10 Best Portable Espresso Makers

For those who cherish the great outdoors and appreciate the pleasure of a finely crafted cup of espresso, a Portable Espresso is a must-have!

For this article, we have tested and reviewed the best portable Espresso makers on the market. All the information about these handy devices from their best features to their pros and cons is listed so you can easily make an informed buying decision.

So, now whether you are on a camping trip with your friends or family, or out of the city on some business trip. You will never miss your daily dose of Espresso.

Best Portable Espresso Makers | Top Choices at Glance

Flair Signature Espresso Maker (Best Tasting Espresso)

  • Fully Manual Hand operated Espresso maker
  • Best for authentic-tasting Espresso
  • A little heavy and pricey

Wacaco Nanopresso (Best Travel Espresso maker)

  • Best lightweight machine made for camping and hiking
  • Useful travel accessories available
  • Fair tasting Espresso drink

CONQUECO Portable (Best Battery Espresso Machine)

  • 12 V rechargeable Device
  • Best for Travel, Camping, Driving, and Office
  • Equipped with Car charger and home charger

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Best Portable Espresso Makers – Quick Summary

Here’s a quick list of the best portable devices for your Espresso trips!

Our choice Our choice Flair Signature Espresso Maker
  • Manual
  • Authentic Espresso
  • Travel friendly
View on Amazon
Best for Traveling Best for Traveling Wacaco Nanopresso
  • Manual
  • Travel friendly
  • 18 bars pressure
View on Amazon
Good Manual machine Good Manual machine STARESSO Espresso Machine
  • Manual
  • light-weight
  • Compatible with pods
View on Amazon
Affordable Manual Machine Affordable Manual Machine WACACO Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine
  • Manual
  • Ultralight-weight
  • Nespresso pods
View on Amazon
French Press style Espresso French Press style Espresso AeroPress Go
  • Manual
  • French Press style brewing
  • Made for traveling
View on Amazon
Best electric portable Espresso machine Best electric portable Espresso machine Nespresso Essenza Mini
  • Electric
  • Fully automatic
  • Nespresso pods
View on Amazon
Variety of drinks options Variety of drinks options NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Coffee Machine
  • Electric
  • Light Weight
  • Fully automatic
View on Amazon
Mocha Espresso Mocha Espresso DELONGHI EMK6 for Authentic Italian Espresso
  • Electric
  • Portable
  • Fully automatic
  • Compatible with ground coffee beans
View on Amazon
Best Battery Espresso Machine Best Battery Espresso Machine CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker: 12V Travel Espresso Machine
  • Battery powered
  • Best for traveling purposes
  • Lightweight
View on Amazon
Best Rechargeable Espresso Machine Best Rechargeable Espresso Machine HiBREW Portable 3-in-1 Multi-Function Electric Espresso Maker
  • AC adapter, car adapter, USB cable
  • Lightweight
  • Best for traveling
View on Amazon

What is a portable Espresso maker?

Portable Espresso makers are small and easy-to-carry gadgets. You can easily take them anywhere you want as they usually weigh around 1-3 pounds.

You might already know that Espresso is a concentrated coffee drink created by forcing pressurized hot water through finely-ground coffee beans, resulting in a thick layer of crema atop the rich and flavorful brew.

To qualify as an “Authentic” espresso maker, the machine must work at a pressure of at least 9 bars.

If you are a coffee lover who is always on the go, a portable espresso maker is an excellent choice. These machines brew an acceptable shot of Espresso and are usually very inexpensive.

On the downside, I must say that the quality of Espresso you get with these machines is not comparable to real Espresso machines or coffee shops.

And you have to struggle a lot to brew a single shot of Espresso. These machines are perfect for traveling purposes but they are certainly not perfect for homes.

For homes, I suggest you go with electric portable options like Nespresso Essenza Mini or Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

Read a detailed guide on the types of Espresso machines

Why do you need a portable Espresso Maker?

Espresso is undoubtedly the finest and most loved type of coffee. It is popular because of its dense taste and a rich layer of crema.

Traveling with heavy, traditional espresso machines isn’t possible as they are usually very heavy and bulky.

When it comes to satisfying your craving for a shot of espresso no matter where you are in the World, a portable brewing machine is a wise investment.

However, it’s worth noting that portable machines may not be able to match the high-pressure and consistent water-heating capabilities of traditional machines, and you will not get the true Espresso. (That’s completely understandable!)

But if you learn to use these portable machines properly, you will surely get actual Espresso, not a hot, poorly brewed disappointment.

If you are also looking for Espresso beans, then check out this article: Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

Types of portable Espresso makers

Based on their design, portable espresso makers can be either manual or automatic.

Manual: A manual espresso maker requires you to heat water and apply pressure yourself. Indeed, you will find all the instructions for brewing in the manual.

Manual Portable espresso makers require manual pumping to extract the shot of espresso, and you’ll need a separate heating source like a stovetop or electric kettle to warm the water.

Automatic: An automatic portable espresso maker is a compact and portable machine that uses electricity to automate the espresso brewing process.

They are designed to be portable, and perfect for small offices or dorm rooms.

Battery-Powered Espresso Maker: It is a type of portable espresso machine that operates using battery power.

These machines typically have a compact and lightweight design, making them ideal for travel or outdoor activities without the need for additional water-heating equipment.

Best Portable Espresso Makers

As discussed earlier, portable Espresso makers have three types. First, we will discuss manual Espresso makers; later, we will talk about Automatic ones and Battery powered at the end.

Manual Options

These espresso makers are entirely manual and do not need any kind of batteries or electricity to work.

1- Flair Signature Espresso Maker | Best Manual Espresso Maker

The Flair espresso maker is a handcrafted, 100% handheld espresso machine that allows you to create espresso from the finest coffee beans. The unit is made from stainless steel and aluminum material that is built to last.

If you want authentic espresso, this is the perfect machine for you. You cannot get a better tasting espresso from any other portable espresso maker. However, it comes at a premium cost.

Capacity1.35 oz
Weight6 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel
Pressure6-9 bars

Manual Operation: Flair Espresso maker is a 100% human-powered device that can produce best Espresso with a rich layer of crema at your home or wherever you are.

Pressure: The ideal pressure for pulling Espresso shots is 9 bars. This device can generate pressure up to 6-9 bars manually which you can visualize on the pressure gauge.

Easy to clean: All parts of this coffeemaker are completely detachable which makes it very easy to clean.

Portable Case: Flair signature comes with an easy-to-carry travel case so you can easily take it anywhere you want without the fear of any damage.

Durable: This machine is made of durable stainless steel and aluminum material that is built to last. Additionally, it also comes with a 3 years warranty.


✔️ Prepare Authentic Espresso

✔️ 6-9 bars of pressure

✔️ Very durable design

✔️ Easy to clean

✔️ Compact travel case

✔️ 3 years warranty


❌ Prepare only a single shot of Espresso at a time (1.35 oz)

❌ Expensive option

2. Wacaco Nanopresso | Best handheld Espresso Maker For Camping

The Nanopresso is an ideal espresso maker for coffee aficionados who loves espresso while on camping trips.

With its user-friendly design and straightforward setup, this reliable and versatile machine delivers consistent, high-quality espresso on the go every time, thanks to its 18 bars of pressure.

Capacity2.7 oz
Weight0.74 lb
MaterialBPA free plastic
Pressure18 bars

Design: Nanapresso is made of plastic and weighs only 0.74 lbs which makes it perfect for traveling.

Pressure: With a few pumps Nanopresso can generate a pressure of 18 bars to deliver a shot of Espresso with a thick and creamy layer over it.

Easy to use: Nanopresso is extremely easy to use and requires less force to pump compared to other portable Espresso makers.

Compatibility: This machine is compatible with coffee grounds only. Or you can also buy a kit separately to make it compatible with Nespresso pods.


✔️Super easy to use requires less force

✔️ Pressure up to 18 bars

✔️ Wide range of accessories and Replacement available

✔️ Very decent and compact design


❌ Suitable for traveling only

❌ A little expensive option

3. STARESSO Portable Traveling Hand Press Espresso Maker

The Staresso Portable Espresso machine is a compact, mug-sized espresso machine that allows you to indulge in a rich and flavorful Espresso wherever you are.

This portable and user-friendly machine can brew a single shot of espresso in just minutes, making it a convenient option for coffee lovers on the go who crave a delicious espresso experience.

Capacity2.7 oz
Weight1 lb
MaterialStainless steel
Pressure20 bars

Design: Staresso is an elegantly designed device and weighs only 1 pound so you can easily carry it wherever you want.

Pressure: This device is capable of creating high pressure of up to 15-20 bars to deliver Espresso with a rich and thick layer of Crema.

Easy to use: Simply add the coffee grounds or coffee pods and the hot water into the machine. Pump several times and your Espresso shot is ready.

Compatibility: This machine is compatible with ground coffee and Nespresso pods.

Material: This device has a stainless steel inner tank which is completely safe and non-toxic.


✔️ Creates high-pressure up to 15-20 bars

✔️ Interior is made of metal

✔️ Compatible with both grounds and capsules

✔️ Easy to use and clean


❌ It takes some time and effort to brew

❌ The pressure is not consistent throughout the brewing process

4. Wacaco Minipresso NS, Travel Espresso Maker

Minipresso NS is your best choice to quickly and efficiently enjoy delicious espresso wherever you are. Perfect for travel or personal use, this Minipresso features NS capsules for fast and easy use, making it the best choice to instantly enjoy espresso.

Weight0.7 lbs
MaterialBPA free Plastic
Capacity2.4 oz
Pressure8 bars

Design: Wacaco Minipresso is the smallest portable Espresso maker. It is made of plastic and weighs only 0.7 lbs that’s makes it super easy to carry anywhere you want.

Compatibility: Wacaco Minipresso is compatible with Nespresso Capsules; they are well known for their durability and long-lasting freshness. You can’t use coffee grounds in this machine.

Manual Operation: This coffee maker has a completely manual operation. Add hot water into the tank Unlock the piston and pump a few strokes to generate pressure and your Espresso is ready.

Accessories: Wacaco Minipresso also has a range of very useful accessories. Includes a large water container to prepare more cups, the Minipresso travel case; which protects the device from scratches or dust, and a coffee mat; that can be used for tamping or cleaning purposes.


✔️ Very simple to operate and compact design

✔️ Affordable price

✔️ Useful accessories available separately

✔️ Easy to use

✔️ Best for traveling


❌ Only compatible with Nespresso capsules

❌ Only a good option for traveling

5. AeroPress Go Portable (Best Travel Espresso Press)

Aeropress Go Coffee maker is specially made for traveling, camping, or boating where you don’t have access to electricity.

This is a vacuum-type brewing device and has a very simple design. It is one of the oldest brands of travel coffee makers.

However, it can’t generate enough pressure to produce authentic espresso with a rich and thick layer of crema. But it’s a great portable machine for making larger servings of “Espresso-styled” strong coffee.

Capacity8 oz
Weight0.72 lb
MaterialBPA free plastic
PressureNo Pressure

Design: AeroPress is made of BPA-free plastic and has a very exquisite and portable design. It weighs only 0.7 pounds which makes it perfect for traveling.

Easy to use: With AeroPress Go, you can brew a cup of coffee smooth and delicious coffee in no time. It’s straightforward to use, and you can make 1 to 3 cups per press within one to two minutes. It’s very easy to use and clean afterward.

Pressure: This device doesn’t generate pressure like other portable Espresso makers. It basically works on immersion brew style similar to a French Press Coffee maker. The taste will be strong and bold as Espresso without any bitterness. So you can say it’s an “Espresso styled coffee” not an authentic Espresso.


✔️ Easy to carry

✔️ Can brew up to 3 cups at a time

✔️ Microfilters

✔️ Stong coffee without bitterness


❌ Technically not an Espresso as it can’t generate enough pressure

Electric Mini Espresso Machines

Electric-powered espresso makers are an excellent option for those who want a lightweight and portable device to make delicious espresso conveniently.

They are particularly useful for use in offices, hotels, dorm rooms, and small apartments. However, it’s worth noting that these machines need access to electricity to function, making them unsuitable for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.

6. Nespresso Essenza Mini | Best Electric Portable Espresso Machine

The DeLonghi Essenza Mini is the perfect choice for your apartment or office. With its sleek design and consistent, mess-free operation, this machine delivers perfect espresso shots every time.

This machine works with dedicated Nespresso pods and brews a quality shot of Espresso with just a single touch.

Capacity1 cup at a time
Weight5.1 lbs
Pressure15 bars

Design: Nespresso Essenza Mini is an elegant and compact espresso maker. It is made of plastic and weighs only 5 lbs which makes it a perfect portable automatic machine. Apart from being portable, the design is also very stylish and modern.

Pressure: This machine creates a high pressure of 19 bars perfect for brewing barista-style Espresso with smooth flavors and sweet aromas.

Easy to use: This machine has a very simple operation. Just pour water into the tank and insert the coffee pod into the machine and hit one of the two programmable buttons i-e lungo or Espresso and your drink will be ready in seconds.

Energy saving: This machine is specially designed for lower energy consumption. It heats up the water in less than 30 seconds. The automatic energy-saving function turns off the device after 9 minutes.

Compatibility: This machine is compatible with Nespresso original line capsules and 3rd party capsules. You can also buy reusable coffee pods if you want to use your own coffee grounds.


✔️ Very delicate, slim, and decent design

✔️ Creates a good pressure of 19 bars

✔️ Energy saving

✔️ Automatic shut-off feature

✔️ Two programmable options i-e Lungo and Espresso


❌ Only brew one cup at a time

❌ Not suitable for outdoor activities.

❌ Works only with coffee capsules.

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7. NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto (Electric Mini Espresso machine)

The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine is a super-automatic capsule coffee maker that can brew one cup of espresso at a time with just a touch of a button.

With 15 different espresso drink options available, it’s the perfect machine for those who love variety in their beverage choices.

Capacity1 cup at a time
Weight6 lbs
Pressure15 bars

Portable design: This machine is made of plastic and weighs only 6 pounds, so you can easily place it where ever you want.

Variety of options: You can easily make 15 different types of coffee with Nescafe Capsules. So, you can easily choose what you like to brew; you can make Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, etc., with only a single click.

Easy to use: This machine has a very simple interface. The machine gives you the option for adjusting the size and strength of your brew and also you can choose between hot or cold brew.

Pressure: It can create pressure up to 15 bars which delivers you an Espresso with perfect flavor and aroma.

Compatibility: This machine is compatible with Nescafe Dolce Gusto Capsules. These capsules keep the ground coffee beans protected from humidity and oxygen and keep them fresh for a long time.


✔️ You can easily create a variety of Coffee drinks

✔️ It has specially designed smart capsules which keep the beans fresh

✔️ Touch screen and very user-friendly interface

✔️ Sleek and Portable Design

✔️ Brews great Espresso based drinks


❌ Only compatible with Dolce Gusto coffee pods (might be hard to find sometimes)

❌ The pods are more expensive than ground coffee

❌ Uses powdered Milk capsules to make milk-based coffee drinks – It’s not a major con but some people hate powdered milk

8. DELONGHI EMK6 | Moka Pot Portable Espresso Maker

The Delonghi EMK6 is an electric stovetop espresso maker that utilizes a Moka pot design.

While it doesn’t produce the high pressure typically associated with espresso, it still delivers a delicious, strong coffee similar to that of a traditional Moka brewer.

It’s a perfect option for those who like rich and strong larger servings of “Espresso-styled” coffee.

Capacity8.5 oz
Weight3 lbs
Pressure2 bars

Design: This is Mocha style Espresso maker and has a traditional design. The bottom container is made of aluminum and the top container is made of food-grade plastic.

Easy to use: This machine is very easy to use and has a transparent pot. Just fill the aluminum container with coffee grounds and water and turn ON the machine. Your coffee will be ready in minutes.

Pressure: This machine can generate pressure up to 2 bars. So you can’t classify it as an authentic Espresso but the taste of the coffee will be rich and strong much like an Espresso shot.

Keep warm function: It also has a keep-warm function which can keep your coffee warm for up to 30 minutes.

Size: You can make 3-5 cups of Espresso at a time in this pot.


✔️ Very easy to use

✔️ Can make upto 2-5 cups of Espresso at a time

✔️ Automatic switch-off feature

✔️ Keeps your coffee warm for up to half an hour

✔️ Pot is transparent


❌ Design is somewhat frail

❌ Pressure is only 2 bars – So technically isn’t an espresso machine

❌ May result in burnt-tasting coffee when not used properly.

Battery-Powered Portable Espresso Makers

These portable Espresso makers work with the power of rechargeable batteries. So, you can take these machines anywhere you want but make sure that your batteries are charged.

These battery-powered machines are perfect for cars and RVs and also for hiking and camping trips.

9. CONQUECO Portable Espresso Maker (Best Battery-Powered Choice

The Conqueco Portable Espresso Maker is an effortless solution for brewing your favorite coffee on the go.

With just one button, this fully automated machine offers ease of use for busy travelers and anyone who wants a quick shot of Espresso anytime and anywhere.

Capacity1.4 oz
Weight3.30 lbs
Pressure15 bars

Convenient Design: This compact and lightweight Espresso machine is made of plastic and weighs only 3.3 pounds. After brewing, it pours Espresso into a detachable drinking cup, so you don’t have to worry about buying a separate cup of coffee.

Rechargeable Battery: It can brew up to 3 cups of Espresso using cold water when fully charged.

Charger: Conqueco has both the home charger and car charger. So, you can easily charge this machine in your car while traveling.

Easy to use: This machine is extremely easy to use. Press and hold the button for 1.5 seconds to make Espresso after adding cold water or press and hold the button for 3 seconds after adding the boiling water. The espresso shot will be ready in 5-10 minutes depending on the temperature of the water

Pressure: This machine brews authentic Espresso with a rich layer of crema with a pressure of 15 bars.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Nespresso and L’OR capsules.


✔️ Easy to use, has only one button

✔️ Creates good pressure of up to 15 bars

✔️ Easily rechargeable with an AC adapter

✔️ Both Car and home charger

✔️ Works with both hot and cold water

✔️ Self-cleaning function

✔️ Best for traveling purposes


❌ Capacity is only 1.4 oz, just for a single shot of espresso

❌ Takes 10 minutes to brew

❌ Only brew 3 shots in one go

❌ The temperature of Espresso is not that hot

10. HiBREW Portable 3-in-1 Multi-Function Espresso Maker For traveling

The HiBrew is a powerful, battery-operated espresso maker that delivers a rich, full-bodied shot with a pressure of 15 bars.

Its compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go coffee enthusiasts, whether you’re hitting the road in an RV or venturing out on a camping or hiking trip.

Capacity2 oz
Weight1.30 lbs
Pressure15 bars

Pressure: HiBREW portable coffee machine can produce a pressure of 15 bars, so you can have a perfect cup of Espresso without loss of any taste or aroma.

Compatibility: This machine is called 3 in 1 as it is compatible with all three coffee sources i-e Nespresso capsules, Dolce Gusto Capsules, and ground coffee beans. So, you don’t have to worry if you can’t find one easily you can use the other.

Charging options: You can easily use it in your car as it has a car cigarette adapter. You can also operate it while camping or hiking with a USB cable if you have a power bank. And it also comes with an AC adapter.

Easy to use: You have to use hot water if you give power through a USB cable (Time to brew: 1 minute). And if you are providing power through an AC adapter or car cigarette adapter, it can work with cold water (Time to brew: 5-10 minutes).



✔️ Compatible with three different capsules

✔️ Have three different modes to get electricity

✔️ Lightweight and a delicate design

✔️ Best for making Espresso on the road


❌ Not very long-lasting

❌ Water does not get hot enough

Factors to consider while choosing the best portable Espresso maker

You must be specific about your needs when buying a portable Espresso maker. Here are some factors you must consider while buying

1. Electric or Manual

If you want a portable Espresso maker for your home or office, Electric mini Espresso machines like Nespresso Essenza Mini will be the best option as they are fully automatic and straightforward to use. Also, you will get better quality espresso than with handheld espresso machines.

If you want a coffee maker for Picnics, Camping, or hiking trips. Then Manual Handheld Espresso makers will be the best option for you. You just need a source of hot water with these types of manual machines.

Battery-powered machines are perfect for traveling, camping, or brewing coffee in your car. They can brew 3-4 cups without an electric source and don’t require a separate heat source.

2. Portability

Obviously, in the list, all the Espresso makers mentioned are portable. But some are very lightweight, less than 1 pound, and some are relatively heavier about 3 to 4 pounds.

Some have a very light and delicate design, and some have a kind of weird design. So, you have to choose according to your requirements.

3. compatibility

You have to check whether the machine you will buy is compatible only with some kind of ESE pods or if it also works with ground coffee.

Because sometimes, it gets difficult for you because some machines are only compatible with certain pods, and they are not available in the market. Indeed, you will easily find them in metropolitan areas but not in small cities.

4. Capacity

It’s essential to consider the serving size while buying a Portable Espresso machine.

Some machines only have the capacity to brew a single shot of Espresso, typically around 1-1.25 oz. On the other hand, some models have a larger capacity of more than 2 oz, allowing you to brew a double Espresso shot or even more.

Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a model that aligns with your preferences and brewing needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, portable espresso makers are a convenient and practical solution for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a delicious cup of their favorite espresso anywhere, anytime.

From completely manually operated to electric to battery operated, you can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences best.

Whether you are traveling, camping, or just want a quick and easy way to brew your coffee at home, a portable espresso maker can provide you with the perfect cup of espresso every time. (Not as perfect as traditonal Espresso machine, for sure!)


Do you need a heat source with portable Espresso makers?

Yeah, you need a heat source for boiling water while using handheld manual Espresso machines.
Or you can use battery-powered models. These machines are usually capable of heating water and pressurizing the water for 3-5 shots of Espresso in one charging.

How Pressure is created in portable handheld espresso machines?

Most handheld Espresso manual machines work on the same principle wherever you have to pump the piston of the machine 10-15 times until the required pressure is generated.


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