How To make Cold Brew in French Press (A Delicious Recipe!)

French press is a popular coffee brewing device, that’s a versatile option for brewing exceptional hot coffee, teas, and cold brews as well. Making a cold brew in french press is really simple. All you need to have is a french press, Burr grinder, filtered water, and coffee and you’re ready to go! Yes, It’s … Read more

How to Make Espresso in French Press (Quick and Delicious!)

How to Make Espresso in French Press

So you enjoy dense and concentrated espresso shots but don’t want to spend a heavy amount to buy a fancy Espresso machine. Well! You can easily make “Espresso-Styled” coffee in a French Press coffee maker. While the French Press Espresso won’t be as concentrated as real espresso and won’t have a layer of crema over … Read more

What is Espresso Macchiato (A Delicious Recipe!)

What is Espresso Macchiato

If you love an excellent cup of coffee, you’ve probably aware of “espresso macchiato.” which is another delicious espresso-based drink that has its origin in Italy. Macchiato means “stained” or “marked” in Italian, referring to the small amount of milk added to espresso. A small amount of milk foam on top adds a slight sweetness … Read more

What is Lungo Coffee? (All You Wanna Know!)


If you enjoy coffee, you’ve probably heard about Lungo coffee. The Ristretto, Doppio and now the Lungo are just variations of Espresso. The lungo shot is pulled the same way as the espresso shot, but with more water. Consequently, the drink is milder and less concentrated than traditional Espresso and leaves a bitter aftertaste. In … Read more

French Press Iced Coffee (2 Easy and Delicious Recipes!)

French Press Iced Coffee

Generally, you’ve heard that a French press makes great hot coffee. But! Besides that, a French press is a versatile and good option for making iced coffees, cold brews, and a French press espresso as well. But first! Let’s clarify what’s the difference between a “Cold brew” and an “Iced coffee”?  It is important to … Read more

How to make espresso with instant coffee (Easy Recipe!)

How to Make Espresso With Instant Coffee

To make a perfect coffee drink, whether a Latte or Cappuccino, an Americano or Macchiato, you need an ideal shot of espresso.   How about making heavenly espresso shots without a fancy espresso machine using just instant coffee? You can’t make Authentic Espresso with instant coffee that has a layer of Crema, and a rich and … Read more

What is Doppio Espresso (All You Wanna Know!) 

What is Doppio Espresso

Espresso has been the best pick for every coffee lover. But there is an option for a more divine shot of espresso. You can make a double shot of espresso for a crazy flavor. Doppio is the term in the Italian language that means Double. This double shot of espresso is commonly known as Doppio … Read more

The Famous French Vanilla Coffee | (What is it? and Recipe!)

Vanilla Coffee

Have you ever tried French Vanilla Coffee in some fancy restaurant that tastes very appealing to you, and you wish how good it will be if you get that type of coffee drink in the morning every day? But this Vanilla Coffee seems very expensive because the restaurant is demanding a very high price for that Coffee … Read more

What is Caffe Misto | Famous Starbucks Drink

What is Misto Coffee

If you’ve been to Starbucks or a fancy coffee cafe, you’ve might have heard of Caffe Misto also known as Cafe au lait sometimes. You might be wondering what is Caffe Misto and how it differs from Latte Caffe Misto consists of half-brewed coffee mixed with half-hot milk. This is essentially a one-to-one ratio of … Read more

How to make an Americano with Nespresso?


Most of you probably have your first Americano at a café! But what about brewing Americano at home? Sound amazing, Right? Americano has a milder taste similar to traditional coffee and is ideal for those Espresso lovers who want a larger cup of drink so that they can sip it for longer.  It is a … Read more