How many calories in a shot of espresso (Interesting Answers!)

If you are tired from a hectic schedule and want a bold shot of espresso, It will certainly give you a quick caffeine jolt and energizes you quickly.

Many folks think that Espresso shots are completely free of calories and that drinking Espresso won’t count in the daily calorie intake. However, the truth is Espresso does contain a little amount of calories especially fancy espresso drinks like Latte and Cappuccino.

To get rid of this continuous stress you must need a perfect way to recheck your calorie intake. Here, you will get a complete guide to revisiting your calorie ratio in the cup of coffee.   

Calories in different types of Espresso Drinks

Here’s the comparison of the total amount of calories typically present in different types of espresso drinks

Coffee TypeAmount of Drink (ml)Calories or kcals
Latte 240 130 – 150 
Cappuccino 240125 – 150
Flat White 240100 
Americano1402 – 3
Black coffee240 2
Single Shot Espresso 30 2 – 3
Double Shot Espresso605 – 6
Macchiato 6013 
Data Source: (fdc.nal.usda)

See! The Espresso shots almost contain no calories, but when milk and sugar are added, the calorie count increases significantly.

The consumption of coffee is healthy and reduces the risks of blood pressure and cardiac diseases, improves mood and energy levels, etc. But the additives like milk, creamer and especially the sugar aren’t that healthy.

However, there is no harm if you drink Latte and Cappuccino in moderation. I personally love to have a hot cup of cappuccino in the evening.

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How many Calories are in Espresso

An espresso shot is 1-1.25 ounces and usually contains 2-3 kcals.

The number of calories that an espresso shot contains doesn’t harm your body and it is certainly a very helpful beverage to increase your metabolic activities.     

How many Calories are in a double shot of espresso

Most of us want a double shot of espresso or doppio in the morning and why not! As a coffee lover, I can’t even contemplate having a Solo Espresso shot in the morning.

A doppio Espresso shot has double the amount of coffee grounds so provides you with a bigger caffeine jolt and helps in keeping you active. A double-shot espresso which is usually 60 ml in quantity contains 5-6 calories.  

Sounds perfect for your energy boost? Certainly yes! Calories you obtain from espresso shots or black coffee doesn’t increase extra fat in your body. You can track your coffee shots and add-ups through these scales.  

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Calories in Starbucks Espresso drinks

How can a coffee lover deny the divine taste of Starbucks? Getting your rich cup of vanilla latte or cafe mocha helps in switching your mood. But you must track the calories contained in espresso drinks at Starbucks. 

Only a doppio espresso of 45 ml contains 10 calories. A cafe latte contains 70 to 100 calories in a 236 ml cup, Cafe Mocha of 236 ml contains 120- 290 calories (depending on different types). Caramel macchiato of 236 ml contains 100-150 calories and espresso macchiato contains 15-20 calories (depending on shots).

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Calories in Milk-Based Espresso Drinks

Many people don’t like black coffee because they find it bitter and prefer to add milk or sugar to it.

As discussed above, Espresso shots don’t have a substantial amount of calories but milk-based espresso drinks contain more calories per cup. 

You must control the usage of milk, sugar, and sweetener in coffee drinks if you are really concerned about calorie intake.

3 to 4 ounces of whole milk contains 50-60 calories, skimmed milk contains 30-40 calories and almond milk contains 10-20 calories.

A single tablespoon of sugar has 16 calories and other flavored syrups or creamers give 20 calories for each pump.   

Calories in milk-based coffee drinks

For those of you who are concerned about calorie intake and love milk-based coffee drinks, you can use low-fat milk like skimmed, almond, or soy milk instead of whole milk and low-calorie sweeteners.

So, How much espresso is too much?

As we know the famous proverb “excess of anything is bad” so does apply to espresso.

Although the calories in an Espresso shot are almost negligible, there are some other factors worth taking into account, including caffeine content.

According to research, 2-3 cups of coffee is enough for a day. A single shot of espresso contains 60-72 mg and a doppio shot has 120-133 of caffeine.

And the healthy limit of caffeine in a day is 400 mg for adults and 200 mg for teens and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

So having more than 3 doppio shots of Espresso can actually harm you!

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Final Thought 

A detailed understanding of calories and caffeine consumption in a day is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Black espresso shots do not increase your daily calorie intake, but using too much milk and sweeteners can.

I am not saying you should completely eliminate delicious Latte and Cappuccino drinks from your diet. In fact, I love to drink a cup of Cappuccino in the evening.

But there is a limit!



The calories in black coffee drinks, whether espresso or brewed coffee, are almost negligible.
A solo espresso shot contains 3 calories and a doppio contains 6 calories. Regular black coffee and Americano have 2 to 5 calories. 


In general, the daily intake of calories should be 2000-2200 in women and 2500-2800 in men.
However, these numbers may vary depending on the health and physical activity of a person.

Can you drink espresso while dieting?

Espresso on its own is low in calories and can be a good option if you’re trying to lose weight.
Espresso can provide a quick energy boost that will eventually help in doing exercises in a better way and losing weight.

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