What is a Coffee Blend (All you Wanna know!)

What is a Coffee Blend

Coffee blends are where the magic happens. Imagine: Kenyan brightness waltzing with Sumatran earthiness, Ethiopian fruitiness tangoing with Guatemalan chocolate. Sounds good, right?  Key Takeaways As a barista with over a decade of experience, I’ve found most coffee drinkers don’t actually know what a blended coffee is. In this article, I’ll explain the benefits of … Read more

Single Origin Coffee (All you Wanna know!)

What is Single Origin Coffee

Single-origin coffee is more than just a buzzword in the world of coffee. It refers to coffee that is sourced from one single place highlighting the complex flavor profile of that origin.  Key takeaways In this article, I draw upon my extensive experience in tasting and researching coffee origins to offer a concise introduction to … Read more

What is Robusta Coffee (All you need to know!)

Robusta coffee

Most coffee lovers turn up their noses at the thought of Robusta Beans. They’ll sing the praises of fruity, floral Arabica all day long. But just like that one friend who’s a bit rough around the edges, Robusta deserves some love too. Key Takeaways Read on to get the insider scoop on where Robusta Coffee … Read more

What is Arabica Coffee? (All you need to know)

Arabica Coffee beans

Coffea Arabica is the most widely cultivated coffee species, making up about 60% of global production. It originates from Ethiopia and is known for its smooth, complex taste and floral aroma. Arabica has a sweeter flavor and less bitterness compared to other coffee species. Arabica coffee has risen to rockstar status because of its sweet, … Read more

What is Kopi Luwak Coffee and How is It Made?

What is kopi Luwak coffee

Kopi Luwak coffee beans are distinct from other types of coffee due to their unique method of production. The Asian Palm Civet consumes the coffee cherries, which are then processed in their digestive system. Kopi Luwak is essentially made from the feces of the civet, which is why it is also known as cat poop … Read more

Best Espresso Beans | (Flavors and Qualities Compared!)

Best Espresso beans

The right Espresso beans can make or break your homemade shot, transforming it from bitter sludge to liquid perfection. Whether you prefer a bold Italian roast, a fruity medium blend, a decaf option, or a delightful blend of Arabica and Robusta you’re sure to find your new favorite among these Best Espresso Beans. Top Choices … Read more

Where do Coffee Beans come from?

Where do coffee beans come from

Coffee beans come from the seeds of coffee cherries, which grow on coffee trees in tropical regions around the world. Coffee trees first produce fruit after 3-4 years and reach peak production between 5-10 years.  Those unassuming coffee beans you grind up actually have one wild origin story. The seeds get carefully extracted, processed, dried, … Read more