10 ways to Make Keurig Coffee Stronger, blonde& tasty

I am a pretty serious coffee lover and need a real strong caffeine punch in the morning. Fortunately, Keurig proves to be a miracle for me, just insert a k-cup, push the button and you get a delicious brew cup of coffee within a few minutes. How easy that is! Although instead of being pretty … Read more

how to make coffee with whole beans | An easy guide

Growing up I only knew two ways to use coffee beans to brew a cup of coffee either to buy a grinder to grind the whole bean coffee or to buy a pack of pre-ground coffee. Grinding coffee beans do not actually improve the taste of your brew but it can speed up the rate … Read more

Is Nespresso worth it in 2022? Analyzes Pons and Cons

is Nespresso worth it?

According to one survey, about 40% of USA homes own single-serve coffee machines. An average American spends about $1,100 per year on coffee, over $3 a day. This shows the importance of coffee in an individual life.  If you own your coffee maker, you can surely save hundreds of dollars per year on your coffee … Read more

Why is the Nespresso machine leaking? complete guide to fix it

Nespresso is one of the top brands when it comes to upscaling coffeemakers. Nespresso machines are an excellent choice for brewing great quality, exceptional tasting coffee at home without breaking the bank. But even with its growing appeal, some coffee drinkers report that Nespresso frequently leaks coffee. Sometimes wear and tear might be the cause, … Read more

Why Is Keurig not brewing a full cup? Learn how to fix it?

How to fix Keurig not brewing a full cup?

If you own a Keurig coffee machine, you will definitely be amused with its highly innovative technology, user-friendly interface, Unique features, convenience, and Simplicity. But unfortunately, many Keurig machine owners won’t have a pleasant experience with the machine sooner or later. One of the most prominent issues that have been discussed globally on social media … Read more

How to Fix Nespresso Vertuo Next solid white light error

Nespresso Vertuo Next White Light

If you are after a Nespresso machine and want something beyond Double espresso, then the Nespresso Vertuo range is a perfect choice. The upgraded version of Vertuo plus-Vertuo Next offers you the availability of 5 cup sizes. Nespresso Vertuo next is highly appealing because it offers unique features, a great attractive and innovative design, and, … Read more

Can you use Nespresso pods twice? Interesting facts!

can you use Nespresso pods twice

Nespresso machines are super conventional, user-friendly, and highly innovative coffee machines that brew a perfect shot of coffee at the push of a button. However, regular usage of machines surely isn’t too convenient and cheap. Depending on whether you have Nespresso vertuo or Original, a single Nespresso pod costs you anywhere from 60 cents to … Read more



Most of you probably have your first Americano coffee at a café! But what about brewing Americano at home? Sound amazing, Right! Americano has the mildest taste as compared to black espresso and is ideal for those Espresso lovers who want a larger cup of drink so that they can sip it for longer.  It … Read more