Keurig coffee Machines? What's so special about them and how to use them? a detailed guide!

All you wanna know about Keurig

Keurig Coffee makers

Keurig is basically a beverage brewing system. These machines are designed to brew not only coffee but also tea, hot chocolate, and iced coffee. 

Keurig also manufactures k-cup pods, which are single-serve containers for coffee and pods for other beverages.

The best thing about Keurig coffee makers is that they are very simple to use and brew a cup of coffee in a matter of seconds.

History of Keurig brewing system

Keurig was founded in 1992 by two college roommates, John Sylvan and Peter Dragone, in Massachusetts.

This brand was initially created to overcome the problem of brewing coffee in offices. In offices, coffee was usually brewed in a pot which got very bitter and stale with time. 

Seeing the opportunity, John Sylvan started thinking about overcoming this problem and inventing a single serving, the pod-based machine that quickly brews coffee. He conducted several experiments to invent such the machine and eventually succeeded in inventing the prototype.

Then John Sylvan brought in Peter Dragone to help market this machine and create a business plan. So, they founded a company and named it Keurig in 1992.

Initially, Keurig only targeted the office market and manufactured coffee makers to satisfy the needs of offices. Later in 2004, after gaining massive popularity, Keurig also started targeting home consumers.

In 2006, green mountain coffee roasters, a company that invested heavily in the Keurig brewing system at the starting phase, acquired it completely. And started doing innovations in the design and technology of Keurig machines.

In 2012, Keurig’s main patent for K-cup Pods got expired. So, many small brands started manufacturing K-cup pods for Keurig brewing machines. To overcome this problem, Keurig introduced Keurig 2.0 brewing system, which only works with new and unique 2.0 k-cups. Keurig launched 200 different flavors and varieties in these new pods.  

How to use keurig machines

Keurig coffee makers are compact, and lightweight single-serve coffee makers and are very simple to use and operate. Keurig coffee makers are best to use in offices and homes as everyone can brew a delicious cup of coffee with minimal effort.

So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to brew a tasty cup of coffee using the Keurig brewing system.


1. set up the keurig machine


Insert the machine’s switch into the power plug and press the power button to start the operation.

The machine will start heating the water to 192 degrees. If your machine is new, it is recommended to run the cleansing cycle before brewing coffee.

To run the cleansing cycle, just select the largest mug size without inserting the K-cup pod. The hot water will start getting out of the machine. Discard this water, and the cleaning cycle is completed.


2. Fill the water reservoir


Some Keurig coffee makers have large water reservoirs that can store 3 to 6 cups of water, while some can only store the water for one serving.

So, fill the water in the reservoir accordingly.


3. Choose your favorite coffee


One of the best things about Keurig is that you can brew a variety of beverages using this machine. K-cups also come in various coffee flavors that differ based on their intensities and flavors.

So, choose the k-cup that suits your taste the best.

Insert the K-cups into the machine

Lift the top lid of the Keurig machine and place your favorite k-cup in the round slot present there and then close the lid.

After putting the k-cup into the machine, your machine will start displaying “ready to brew”. If your machine lacks a display, the button to choose the cup size will begin lighting up.



4. Place the mug


Now place your favorite mug on the drip tray of the machine under the dispenser. If your mug is large and doesn’t fit in the machine, try removing the drip tray, but that will only work if your machine has this option. Otherwise, use a smaller mug.



5. Choose the size of coffee


You can also adjust the size of your coffee with Keurig coffee makers. Most Keurig coffee makers have the option of three different cup sizes 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. But some also have an option for 12 oz and a full carafe.

So, choose the size of the cup according to your taste. If you are new to Keurig, I recommend you to try all different sizes and select the one that suits your taste the best. But remember, don’t place a small mug under the machine while selecting the larger cup size. Because obviously, you will not like to see your favorite beverage overflow.



6. Enjoy your coffee


After selecting the brew size, it will take almost 30 to 40 seconds until the coffee is prepared.

So, now that your coffee is prepared, you can enjoy it by taking small sips as it will be very hot.

Remember to discard the used k-cup pod after completing the brewing process and switch off the machine.

how to use keurig coffee maker

What Makes a keurig so special?

Keurig coffee makers offer unmatched convenience; the only way easier to have coffee than Keurig coffee machines is to go to some café and order a cup of coffee. And this convenience is the actual reason behind the success of Keurig brewing systems.

1. Convenient and easy to use 

The design of Keurig machines is so compact and exquisite. They can easily fit anywhere in the kitchen or office and looks beautiful.

Keurig machines have a very simple interface anyone with minimal brewing expertise can brew a great cup of coffee using this machine. There’s no need to measure coffee grounds; there’s no need to worry about water temperature. 

One just has to put the k-cup pods in the machine and select the brew size, and the coffee will be ready within one minute.

So, the best thing about Keurig brewing systems is their convenience, and they are undoubtedly the quickest way to have a cup of coffee.

2. Variety of flavors

Every person has different taste preferences, and some people get fed up with drinking the same coffee every day. So, to overcome this problem, Keurig offers a variety of k-cup pods that differ in flavors and intensities.

There are over 200 types of k-cup pods available that are compatible with Keurig machines. And these pods are not just limited to coffee; they are also available for other beverages like hot chocolate and tea.

coffee pods

3.Easy cleaning

One of the best things about Keurig machines is that they are very easy to clean. 

To have a great cup of coffee, the water should be filtered and fresh. So, it is recommended to clean and rinse the water tank daily.

It is a great practice to clean your Keurig machine thoroughly every week. Just remove any removable parts like the drip tray and k-cup holder and clean them with the help of some detergent.

coffee cleaning

cons of keurig coffee makers

Despite being much more convenient, Keurig coffee machines also have some cons. So, let’s discuss the disadvantages of Keurig machines.

1. Cost

The only thing which differentiates Keurig machines from regular drip coffee makers is convenience. There’s not much difference in the taste of coffee you get with Keurig and other drip coffee makers. Keurig machines offer this convenience at the cost of some additional bucks.

The Cheapest Keurig machine will cost you around 100 dollars, and some machines may go over 200 dollars. At the same time, you can get comparable drip coffee makers from other brands in the range of 40 to 70 dollars.

K-cup pods are also more expensive the regular coffee grounds. 

So, Keurig coffee makers are only a good investment if you value their convenience.

2. Plastic waste

One of the significant concerns about Keurig brewing systems and k-cup pods is that they are generating tons of waste plastic per year. K-cup pods are made of plastic, and they simply go to waste after they are used once.

Although Keurig says that they recycle the k-cup pods, but there is still a lot of carbon emission involved in the recycling process.

Keurig Buying guide

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Common issues with Keurig machine and thier solutions

Keurig Machine keeps shutting off 

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Keurig frother not working properly 

Sometimes the Keurig frother keeps blinking and sometime it heats the milk but do not froth it. Read a complete guide on this problem by clicking the link below.

Keurig touch screen not working

Many users complain about dim, black or line running through the Keurig touch screen. Read a detailed solution on how to fix this issue.

Keurig coffee not hot enough?

If your coffee is not brewing as it should be, then there are three possible reasons

The water pump isn’t functioning properly.
The heating system inside is malfunctioning due to an issue with the water pump.
Dried coffee grounds and calcium buildup inside the machine clogged Keurig, causing malfunctions.

Leakage in Keurig machine 

Keurig machine can leak from the bottom or top from the pod holder making the machine dirty and even risk electrocution.

Many users encounter this problem and ask for a solution. So read a detailed article where we will discuss the reasons behind Keurig machine leakage and remedies to fix them!

Keurig coffee tastes burnt or bad

Burst flavor occurs typically if you over roast the beans, or it can also occur if you brew coffee with hot water for a longer period of time.

If your Keurig coffee tastes burnt, bitter, or taste like plastic, start by thoroughly cleaning and Descaling and changing the water filter of your Keurig machine.

Keurig coffee taste watery or too weak

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Keurig light keeps blinking?

One of the most common causes of Keurig blinking light is that the machine faces disruption in the task and doesn’t know what to do next. There could be many reasons which causes that problem.

More on Keurig Machines

Can you put milk in Keurig?

You cannot put milk in Keurig as it destroys your machine. Milk added to the reservoir will get stick to the reservoir and get spoiled due to temperature. However, you can add milk to your Keurig K-Café specifically designed to accommodate the milk and froth functions.

How to use Keurig Machines Properly?

Complete guidance about how to initially set up a Keurig coffee maker to brew your cup of coffee and finally how to do cleaning and maintenance work to enhance your abilities in brewing coffee. Besides, all these valuable tricks and instructions provide straightforward answers to all your queries so that even dummies can pull it off!