What is Misto Coffee? | A Delicious Starbucks recipe

If you’ve been to Starbucks before, you’ve probably wondered what is misto coffee? Oh, you are not alone! This article focused on what this coffee is made of and how can we make it at home?

Caffè Misto is defined as just half-brewed coffee and half-steamed milk. This is usually a one-to-one ratio with coffee and milk. As with any coffee, you can change the flavor by selecting a different roast level. This cafe is also known as Café au lait if you are outside Starbucks.

Have you ever wonder about lattes. Unlike the latte, the coffee part of the Caffe Misto is made from the French press. There is no way to mix coffee and milk to make it a simple homemade drink with a more foamy texture, while others need to be warmed up.

It doesn’t matter how the milk is heated for a latte until it is hot and does not have any foam. Not to be confused with a flat latte that uses cold milk instead of hot milk.

What is Caffe Misto?

In Starbucks term. A Caffè Misto is also familiar with Café au lait in the coffee world outside of Starbucks.

 So what is Caffè Misto?

The actual name of this coffee, not in Starbucks ‘ point of view, but in French, it will be “cappuccino. This is precisely the coffee. This is a cup of coffee. Hot with added milk (usually steam).

Do not confuse this drink with milk coffee. “; This is an espresso with cold milk instead of hot.”

What is Misto Coffee

Caffè Misto particularly does not have a specific brewing method. You can make coffee at home using a coffee machine and hot milk or order it at a coffee shop, where expensive espresso machines are often used and produced on steamed milk.

However, The ratio of coffee to milk is usually one to one, but like many other coffees, it all depends on you and your preference!

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What is the difference between a Caffè Misto and a Café au lait?

 An interesting fact about both drinks, there is no difference.

Caffe Misto’s real name is Café au lait, but if you are at Starbucks, you might call it Caffè Misto. . Their name, although it may be a familiar coffee. … So does it matter when it comes to pleasure?

Caffè Misto is usually prepared by adding steamed milk and a cup of freshly brewed coffee, latte on the other hand prepared with a bit of Espresso, boiled milk, and frothed milk. The main difference between Caffe Misto and Latte is that Café Misto is made with a filter. Coffee and latte with Espresso.

Caffè Misto tastes more like black coffee than latte because Caffè Misto adds more coffee than just one Espresso.

What is the difference between Cafe au Lait vs. Latte?

Both coffee drinks are prepared with coffee and milk, but the main differences are that in lattes, milk is combined with brewed coffee, and cappuccino, on the other hand, is prepared with Espresso.

Malik Ratio: A cappuccino usually consists of 1/3 espresso, 2/3 frothed milk and is also covered with a layer of milk foam.

Caffeine contentCoffee with milk has a higher caffeine content than a cappuccino. Occasionally A 16-ounce cup of latte with 8 ounces of brewed coffee contains approximately 97 milligrams of high caffeine content.

On the other hand, a cappuccino with Espresso shot indeed has around 64 milligrams of caffeine. A double dose of Espresso in your cappuccino will have about 128 milligrams of high caffeine content, so the caffeine content will depend on the amount of coffee you consume with alcohol.

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How is Caffe Misto made?

Caffe Misto is usually relatively easy to make at home and usually does not require expensive machines. The first step is to make the coffee the way you want it.

You can make use of a French press or drip coffee maker with your favorite cup of coffee. Preheat the milk when making coffee. You can heat it on the stove and beat it with a whisk until milk forms.

It shouldn’t be boiling, hot enough to add to coffee. After cooking, fill half a glass and pour the rest of the hot milk. Misto coffee is ready, and you can now amuse yourself.

 If you like numbers, the step-by-step instructions are repeated below. 

  • Prepare your coffee in the way you want to prepare it.
  • Heat the milk on the stove and stir it
  • Pour equal amounts of hot coffee and milk into a cup.
  • Drink!

Step involved in making Caffe Misto

Step 1. Make Coffee

Any which way you please to ensure it behaves and is also solid.

Initially use French Press; however, it was a headache to have to cleanse it out before frothing the milk, so you should opt for a drip device as well, as it ended up being a great deal much more accessible.

If you’re using a drip machine, set it to the 14 cup setting if you have one to slow it down a bit and get a more stable cup of coffee. It prevents the coffee from being over-extracted and turning the whole thing into a bitter mess.

Step 2. Heat Milk

Heat the milk the way you see it and make sure it doesn’t boil, it won’t come back when cooked, and the milk will lose its sweetness when it burns.

Opt for a microwave, heat it to a 15-second boom mixing it in the middle to make sure you can get everything the same as it gets hot enough before it goes over the edge.

Step 3. Froth milk

Fill the French pitcher halfway and then soak the milk back and forth for about 30 seconds until the milk becomes thick and bubbly.

It increases in dimension, which is why you intend just half to fill it, avoid my blunders and stay clear of getting milk throughout your counter.

You can also buy a small hand broom that will froth the milk for you, or you can buy a milk frother that will heat and froth the milk in its container, saving a lot of time and headaches.

step 4. Combine

That’s it, coffee right into a cup and warm foamy milk ahead, voila you’ve just made on your own a Coffee shop Misto!

Add sweetener to coffee before milk as it is much less of a hassle to mix if you want to add sweetener – any lovely syrup you have around the house, or simple sugar will do.

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The short answer is yes! Most ingredients of Misto coffee are coffee and milk. However, you’ll add tasteful syrups like pumpkin spice, vanilla, or hazelnuts for a small amount of sweetness. This could even be through with a coffee maker, though you may like a steam wand to whip the milk properly at home. Experiment with completely different flavors to make the proper cup of coffee for you.

Final Thoughts

Okay, you get the idea of what is a misto coffee?

The perfect Starbucks recipe for Caffè Misto is how easy it is to make it at home? This is a delicious recipe worth trying at home. Coffee and do it again when I feel like a latte with a lot of steamed milk.

The final thought is this is not a latte or black coffee with a touch of milk; it is an inexpensive medium drink that is slightly stronger and lighter than an espresso-based drink.

Anything you want to share, do comment.


1- How many calories are in a cup of Misto Coffee?

Misto coffee comes in a variety of sizes – a typical Misto cup (8 ounces) can contain about 75 mg of caffeine, while larger cups can contain up to 195 mg of caffeine.

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