What to look for in French Press | 6 points to consider

French Press is a classic and easy way to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Anyone with minimal brewing expertise can brew coffee using this method. Furthermore, a French press is also very easy to maintain and clean afterward. 

But buying a French Press is a tedious process. If you are a beginner, then there is a chance that you will buy the wrong coffee maker for yourself.

You may end up buying a French Press whose carafe is too fragile, and it will break within a month. Or a coffee maker whose filter assembly is not adequate, and it will deliver you a cup of coffee with too many sediments at the bottom, and you will start hating this brewing method. 

In this guide, we will tell you what to look for in French Press and 6 important things you must consider before buying a French Press.

How do I choose a French press? | 6 things to look for

There are six main things you should look after while buying a French Press. It must be made of strong material, it must have the right capacity that suits your needs, the lid of the Carafe must fit perfectly at the top, the filters must be adequate, and it must be manufactured by some well reputable brand that must not be overpriced or underpriced.

What to look for in French Press

Now let’s dive into each factor in detail:

1. What material is best for a French press?

The carafe of the French Press is made of three different materials:

  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic

Glass is the most widely used material for manufacturing French Press coffee. While buying a glass French Press, you must make sure that it is made of borosilicate glass and must be thick.

Thick borosilicate glass can retain heat adequately and also last for longer. On the other hand, normal thin glass can break easily and not retain heat. You should also make sure that the carafe is encased in a metal housing to protect your coffee maker from breaking.

Stainless Steel French Press coffee makers are also quite popular. They are strong and can last for a lifetime. If you buy a Metal French Press, you should ensure that it is double-walled and insulated.

Double Walled Insulated French Press can retain heat for longer and make your coffee taste better. As they can’t break easily, so they are also well suited for traveling purposes. Some coffee enthusiasts complain that metal degrades the taste of the coffee, but it’s not the case with everyone.

Ceramic French Presses are not very common, and you will rarely see anyone having them as they are more costly than the others. The design of this cafetiere is exquisite, and they look wonderful on the counter of your kitchen.

Ceramic Carafe is stronger and can retain heat longer than a Glass Carafe. They also make a great coffee cup as Ceramic material does not react with any food acids and does not retain any taste or odors from the previous brew.

In short, all material has their pros and cons, but one thing is common: they all can deliver a perfect cup of coffee.

2. what size french press should you get

French Presses are available in a range of different sizes from 8 oz to 60 oz. 8 oz French Press is perfect for personal use and a 50 oz French Press is perfect for brewing 6 to 8 cups. So, while picking up a French Press, you must make sure that you choose the right size.

The standard size of a cup of coffee is anywhere between 6 to 9 oz. The table below will help you choose the suitable capacity French Press coffee maker.

CapacityNo. of cups
8 oz1 cup
12 oz1 to 2 cups
17 oz2 to 3 cups
27 oz3 to 4 cups
34 oz4 to 5 cups
50 oz6 to 8 cups
Capacity of French Press coffee maker

3. Lid of the Carafe

Some coffee makers have a lid that is too loose and do not fit perfectly on the top. It causes two problems.

It results in unnecessary heat loss as the heat can easily escape from the open spaces.

It can cause difficulty in pouring as you have to hold the lid with your hand firmly; otherwise, the coffee will leak from the empty spaces.

So, while buying a French Press coffee maker, you must ensure that the lid fits perfectly at the top. And if it has some kind of seal at the bottom that that’s perfect. The seal will prevent the leakage of coffee while pouring, and also, there will be minimal heat loss.

4. The filters assembly

The best thing about the French Press brewing style is that you don’t need any kind of paper filters. And the only filters involved in this brewing process are metal strainers attached to the plunger.

This allows you to have a rich cup of coffee full of oils and flavors from the grounds. You can also use paper filters if you want, but they are not necessary.

Metal strainers do not adequately filter the fine grounds, so we usually use coarse grounds with French Press. So, grind size also matters in brewing a perfect cup of French Press coffee.

But the filters of some French Presses are not good, and they do not precisely filter out the grounds. This way, you will end up with a cup of French press coffee with too many sediments in it

So, while buying a French Press, you must make sure that the coffee maker has an ultra or microfiltration system capable of keeping away all the coffee grounds from your cup.

5. How much does a French press cost

If you are buying a glass French Press glass, you must look for anything between 20 to 40 dollars. Never look for something cheaper than 17-18 dollars as it will be very fragile.

You can buy a good stainless steel French Press in the range of 30 to 50 dollars. Non-insulated steel French Presses are cheaper, but they are not worth it.

Ceramic French Presses are expensive, and you can find a good Ceramic Press if you have a budget of over 60 dollars.

6. Choose the right brand

Don’t fall for unpopular and cheaper brands while buying a French Press, even if you are getting a very good deal. You may get a French Press from an unpopular brand at a very good price, but I am sure that they will not offer very good quality.

In glass French Presses, Bodum, and Café de Chateau are very good and reputable brands.

In stainless-steel French Presses, Frieling and Mueller will be the best option.

Espro is also a very good glass and stainless steel French Press brand, but it is relatively expensive.

In Ceramic French Presses, Le Creuset or Chantel are the best brands.

Our Recommendation

If you are going to buy a glass French Press coffee maker, then this guide, “Best glass French Press coffee makers,” will be helpful for you.

Café de Chateau and Bodum Chambord are excellent choices at affordable prices; they can make a great cup of coffee. However, if you are looking for the strongest glass French Press then go for Espro P5.

If you want to buy a stainless-steel French Press then this guide, “Best Insulated Metal French Press coffee makers,” will be helpful for you.

Mueller and Secura are good choices in budget. If you are looking for something better, then go for Freiling double-walled French Press.

If you are looking for Ceramic French Press, then this guide, “Best Ceramic French Press coffee makers,” will be helpful for you.

Le Creuset is the best option for Ceramic material. It is strong, beautiful, and has an enamel finish, and it can make a great cup of coffee for you. 

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