Nespresso Vs Espresso | (How These Machines differs?)

Nespresso vs Espresso machines

While Nespresso machines make brewing espresso easy, there are many coffee snobs out there who will argue that Nespresso coffee isn’t a genuine espresso. There’s no doubt that Nespresso has made a place in millions of homes over the years, but the drink they produce isn’t as rich and strong as espresso. The unique selling … Read more

Keurig duo plus review | A K-Cup Machine with Carafe!

Keurig Duo Plus Review

Typically Keurig manufactures only single-serve coffee makers, but the Duo series is an exception that can brew up to 12 cups Carafe of coffee simultaneously. The machine is essentially a 2-in-1 drip coffee maker that allows you to brew single-serve coffee with a K-cup pod or a full carafe of coffee with coffee grounds. But … Read more

Keurig Supreme Plus Review (Is this Latest model worth it?)

Keurig Supreme Plus Review

Keurig is no doubt the best and the most popular brand of Single serve Coffee makers. Up till now, Keurig had manufactured more than 100 models (20 are available in the market now) to serve its coffee community worldwide. Despite its popularity, there’s always a debate among coffee lovers over its taste. In the latest … Read more

Keurig K-classic review (Is it really the best model?)

Keurig K-Classic Review

Here is Keurig k-classic review time: Easy to operate, highly efficient, and most importantly great value for your money! K Classic is the best-selling and highest-rated model of Keurig. This review guide includes my testing of Keurig K Classic, as well as the feedback of other users so I can present a comprehensive overview of … Read more

Keurig K-Cafe review (best K-cup latte machine?)

Keurig K-Cafe Review

In the world of coffee, Keurig is popular for revolutionizing the coffee-making process into an easy and efficient experience. A milky latte or foamy cappuccino from Starbucks is no doubt delicious, but it doesn’t seem like a cheap habit to have every day. The Keurig k-cafe coffee machine brews lattes and cappuccinos with the convenience … Read more

7 Best stainless steel insulated French Press Coffee makers

Looking to buy a new French Press coffee maker? These insulated stainless steel French Press coffee makers would be a great choice as they will keep your coffee hot for longer. The biggest problem I used to face with Bodum French Press is that the temperature of coffee drops very quickly. I usually steep French … Read more

6 Best Stoneware & Ceramic French Press

Ceramic French Press Coffee makers are surely the most elegant way of brewing everyone’s favorite morning drink, “Coffee“. You can buy any French Press Coffee maker to fulfill your brewing needs, but if you are looking for something different and you are design-conscious, then Ceramic or Stoneware French Press Coffee makers are best for you. … Read more

6 best Glass French Press Coffee makers


It’s very easy to brew coffee and clean the French press afterward. But the real dilemma is it’s not very easy to choose the best French Press as there are many options available, and all are promising good quality and features. We have researched and tested the best glass French Press coffee makers available in … Read more

Keurig K-Elite Review | (Really A High End K-Cup Machine?)

Keurig K-Elite Review

In today’s world, tastes have broadened and everyone prefers to have their own customized drink. Som really likes to drink stronger joe while others prefer to have a slightly cooler drink. With its customizable features, Keurig K elite is a perfect machine. But is Keurig k-elite also a perfect choice for you? For this article, … Read more