‘Strong’ and the ’10oz. Mug buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds until the green ‘auto off’ light stops blinking.
  • Restart the Keurig and check whether the ‘auto off’ light has been turned off.

Disabling auto-off feature on Keurig K- select.

Keurig K-café models are specifically designed to shut off themselves after 2 hr. to reduce power consumption after the last brew. To disable this feature manually, follow this procedure.

  • Turn off the brewer but leave it plugged in the power outlet.
  • Press and hold both the ’10oz. Mug’ and the ‘Strong’ buttons simultaneously at the same time for 3 seconds until the ‘auto off’ light turns off. 
  • Restart the brewer and check to see whether the green ‘auto off’ light has been turned off.

Disabling auto-off feature on Keurig 2.0 models.

To disable the auto-off options in Keurig 2.0 models, follow this procedure.

  • Move to AUTO ON/OFF in the settings menu.
  • Select AUTO ON/OFF if you want to switch off the machine at a specified time of day. Set the time, then tick the box next to “enable.”
  • Choose the ENERGY SAVER option if you want Keurig to turn off on its own after a set period at any time of day.
  • The auto-off time may be set in 15-minute increments.

Disabling auto-off feature on Keurig K-supreme plus.

Keurig supreme plus models are specifically designed to auto shut off after 5 minutes. Unfortunately, you can’t disable this option.

Disabling Auto Off on Keurig K- Mini/ K-Duo/ K- Duo Plus models

Keurig k-mini is specifically designed to turn off by itself after 90 seconds after the last brew. Unfortunately, like Keurig k supreme models, you can’t disable this option.

Keurig K-Duo and K-Duo Plus models are designed to shut off 5 min after the last brew. Similar to Keurig supreme and K- mini models, you cannot disable this function.

Those Keurig models with an auto-off time of five minutes or less most often have the 'auto off' option as a permanent feature that cannot be turned off. However, Keurig machines with a 2-hour auto-off time provide this feature as a choice that may be turned off.

Reasons of Keurig stuck or turned off in mid-brew.

In the healthy functioning of the machine, depending upon whatever model you have, the Keurig machine automatically turns off after some minutes or hours after the last brew. But sometimes Keurig gets stuck or turn off in mid-brew. There are several reasons behind it, let’s discuss each in detail and their solution.

1)Tightly packed coffee pods.

If you’re using 3rd party coffee pods, rather than genuine Keurig coffee pods, then there might be a chance of Keurig turning itself off in mid-brew. The reason is 3rd party Low-quality coffee pods are packed too tightly, restricting water from escaping the pod through the punctured hole at the bottom. Resultantly, water starts flowing back and the machine shuts down to prevent overflow.


I recommend you to choose Keurig genuine K- Cup pods, as they are loosely packed and allow water to pass through freely and escape out the bottom of the K- Cup.

2)Faulty air pump.

There presents a mini-pump inside Keurig that generates significant air pressure to force water to pass through the K- Cup pod. If this component fails, water will not be pumped through the K-Cup pod, resulting in an auto-shutdown mid-brew.


If a mini pump fails, you need to buy a new one. Remember, replacing the mini pump requires significant ability. So, recommend considering hiring a service expert to seek their professional support.

3)Misaligned Reservoir magnet.

There is the most common reason for Keurig turning itself off in mid-brew. There’s present a magnet inside the water tank that indicates the water level inside the reservoir and tells when you need to refill it. Continuous vibration during brewing causes this magnet to misplace itself from its original position. Resultantly the brewer automatically turns itself off mid-brew.


Solving this issue is pretty simple. Simply, remove the water tank before replacing it in its correct spot. Then, Start your brewer and brew to see whether the problem has been resolved.

4)K- Cup Puncture Failure

 The puncture needle creates a hole at the bottom of the K-Cup that allows hot water to flow out of the pod. When a puncture failure occurs, overflow is likely to occur since water continues to be pumped from the top without an exit path. To avoid this, the machine automatically switches off mid-brew. This condition is more likely to happen when you’re using a K-Cup pod that’s too thick, or the puncture needle below the K- Cup is bent.


To fix this issue, manually puncture the bottom of your K- Cup or use pliers to re-straighten the puncture needle. If you notice that particular flavors are more difficult to pierce, experiment with other K- Cup flavors instead.

Fixing Keurig auto-off set Error massage.

In the older Keurig model, like B60 or B70, you might have noticed an error message on the display screen that reads “Not Ready Auto-off Set.” This is more likely to happen if you recently unplugged your machine. There are 2 solutions to get this fix!

Solution 1:

  1. Turn the ON/OFF switch on and off, present at the back of the coffee maker, at the bottom.
  2. When the machine starts up, click the menu button to proceed to “auto off,” then pick it.
  3. Hold down the hour until “off” is selected.

Solution 2:

  1. Simultaneously, Press and hold both the small and medium mugs on the display menu.
  2. Quickly, Press the menu button three times. There’s a present black button beneath the display.
  3. Once, press the menu button. Brew 0:00 should be displayed on the display menu.
  4. Hold down the medium cup button. Do not release it.
  5. Push the menu button once while holding the medium mug button and then the tiny mug button swiftly. At the same time, press the small and medium cup buttons.
  6. Wait five seconds after unplugging the machine without turning it off. Reconnect it and turn it on. See instructions on the screen that will guide you through the process of priming your machine.

Resetting the Keurig.

If unfortunately, none of the above-mentioned hacks works, then it’s time to reset the machine, as there might be a glitch in Keurig’s control board. Keurig machines, unfortunately, do not come with a reset button or switch. A basic reset is just unplugging the machine and putting it back in after a few hours.

Watch the video for complete guidance.


So, the Keurig auto set-off feature is very useful for reducing power usage. Whatever model you have I hope this article will help you to enable or disable auto set-off options in your Keurig machine.

Anything you want to share, do comment.

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