7 Best stainless steel insulated French Press Coffee makers

Looking to buy a new French Press coffee maker? These insulated stainless steel French Press coffee makers would be a great choice as they will keep your coffee hot for longer. The biggest problem I used to face with Bodum French Press is that the temperature of coffee drops very quickly. I usually steep French … Read more

6 Best Stoneware & Ceramic French Press in 2022

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6 best Glass French Press Coffee makers in 2022


French press is obviously the best option if you want to brew a rich, warm and flavorful cup of coffee at home.  It’s very easy to brew coffee and clean the French press afterward. But the real dilemma is it’s not very easy to choose the best French Press as there are many options available, … Read more

What to look for in French Press | 6 points to consider

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9 best coffee grinder for French Press

9 Best Coffee Grinders For French Press Coffee

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best self cleaning coffee maker | (Easy To Clean Machines!)


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Best Espresso Beans | Flavors and Qualities Compared!

Best Espresso Beans

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10 Best Portable Espresso makers | for camping and traveling

Best Portable Espresso Makers

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Best Ground Coffee For French Press 2022

French Press is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods around the World. But, it is not easy to find the best pre-ground Coffee for French Press. If you are a French Press lover, you must know that a perfect cup of French Press can only be brewed with coarsely ground coffee beans. The … Read more

Best electric kettle for French Press Coffee


There are three basic things you need to brew a perfect French Press Coffee cup. Coarsely ground coffee beans, a French press jar, and hot water. The water temperature For French Press is a significant factor in preparing a perfect cup of coffee. You can either use the stovetop or the electric kettle to heat … Read more