Nice Tasting Low-Acid Coffee K Cups to Fix Acid Reflux

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In coffee, deep flavors and acidity go hand in hand!

For those who savor the rich, robust taste of a good cup of joe but find themselves troubled by the often-accompanying stomach discomfort or acid reflux, low-acid coffee K cups offer a solution.

Top 7 Low Acid Coffee K cups

  1. Healthwise Low Acid Coffee K-Cups – Colombian Supremo
  2. Puroast Low Acid Coffee K cups – Dark French Roast
  3. Purity Coffee EASE – Organic Low Acid Coffee K cups
  4. Cafe Don Pedro Breakfast – Low acid Medium Roast K cup
  5. VitaCup Organic K cups – Decaf Low acid Pods
  6. Slimlly Low Acid Coffee Pods – Infused with herbal extracts
  7. Manatee Gourmet Coffee – Flavored low-acid coffee pods

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top-rated low-acid K cup brands that allow you to enjoy coffee’s pick-me-up without digestive distress. We’ll cover options across the spectrum—dark roasts, medium roasts, decaf, organic, and flavored low-acid coffees.

Best Low Acid Coffee K Cups

Why Trust Us

As a Keurig K Elite owner, I have had the pleasure of tasting many K-cup coffee pods over the years. In this article, I share my judgment on the top features, flavor profiles, and notes of the best Low Acid K-cup coffee pods, so you can easily find the perfect one for yourself.

1- Healthwise Low Acid K-Cup Pods
(Colombian Supremo Coffee)

Healthwise K cups are the least acidic Coffee Pods and a perfect option if you struggle with acid reflux, heartburn, or other gastrointestinal issues. This K-cup coffee is processed to reduce acidity while retaining the full and rich flavor you crave. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the rich, chocolatey flavor of the Colombian Supremo pods.

Healthwise Low Acid K cups
Tasting NotesSmooth flavor profile with Nutty notes
Types of beansArabica
pH level6
Roast TypeMedium

These K-cups come in several flavors like French Vanilla and Chocolate Coconut, so there’s something for everyone. I love the Hazelnut option for its lovely aroma and flavor.

Healthwise coffee pods are smooth and flavorful, without any bitterness or acidity. They provide a sustained energy boost that will help you power through your workday without any negative side effects on the stomach.

Sure, these low-acid K-cups may not be quite as bold and strong as regular coffee. But it’s definitely one of the best-tasting K-cup coffees you can find with low acidity.

2- Puroast Low Acid Coffee K cups
(Dark French Roast)

Puroast Low Acid French K cups are a dream come true if you love bold, dark roast coffee but suffer from acid reflux. These K-cups are expertly crafted to reduce acidity while maintaining a rich and robust flavor profile. This means that you can enjoy the deep, smoky taste of dark roast coffee without the usual bitterness or stomach irritation.

Puraroast Low acid K cups
Tasting NotesRich and Smoky flavors
OriginAndes Mountains South America
Types of beansArabica
pH level5.5
Roast TypeDark French Roast

These pods have a remarkably smooth and flavors with hints of smokiness. The superb quality of the high-elevation Arabica beans shines through despite the low-acid process.

It may be a little bitter for medium or light roast lovers, but for dark roast aficionados like me, these low-acid pods are sure to satisfy. You can finally have your deep, robust coffee with very low acidity.

Puroast also offers other low acid K-cup options like House Blend, Medium Roast, and Vanilla Nut, but in my opinion, the rich intensity of the French Roast is the best among all. 

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3- Purity Coffee EASE Pods
(Best Organic Low Acid Coffee K cups)

Purity Coffee EASE Pods offers the best-tasting and completely organic acid-free coffee drink. These USDA-certified organic pods are lab-tested for Molds, Mycotoxins, and Pesticides, making them a healthiest way to start your day.

Purity Coffee EASE Pods
Tasting NotesRoasted walnut, Dark chocolate and Brown spice
OriginLatin America
Types of beansArabica
Roast TypeDark Roast

It lacks the harsh bite or acid stomach discomfort I’ve experienced with some other dark roasts. The beans are specially selected and roasted to maximize antioxidant content while reducing acids. Rigorous third-party testing ensures the coffee is free of molds, pesticides, and defects.

You’ll surely love the chocolatey and nutty notes of a high-quality dark roast. These organic low-acid dark roast pods are a great choice for health-conscious coffee lovers.

Purity coffee is a little pricier than other brands. But you’ll happily pay a little extra for the peace of mind that your daily coffee ritual is completely sustainable and also nurtures your body. 

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4- Cafe Don Pedro Breakfast
(Affordable Low acid Medium Roast K cup)

Cafe Don Pedro Breakfast Blend K-cups are perfect for coffee lovers who have been missing out on the joy of medium-roast coffee due to acid reflux or heartburn. These innovative pods are specially designed to minimize acidity while preserving the full flavor of 100% Arabica beans. The result is a smooth, aromatic cup that is both delicious and gentle on the stomach.

Cafe Don Pedro Breakfast
Tasting NotesBalanced and smooth coffee 
OriginLatin America
Types of beansArabica
Roast TypeMedium Roast

The medium roast highlights the beans’ natural sweetness with nutty, chocolatey notes. It’s flavorful and satisfying but gentle on the digestive system. With Don Pedro’s low-acid pods, you don’t have to sacrifice rich coffee flavor just to avoid heartburn.

One downside is that some pods aren’t properly sealed and you may notice some grounds in your brewed coffee. 

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5- VitaCup Organic K cups
(Decaf Low acid Pods)

VitaCup Organic Decaf Coffee K cups let you unwind in the evenings with a delicious low acid cup of java free of caffeine or bitterness. These single-origin Guatemalan pods are expertly crafted for sensitive decaf drinkers and have a deep, chocolatey flavor with antioxidant benefits.

Vita Cup Perfect Low Acid Decaf
Tasting NotesSmooth, robust flavors with hints of cocoa and caramel
OriginLatin America
Types of beansArabica
Roast TypeDecaf Dark Roast

VitaCup’s Perfect pods have a rich, syrupy taste without the acid bite you’ll experience with other decafs. The complex flavor notes from high-altitude beans make it the tastiest low-acid decaf option.

When you brew a cup, you’ll notice the subtle almond undertones that accent the smooth body. It is lab-tested for harsh molds or mycotoxins. While it is not the cheapest option, it is very fairly priced for organic single-origin decaf. 

If you want delicious coffee free of acid and caffeine, VitaCup’s Perfect K cup is the perfect choice. They provide heartburn-free antioxidant benefits and a spectrum of flavors to savor.

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6- Slimlly Low Acid Coffee Pods
(Infused with herbal extracts)

If you follow a ketogenic or paleo diet, SOLLO’s Keto Dark Roast coffee pods let you start your day with a boost of fat-burning MCTs and zero carbs or sugars. Expertly crafted for keto dieters and health-focused coffee lovers, these coconut MCT-infused pods have a bold dark roast flavor without acidity or bitterness.

Tasting NotesSmooth flavors with hints of Coconuts
OriginAcross the World
Types of beansArabica
Roast TypeDark Roast

SOLLO coffee is the perfect way to start your day. The MCT oil powder provides sustained energy without hunger or crashes, and the dark roast has a pleasantly smooth taste. You’ll feel focused and satisfied all morning long.

The high-quality Arabica beans ensure a rich, full-bodied mouthfeel. While not extremely overpowering, the dark roast flavor is robust enough for black coffee drinkers like me.

For keto dieters who don’t want to compromise on flavor or nutrition, these MCT acid-free K cup coffee is the perfect choice

7- Manatee Gourmet Coffee
(Flavored low acid coffee pods)

Manatee Caribbean Delight K-Cup coffee is the perfect way to enjoy the tropical taste of coconut coffee without the unpleasant side effects of heartburn or acid reflux. These medium roast pods are expertly crafted for flavorful coffee that is gentle on sensitive stomachs. The velvety coconut is blended with hints of caramel for a smooth, mellow drinking experience.

Manatee Low acid flavored k cups
Tasting NotesCoconut, Hazelnut and Caramel flavored coffee 
OriginAcross the World
Types of beansArabica
Roast TypeMedium

As a flavored coffee fan prone to acid stomachs, you’ll be delighted to sip Manatee’s Caribbean Delight pods without gastric irritation afterward. The lovely coconut aroma and subtle sweetness make for a satisfying morning treat.

These flavored low-acid pods provide an uplifting taste experience. The medium roast is rich and full-bodied, with subtle notes of coconut and caramel. While the flavors are not extremely strong, they are definitely present. For the price, these pods are a great value.

If you want to savor a sweet, tropical coffee flavor without acid reflux, Manatee’s Caribbean Delight is a gratifying option. 

Why does coffee cause acid reflux?

Coffee is naturally acidic, with a pH ranging from 4.85 to 5.13. This acidity can irritate the esophagus and stomach lining, causing heartburn or acid reflux in some people. 

The acids in coffee include chlorogenic acids and other organic acids that stimulate gastric acid secretion. 

Caffeine is another culprit, as it relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter, allowing stomach acid to reflux up into the esophagus. Caffeine also stimulates gastric acid production. 

The combination of coffee’s natural acidity and the acid-stimulating effects of caffeine is why many people experience acid reflux or heartburn after drinking coffee.

Buying Guide for Low Acid Coffee K cups

Choose darker roasts

Darker roasts are generally less acidic than lighter roasts. Light roasts tend to be more acidic, with bright, tangy, citrusy notes. As roasting progresses, acids break down leading to chocolatey and nutty flavors with very low acidity.

This reduced acidity makes dark roast K-cups a preferred choice for individuals with sensitive stomachs or acid reflux issues, as they are less likely to trigger discomfort.

Most of the options I have mentioned in the list are dark roasts. However, there are also some medium roast options like Cafe Don Pedro and Healthwise too. These coffee pods go through special processing to reduce their natural acidity down to low levels. So people who prefer a medium roast can also enjoy very low acid coffee.

The Roast levels

The origin of coffee

The region of coffee beans significantly affects their natural acidity levels. Beans from Indonesia, Brazil, and Guatemala tend to be less acidic with a well-rounded flavor profile.

These areas have lower elevations and warmer climates that develop lower acid beans.

Cooler high-altitude regions like Central America and Africa produce more acidic beans with brighter, fruitier tastes.

brazil coffee plants


Low acid Coffee K-cups tend to be relatively expensive, typically ranging from 80 to 90 cents per pod. In order to reduce acidity, additional processing is required, which increases production costs. Factors like organic and single-origin beans also raise prices.

However, there are more affordable options available, such as Cafe Don Pedro and Manatee, which can be found at around 50 cents per pod. 

On the higher end, pods from specialty brands like VitaCup and Purity Coffee sell for over $1.50 due to their focus on quality and unique blends.

Flavor Profile

Low-acid K-cups have a rich and smooth taste but lack the complexity and fruity side of coffee. These coffees are often dark roasted, which brings out the chocolaty and nutty notes.

The dark roast can also introduce a subtle bitterness that some people may find unpleasant.

How to make K cup Coffee less acidic

Here are some tips to make K-cup coffee less acidic:

1- Choose Low-Acid K-Cups: Start with the right coffee. Look for K-cups labeled as “low acid” or those made from coffee beans known for their lower acidity, like beans from Brazil or Indonesia.

2- Add a Pinch of Baking Soda: A tiny pinch of baking soda (about 1/8 of a teaspoon) can help reduce acidity. Baking soda is alkaline and can neutralize some of the coffee’s acidity, making it milder.

*It alters the taste of coffee a little that you might not like.

3- Use Acid Reducers: Some products are specifically designed to reduce coffee acidity. Look for acid reducers or coffee additives containing calcium carbonate, which can help lower acidity levels.

4- Add a Paper Filter: If you’re using reusable K-cups, consider placing a paper filter inside before adding coffee grounds. This additional filtration can help trap some of the coffee’s natural oils and acids, resulting in a smoother brew.

5- Use Hard Water: Brew with hard water instead of distilled or purified water. The minerals in hard water balance out acidity.

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6- Avoid the Strong Setting: If your Keurig has strength settings, avoid the “strong” option. Strong coffee is often brewed with a slower flow, which can extract more acids from the grounds. Stick to the regular setting for a milder cup.

7- Add Milk or Creamers: Dairy products like milk or creamers can help neutralize acidity and add a creamy, smooth texture to your coffee. They also contribute a touch of sweetness, further masking the acidity.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a less acidic and more palatable cup of coffee, even when using K-cups. 

Benefits of low-acid Coffee

Low acid coffee provides several benefits, especially for people with gastrointestinal issues:

Reduces bloating – The acids in regular coffee stimulate gastric acid secretion and can irritate the intestinal lining. Low acid coffee avoids this excessive acid production, preventing a bloated stomach feeling.

Relieves IBS – Individuals with IBS often have sensitive digestive systems that react negatively to high-acid foods and beverages. Low acid coffee can be a more tolerable option, helping IBS sufferers avoid flare-ups and discomfort.

Improves acid reflux – Coffee’s acidity causes the lower esophageal sphincter to relax, allowing stomach acid to leak upwards causing reflux and heartburn. Low acid coffee avoids this response, reducing symptoms.

Protects Your Dental Health: High acidity in coffee can contribute to tooth enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity.

Less Bitterness: Low acid coffee tends to have a smoother flavor profile. It lacks the intense bitterness that high-acid coffee can sometimes have, making it more enjoyable for those who prefer a balanced and less harsh taste.

Final Thoughts

For coffee lovers struggling with acid reflux or other gastrointestinal distress, switching to low acid coffee can be life-changing.

The low-acid coffee pods I have mentioned in the list are meant to cater to all tastes, whether you prefer dark or medium roasts, decaf, organic, or flavored coffees. You’re sure to find your new favorite stomach-friendly coffee drink.

Let us know in the comments if you have discovered any other worthy low acid coffee pod brands we should try.


Do Doctors suggest low acid coffee for Stomach Issues?

Yes, doctors often recommend low-acid coffee for people suffering from frequent heartburn, acid reflux, or other stomach issues.
Low acid coffee can be gentler on the digestive system and may help reduce symptoms of discomfort and irritation in individuals with sensitive stomachs.

Do low-acid coffee K cups have less caffeine?

Yes, low acid coffee K-cups do sometimes have slightly less caffeine than regular coffee K-cups. While acidity and caffeine are not directly related, some methods used to reduce acidity in coffee beans can end up removing small amounts of caffeine as well.

Does low acid coffee taste different than regular coffee?

Yes, low acid coffee typically tastes different than regular coffee. It has a milder, smoother flavor profile with less bitterness and a reduced acidic bite.
Low acid coffee brands also often use processing methods that help bring out more of the nutty and chocolaty notes in the beans.

Does letting coffee sit make it more acidic?

Yes, allowing brewed coffee to sit for a prolonged period tends to make it more acidic. As the coffee sits, the natural acids continue to extract and infuse into the liquid, making it progressively more acidic over time.
For this reason, it is always recommended to drink freshly brewed coffee instead of letting it sit in a thermos for too long.

Is decaf coffee better than regular coffee for acid reflux?

Yes, decaf coffee is often a better choice than regular coffee for people with acid reflux. Since caffeine can relax the lower esophageal sphincter and stimulate acid production, removing caffeine also reduces these effects that can cause reflux.

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