Nespresso Coffee not hot enough? 6 ways to turn up the temperature

As a coffee lover, one can’t deny the importance of temperature when it comes to point of enjoying your favorite brew. It’s quite frustrating when your brew you’re favorite Joe and after taking one sip, you have discovered that your coffee is not hot enough.

If this issue also occurs with your Nespresso machine and you are worried about how to turn up the temperature on the Nespresso machine. Then, fortunately, you are in right place! I have written my proven tricks in this article guide that definitely helps to get back to the coffee temperature that you’re used to getting from your Nespresso machine. Keep reading to learn how!

Can you turn up the temperature on the Nespresso machine?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the heating water temperature on the Nespresso machine. Basically, Nespresso machines are designed not only by keeping user convenience in mind but also to provide the best brewing technology to its customers. That means the machine temperature setting is calibrated in such a way to brew coffee at the right temperature to extract maximum flavors from coffee capsules

Usually, the brewing temperature inside a Nespresso machine is around 83-86° for Original line machines and 78° ± 5° for Vertuo line machines ( that is considered ideal for optimal extraction of the coffee aromas without burning the coffee).

Personally, I feel that not being able to change the temperature setting on Nespresso should be taken into consideration and there should be a solution for this because many coffee lovers like me like to drink hotter drinks than the Nespresso machine can give us. Actually, in some high-end Nespresso machines, there is an option for adjusting the water temperature.

However, Nespresso coffee is meant to be drunk immediately after brewing, which I think that’s the reason behind the lower temperature of the Nespresso machine.

Remember, Nespresso machines produce coffee at a lower temperature than a drip coffee maker, therefore coffee will not be as hot as you get from the traditional coffee maker.

3 Tricks to make your Nespresso coffee hotter.

Below are my personally attempt experimental tricks that surely help you to get your coffee cup at your desired temperature, even if the Nespresso machine’s hot water isn’t hot enough for you.

Heat the milk

Unless you are drinking straight espresso drinks, if you like to drink milk-based espresso drinks, you will find about 80% of milk by its volume. So, you will get a coffee drink as hot as you want it to be by simply heating the milk. But, you can’t steam milk without steaming ward. Therefore you have to invest in a Nespresso machine with an automatic milk frother that froths milk, heats the milk, and generates micro foam to create the perfect, foamy drink for you.

Preheat your cup.

Another trick to keep your coffee hotter for a relatively long period of time is to preheat your cup. There are many ways to do that. You can fill your coffee cup with water and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes before making your espresso, then dump the water, you now have a warm cup for your coffee.

Preheat the machine.

You can increase the temperature of your coffee by simply preheating the Nespresso machine before brewing.

Preheating the Nespresso original line and Nespresso vertuo line machines are given below.

  Heating the Nespresso Original line machine Heating the Nespresso vertuo line machine
  Run one or two brew cycles with your cup under the dispenser while leaving the last spent capsule in its position. That will also warm your cup. Run the cleaning cycle for about 20 seconds before you begin to brew

If you notice that your machine temperature has declined with time, then there is something wrong with your machine. In that case, either you need to descale your machine. Resetting the machine also resolves the issue.

Descale your Nespresso machine.

To keep heating water to the proper temperature, Nespresso machines need to be regularly descaled. If you haven’t cleaned your Nespresso machine for a while, lime scale buildup could be the reason for the watery coffee by affecting the brewing temperature.

For descaling, you need a descaling kit. Put the machine in descale mode and follow the instruction I have written in my article on descaling Nespresso Vertuo.

Adjusting your machine pressure.

Sometimes, the pressure inside the machine dropped with time, which eventually affects the brewing temperature of your machine. Making about 5 lungo cups only using water (no capsules) will help in rebuilding the machine’s pressure.

Reset the machine.

If none prove to be fruitful for you, then resetting the machine is the last hope for you. For complete guidance, follow my article on resetting the machine to the default factory setting.

Final thought

So, technically you cannot adjust machine temperature manually to make hotter coffee. However, if you follow my above-mentioned tricks you will definitely increase the hotness of your Nespresso coffee, despite the lack of a temperature setting.

Anything you want to share, do comment.


Best Nespresso machine for making hot coffee

Personally, I recommend you to choose Nespresso’s Creatista Plus machine which comes with a fully automatic steam wand that allows you to produce milk with the perfect texture and temperature. Its built-in feature heats the water to the ideal temperature in only three seconds. Additionally, it features 11 milk temperature settings that give you complete freedom to select the ideal milk temperature according to your desires.


Ideally, there is no manual way to adjust a Nespresso machine’s temperature unless you have the Expert model. Nespresso’s original line machine gives you freedom over temperature control. You can invest in Nespresso Expert Original Espresso Machine if you want full control over temperature.

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