Why is my Keurig coffee not hot enough?


Keurigs are highly conventional machines that brew a single perfect shot of coffee with the ease of just pushing the button. However, as with many other good products, the Keurig coffee machine has some pros and cons. One of them is that Keurig coffee is not as hot as it should be. Many users encounter this issue … Read more

Why is My Espresso Watery or weak?

Espresso is supposed to be rich and thick with a wonderful layer of crema over it, not a weak, and dull drink without any complex flavors There must be something wrong with your brewing technique if you always get weak, or watery espresso with a bitter aftertaste.   Key Takeaways In this post, I will discuss … Read more

Why does Nespresso taste burnt, bitter or bad?

Nespresso Coffee Tastes Burnt

Nespresso coffee is typically robust, with a creamy texture and sharp notes. But sometimes Nespresso machines start producing coffee that tastes burnt. As you look out, you’ll see that your Nespresso machine is working fine and producing exactly the right amount of coffee or espresso. So what’s the problem? Stop stressing your mind to figure … Read more

Nespresso Vertuo Flashing solid white light and not working

Nespresso Vertuo Next White Light

Many Vertuo next owners complain about troubleshooting issues and the reliability of this machine. One most common issues is continuously flashing or solid white light on Vertuo next. And In that scenario, Vertuo Next won’t brew coffee. I have compiled some successful solutions shared by Users who have encountered the Solid white light error in … Read more

A guide to Fix Nespresso Machine Leaking from Bottom or top

Nespresso is an excellent choice for brewing great coffee but even with its growing appeal, some coffee drinkers report that Nespresso frequently leaks coffee or water. Sometimes wear and tear might be the cause, and sometimes your bad luck can cause your Nespresso machine to leak. Like many other electrical appliances, Nespresso coffee machines are … Read more