Americano Vs Espresso | (All You Wanna Know!)

If you’re a coffee lover, you definitely know the names of two famous drinks “Americano” and “espresso.” While both are delicious coffee drinks, but there are some obvious differences between the two.

An Americano is prepared by adding hot water to a shot of espresso, which results in a milder and less concentrated flavor compared to pure espresso. The addition of hot water makes Americanos bigger in volume, making them more leisurely to drink than espresso, which is often served in small shots.

If you’re curious to know about Americano vs Espresso, you are at the right place!

In this blog post, I have compiled all the details you want to know about Americano and Espresso. Whether you’re a coffee lover or just a curious beginner, this blog is especially for you. So let’s get started!

Americano vs Espresso

What is espresso?

First, let me say that espresso is not just any ordinary coffee. It’s a powerful, concentrated shot of coffee made with hot water through finely-ground coffee beans.

Espresso is known for its rich and bold flavor, which comes from the high pressure used during brewing. This pressure extracts the oils and flavors from the coffee beans, resulting in a smooth, velvety shot that packs a serious punch.

“Either you choose your espresso, or you let espresso choose you. A coffee a day keeps the grumpy away.”

Espresso coffee

Remember that espresso is typically consumed in small quantities – usually just a solo shot (1-1.25 oz) or a doppio shot (2-2.25 oz) – as it’s concentrated.

Anyways, you always have the option to dilute flavors by adding steamed milk, Creamers, Syrups, or hot water to prepare other Espresso based drinks.

What is Americano?

Aren’t familiar with the Americano? If not, let me introduce you to this delicious coffee drink!

An Americano is a shot of espresso diluted with hot water. This alternative is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a coffee experience less robust than a pure espresso yet still retains the distinctive flavor associated with coffee.

Americano Coffee

To make an Americano, you pull a shot of espresso. Afterward, hot water is poured into the espresso shot to produce a coffee drink with a milder taste

With Americanos, the possibilities for customization are virtually endless. You can add less water to the espresso if you prefer a stronger coffee flavor or add more water to the espresso for a milder taste – it’s your call!

How many shots of espresso are in an Americano?

An Americano typically contains one or two espresso shots diluted with hot water to create a milder coffee flavor. However, you can adjust the amount of espresso or water to your preference.

According to Wikipedia, 

“The drink consists of a single or double shot of espresso brewed with added water. Typically up to about 400 milliliters (14 imp fl oz; 14 US fl oz) of hot water is added to the double espresso”

The ratio of water to espresso I prefer when preparing Americano is 2:1. I use Doppio Espresso shot (2oz) and add about 4 ounces of water to it.

difference between Americano And Espresso

The main difference between an Americano and an Espresso is the amount of water used. Besides that, there are some differences in the taste and the caffeine content. Let’s look at it.

Americano Vs Espresso

The Taste

When it comes to taste, Americano and espresso are different. Espresso has a rich, bold flavor that’s very intense due to its concentrated nature. 

Espresso is known for its luxurious texture and Crema layer, in combination with its robust and pronounced mouthfeel, which is particularly cherished by coffee connoisseurs.

The robust, almost bitter taste of espresso is often attributed to the concentrated extraction process, which draws out the coffee’s essential oils and flavors.

On the other hand, Americano is not as strong as espresso. In fact, it’s the opposite – Americano is milder than espresso due to the addition of hot water, which dilutes the concentrated espresso shot. 

This feature makes it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a coffee experience that is less intense than a pure shot of espresso yet still retains the bold flavor and aroma associated with coffee.

The Caffeine Content | Which has more caffeine

Regarding caffeine content, espresso has more caffeine per ounce than Americano. This is because espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee, whereas Americano is diluted with hot water.

The caffeine content of a single Espresso shot is about 60-72 mg; for a double shot, it’s 120-133 mg.

When comparing caffeine content per serving, both have the same amount as Americano is nothing but a diluted espresso.

As Americano is generally prepared with a double shot of Espresso so it has more caffeine than a solo Espresso shot.


The espresso preparation method is popular throughout the world, however, its origins can be traced back to Italy, where it is an integral part of Italian coffee culture.

Espresso is also popular in other European counties including Spain, France, and the Nordic Nations.

Americano as the name suggests is a very popular drink in the USA. In fact, the term Americano is invented by American Soldiers during World War 2.

The American Soldiers found the traditional espresso served in Italy to be too strong and intense for their taste. To make the coffee more palatable, they started adding hot water, creating a milder and less concentrated drink that become popular as “Americano”

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Americano Vs Espresso | So what’s Better

When it comes to choosing between Americano and Espresso, the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference.

I personally enjoy a milder coffee flavor or a larger cup of coffee, so the Americano might be the ideal choice for me. I find that the addition of hot water to the espresso shot creates a more manageable and less overpowering taste.

Moreover, the additional liquid volume makes it a more leisurely coffee experience that can be enjoyed over a more extended period.

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What’s The Correct Ratio For Americano?

A 1:1 espresso to water is commonly used to make an Americano without excessive dilution. That makes 2.5 oz of water in a double Espresso shot.
But the perfect ratio you choose for your Americano depends on your taste. If you are looking for a more mild taste go for 1:2. In short, feel free to experiment with different ratios and you will find the one which works best for you!

What’s The Difference Between Long Black And Americano?

Long Black is another Espresso based drink just like Americano but with a slight difference.
In Long black, Espresso is poured over hot water in a manner where the crema layer of Espresso is preserved. In contrast, Americano is made by adding hot water to a shot of espresso. The order of adding water has an effect on the texture of the drink otherwise, the taste is more or less the same.