How to use Keurig coffee maker-Complete guide step by step

In this article, we focused on how to use Keurig Coffee maker that enables you to expertise your skill in brewing your favourite cup of coffee every morning.

Complete guidance about how to initially set up a Keurig coffee maker to brew your cup of coffee and finally how to do cleaning and maintenance work to enhance your abilities in brewing coffee. Besides, all these valuable tricks and instructions provide straightforward answers to all your queries so that even dummies can pull it off!

What is Keurig Coffee Maker?

Keurig coffee maker is a specific single-cup brew coffee maker that uses specially designed coffee pods called “K-Cups.”

The Keurig coffee maker comes in different models; the working principle is almost roughly the same in all models. Still, there might be minute differences in brewing sizes and strengths and the kind of drink you are serving.

By following little instruction and guidance, Keurig coffee makers are quick, convenient, and easy to use. All you need is to initially set up a machine and set it on the cleaning cycle; you will be able to brew your cup of coffee. But if you want to keep the maker in good condition, you need to descale it and do cleaning work occasionally.

How to Use Keurig Coffee Maker step by step?

As described earlier, Keurig coffee makers are pretty easy to use. All you need is to simply follow some manual instructions provided to you when you buy it.

Major Instruction Includes:

  1. Assemble and run your machine for the first time
  2. Brewing a Beverage Using a K-Cup
  3. Maintenance and cleaning

In this article, we write about complete detail on each guidance that you just need to follow to prepare your favorite cup of coffee.

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Assemble and run your machine for the first time

We are assuming that you are unfamiliar with the Keurig coffee maker and use it for 1st time. The primary step you need to follow.

1)Setup Keurig Coffee Maker

  • Take the machine out of the packing box and remove any kind of adhesive tape from the parts of your Keurig.
  • Plug the Keurig coffee maker into a grounded outlet. Turn the power on. You will find the power button on the right side of most Keurig models. Heat water up to 192 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait until the water is heated.

 2)Removing and cleaning Water Reservoir

If the water Reservoir is removable

  • Remove the Reservoir. This is usually done by lifting the Reservoir slightly up and moving far from some unit.
  • wash the Reservoir with soap and warm water and run water through the Reservoir
  • Use the cloth to dry up the Reservoir

If the water Reservoir is not removable

  • In some Keurig models, Water Reservoir comes with a built-in Reservoir (non-removable); you can use another storage tank to fill water and pour it directly through the Reservoir.
  • Clean the inside part of the Reservoir with a damp, soft, and lint-free cloth to avoid leaving any unwanted water left behind

3) Inserting the Water Filter

Suppose the Keurig model comes with the charcoal filter. In that case, you need to prime it before inserting it to avoid any unnecessary object that may affect your brew.

  • Soak the carbon filter cartridge in cold water for 5 minutes. Rinse the cartridge for 1 minute. Rinse the lower filter holder. Insert the charcoal canister into the lower filter holder.
  • Attach the rest of the water filter handle securing the upper filter holder. Place the hold of the water filter in the water tank. Make sure it locks appropriately in place.

4)Fill the water reservoir to the maximum.

If the Keurig model has a charcoal filter, then you may fill it with unfiltered water. But if your unit doesn’t have a filter, then you should fill it with filtered water.

5)Pressing the button to instruct the machine to start heating water.

  • Once you fill the reservoir with water, turn on the power button to heat up water up to 192 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Depending on your Keurig model, the unit will display red heating light indicating that the water is warming up. If your Keurig doesn’t have such a feature, you will hear the sound when water is warmed.
  • Once the brew size buttons light up, choose the largest size and press the corresponding button among them.
  • Wait until the machine starts stoping dispensing the hot water.
  • Dump that water into the sink. You are now ready to brew your cup of coffee.

6)choose the Coffee

  • One of the benefits of the Keurig model is that you can brew countless no of beverages. You can brew a cup of your favorite beverage, including cocoa, hot chocolates, and all kinds of coffee beans.
  • Now, these plastic pods contain both ground coffee and a filter. Some models even incorporate water filters for the purest flavor of your drinks. Choose the flavor you want to try first, but don’t remove the foil cover.
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7) Brew the Beverages

Before you start brewing your cup of coffee, you need to run a cleansing brew. Place your mug on the drip tray and close and open the K cup holder as if you will brew a beverage. The brewing button on the machine starts blinking, indicating the machine starts operating.

Press the small cup button to start the brewing process. Let the brew cycle run, followed by pouring water into the cup.

There are some important instructions you need to follow:

  • You should avoid putting a K-Cup pod in the machine when you run the cleaning cycle!
  • Unless your user manual instructs otherwise, you must use at least 10 fluid ounces (300 mL) for the cleansing brew process.
  • Keurig coffee maker model like K-Elite, all you need to press the “Hot Water” button before selecting the brewing button. The correct cup size for the cleansing brew cycle may also vary, so check your instructions.

Brewing a Beverage Using a K-Cup

Now we are moving toward brewing beverages. Usually, there are 4 significant steps that you need to follow to have your favorite cup of coffee of your desired taste.

1)Place the k-CUP into the machine.

Choose the k cup of your choice and life the handle to access the K- cup pod. Insert the K cup pod with foil side slightly uP. Pods look like round chambers consisting of many capsules.

DO not remove the FOIL cap from the capsule before inserting it into the machine. Each Keurig uses a special needle that pierces the sheet during preparation. If you pull the foil cover first, coffee may spill onto the K-cup holder.

2)Place the Mug under the Dispenser

The Keurig model features a drip tray that serves as catching coffee droplets and a tray for your mug. Place the mug on top of it.

If your mugs are tall and do not fit the standard Keurig model size, use a smaller mug.

3)Selecting desired brew size

Now it’s time to choose your desired brew size. Usually, 3 standard brew sizes are available (6, 8, and 10 oz.), but some Keurig models come with 12 oz. All you need is to press the corresponding button.

So it is entirely your call what kind of coffee you want to have of your desired brew size. As a beginner, we prefer to choose a smaller size first to gain knowledge, and after, you can move forward.

4)Brewing your Coffee

After selecting your desired brew size, all you need to press the button, and boom, your coffee is ready!

  • You can choose your desired cup size depending on the type of model you are using. For example, in the case of  K-Elite, you can choose the strength of coffee you want to drink and also choose between hot and iced options.
  •  A loud burst of air you will hear when the brewing process is finished.
  • It is advisable not to open the lid cup while the Keurig is brewing to protect yourself.

 Cleaning and Maintaining Your Keurig Coffee Maker

No matter how hard you try to clean your Keurig coffee maker, you constantly need to clean your coffee maker regularly to maintain it in working condition for a longer time.

However, on the positive side, maintenance is not too much demanding.


To start the cleaning process, you must plug the machine out of power for safety precautions.


Apply the soap or any cleaning agent to the damp non-abrasive cloth and clean the exterior of the machine with warm water

 Drip tray

Take the drip tray out of the unit, wash it with cleaning detergent or soap, and dry it with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.

Water Reservoir

When you first brew your coffee by Keurig coffee maker, follow the instructions to wash it out. You should do this once a week if you use the machine frequently.

Internal components

 After cleaning the water tank or preparing something unusual, always run a cleansing brew following the instructions above. Keurig also suggests using a Keurig Rinse k-Cup specifically designed for these cleaning processes to minimize flavour residue between mixes.


Although you are cleaning the coffee maker regularly, descaling after every 4-6 months is recommended to get built-up minerals deposited on Keurig.

The descaling process varies depending upon the type of model of Keurig you are using and operating conditions.

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Final Thoughts

Drinking your favorite cup of brew is now relatively easy and convenient. You can now get rid of the overworked coffee maker, substandard coffee beans, and time-wasting in brewing coffee that doesn’t guarantee that it turns out to be your favorite cup of coffee.

Using a Keurig coffee maker, you will be able to get your desired brew by pressing a button, and boom, your coffee is ready!

I think my article” How to use Keurig coffee maker” does help you brew your favorite cup of brew with much ease and answers all your queries.