The Famous French Vanilla Coffee | (What is it? and Recipe!)

Vanilla Coffee

Have you ever tried French Vanilla Coffee in some fancy restaurant that tastes very appealing to you, and you wish how good it will be if you get that type of coffee drink in the morning every day? But this Vanilla Coffee seems very expensive because the restaurant is demanding a very high price for that Coffee … Read more

What is Caffe Misto | Famous Starbucks Drink

What is Misto Coffee

If you’ve been to Starbucks or a fancy coffee cafe, you’ve might have heard of Caffe Misto also known as Cafe au lait sometimes. You might be wondering what is Caffe Misto and how it differs from Latte Caffe Misto consists of half-brewed coffee mixed with half-hot milk. This is essentially a one-to-one ratio of … Read more

How to make an Americano with Nespresso?


Most of you probably have your first Americano at a café! But what about brewing Americano at home? Sound amazing, Right? Americano has a milder taste similar to traditional coffee and is ideal for those Espresso lovers who want a larger cup of drink so that they can sip it for longer.  It is a … Read more