Why does Nespresso taste burnt, bitter or bad?

Nespresso tastes burnt

Nespresso coffee is typically robust, with a creamy texture and sharp notes. But sometimes Nespresso machines start producing coffee that tastes burnt or bitter. As you look out, you’ll see that your Nespresso machine is working fine and producing exactly the right amount of coffee or espresso. So what’s the problem? 7 reasons why Nespresso … Read more

Simple Way to Fix French press hard to push down

French press coffee is the most adorable way of brewing coffee. But the plunger of the French Press may get stuck sometimes or become very hard to press. This also happened many times to me when I was a beginner, and I must say it was really a very annoying experience. However, I acknowledged my … Read more

How to make strong coffee without Bitterness

How to Make a Strong Cup of Coffee

So, you are a strong coffee lover? But don’t have very good barista skills and always end up with a weak or watery cup of coffee. I got you covered! In this article, I will share 8 tips to make your coffee stronger and bolder. If you are not an expert at brewing and trying … Read more

How to Make French Press With Paper Filter (A Quick Hack!)

How to Filter french press Coffee

Many folks love the full-bodied and thick texture of French press coffee but many others complain about having grittiness or a high amount of Cafestol in their French Press coffee, and they certainly don’t like it. The simple way to reduce that grittiness is to make French Press with Paper Filter. In this article, I … Read more

Quick Recipe for making a Delicious latte with Keurig

Keurig Latte Recipe

Craving a rich, creamy latte but don’t have an expensive espresso machine? No problem – you can easily whip a delicious Latte right from your Keurig! While Keurigs don’t brew true espresso, you can mimic a latte by combining strong coffee, steamed milk, and a bit of simple technique. Read on to learn how to … Read more

How to use an Espresso Machine Like a Pro?

How to Use an Espresso Machin Like a Pro!

Pulling cafe-quality espresso shots requires some skill. But don’t let an espresso machine intimidate you. With a basic understanding of how these machines work and what each component does, even a beginner can create top-notch espresso like a pro. Whether you want strong and intense espresso shots or you want to add water or milk … Read more

What is Ristretto Shot and How to Make it

Ristretto Shot

The Ristretto shot is a highly concentrated espresso prepared by reducing the water content to half while using the same amount of coffee grounds as regular Espresso. Typically, a Ristretto yields 15-20 mL (0.5-0.7 ounces) shot and has a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:1. This condensed extraction method yields a remarkable flavor profile, with a rich, … Read more

What is the Difference in Ristretto Vs Espresso Shots

Ristretto vs Espresso

The main difference between Ristretto and Espresso is the coffee-to-water ratio. Espresso is made using a ratio of 1:2, which gives a balanced taste. And Ristretto uses a ratio of 1:1, meaning very little water is used to create a shot. This makes the coffee more intense and syrupy in flavor. If you love the … Read more

What is the difference between latte and macchiato

Latte vs Macchiato

Both Latte and Macchiato start with espresso as a base, but they differ in their milk content. The Macchiato is a small drink around 3 oz prepared with just a splash of milk, and has bold coffee-forward flavors. The Latte is around 8-12 oz and prepared with a large amount of milk, which makes it … Read more