How We Create Content | The Editorial Policy Of CoffeeAbout

At Coffee About, our editorial policy is designed to uphold our core values of providing reliable, honest, and engaging information to our readers.

As a leading authority on all things coffee, we take accuracy, transparency, and editorial integrity very seriously.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for using mass-generated content through tools. At Coffee About, all content is “written by humans for humans”.

How we Brew up quality Content

We follow a thoughtful process to create content that aligns with our editorial standards.

Research Process

We dig deep into each topic, consulting authoritative sources across disciplines for accurate, multi-dimensional information. We evaluate credibility and gather perspectives from diverse expert voices.


We thoughtfully select and structure information to create cohesive, engaging narratives tailored to our audience’s interests. Content is refined to be clear, concise, and meaningful.


We always scrutinize articles to validate claims, sources, facts, and figures. We examine content through critical lenses to uphold our standards.


Our team continually refines content to be current, relevant, and accessible. Our work evolves with the needs of our audience.

Our multilayered process combines creativity with rigor to produce content that informs, inspires, and empowers readers to master coffee’s nuances – like achieving the perfect extraction to delight the senses. We stand behind what we publish.

Testing Coffee Products Firsthand

At Coffee About, we don’t just take a product manufacturer’s word when we evaluate coffee equipment and accessories. We personally test and review products in our own coffee labs to provide authentic assessments.

We brew copious cups using brewers, grinders, and espresso machines to assess their real-world performance, ease of use, and final product. We try recipes and techniques with coffee gadgets to determine if they deliver on promises.

We examine factors like build quality, durability, comfort of use, value for money, and overall ability to craft great coffee. Hands-on testing allows us to get under the hood and determine if a product truly meets our standards.

Through firsthand experience, we gain an understanding of each product that we could never get by browsing a catalog or site listing. Our hands-on evaluations lead to reviews our readers can trust.

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