Keurig vs French press (Which’s the best Coffee maker)

Keurig Vs French Press

When it comes to coffee humans have developed a number of brewing methods and coffee machines to amuse themselves with a cup of joe. Keurig makes the coffee brewing process very speedy and convenient but Is Keurig really produce the best flavors and aromas? Well no, not on par with the French Press. French Press … Read more

Nespresso Vertuo vs Original | (Which Line is Better?)

Nespresso Vertuo vs original

Nespresso has become a favorite among coffee snobs who love espresso and milk-based coffee beverages for its convenience and ease of use, but many get confused among two Nespresso product lines i-e Nespresso Vertuo vs Original. Nespresso Original line is a traditional line of Nespresso that brews espresso shots using pressurized pumps and coffee capsules. … Read more

Nespresso vs Ninja Coffee Bar (What’s the Best Choice!)

Nespresso Vs Ninja Coffee Makers design

Everyone wants a good cup of coffee they can brew easily, and for that, you need a good coffee maker. Both Nespresso and Ninja are great brands in the coffee machine industry, and you won’t be disappointed with whatever you choose. I know choosing the best coffee maker isn’t always an easy decision. If you … Read more

Nespresso Vs Lavazza (Which Brand is better?)

Nespresso vs Lavazza

For coffee lovers who need Espresso shots quickly and conveniently, single-serve pod espresso makers are the best choice. Both Nespresso and Lavazza are big names in the pod-based Espresso makers industry. If you’re looking for something premium and better quality, perhaps Nespresso is a better option, however, it’s expensive for a pod-based coffee machine. If … Read more

Nespresso Breville vs Delonghi | (How these Brands Differ!)

When it comes to buying a Nespresso machine, choosing between Breville and Delonghi, which are two of the top manufacturers might confuse you. Both Breville and Delonghi manufacture the same Nespresso machines with almost the same functionalities but with slight variations in design. There might be a question in your mind whether the difference is … Read more

Nespresso Vs Espresso | (How These Machines differs?)

Nespresso vs Espresso machines

While Nespresso machines make brewing espresso easy, there are many coffee snobs out there who will argue that Nespresso coffee isn’t a genuine espresso. There’s no doubt that Nespresso has made a place in millions of homes over the years, but the drink they produce isn’t as rich and strong as espresso. The unique selling … Read more

Keurig coffee taste burnt Bitter or Bad? (7 ways to fix it!)

Keurig coffee taste burnt

Keurig machines are the most conventional coffee machine that brews a single perfect cup of coffee with just one push of a button. However, Honestly, Keurigs aren’t the best way to enjoy coffee, but their convenience is a huge advantage. Some people complain that Keurig coffee tastes burnt or bad, and others complain about the … Read more

Is Nespresso worth it in 2023? (Yes! But have Some cons)

is Nespresso worth it?

According to one survey, about 40% of USA homes own single-serve coffee machines. An average American spends about $1,100 per year on coffee, over $3 a day. This shows the importance of coffee in an individual life.  If you own your coffee maker, you can surely save hundreds of dollars per year on your coffee … Read more

Keurig Serial Number lookup | (Which Keurig Do you have!)


Keurig has been in the business for more than 20 years. Throughout this period, Keurig has manufactured approximately more than 100 distinct models, differing in size and features. The majority of these models have been taken off the market, but still, there are 20 models available to purchase. However, Some Keurig owners find it difficult … Read more

How to empty Nespresso machine? (quick and easy way!)


If you go on vacation or if you move and would like to take your machine with you, it is recommended to empty the system of your Nespresso machine. It is recommended to completely drain and empty the Nespresso machine before storing it in your cupboard for a period of time when you won’t be … Read more