6 Best Stoneware & Ceramic French Press

Ceramic French Press Coffee makers are surely the most elegant way of brewing everyone’s favorite morning drink, “Coffee“.

You can buy any French Press Coffee maker to fulfill your brewing needs, but if you are looking for something different and you are design-conscious, then Ceramic or Stoneware French Press Coffee makers are best for you.

The aesthetics and design of these Ceramic Cafetieres are out of this World, and they look delightful on the counter of your kitchen or office. Moreover, if you want to gift someone, the Ceramic French Press is always the best choice because of its elegance.

Good Ceramic French Press is not easy to find. In this article, we have researched and rounded up the best six Stoneware and Ceramic French Presses present in the market. We have mentioned all the necessary information about these products that will surely help you a lot in making a sound buying decision. 


Le Creuset French Press is the best choice if you are not only looking for a design but also want a smooth cup of coffee.

This French Press is made of strong and reliable ceramic material with an enamel coating. This enamel coating is scratch and odor resistant and makes this coffee maker easy to clean.

Le Creuset has the best filters and plunger assembly made of a stainless material that fits perfectly into the Carafe. The sturdy filter and mesh screen ensure that no fine ground escapes through it and delivers a smooth cup of coffee.

Are ceramic French presses better? Why Buy a Ceramic French Press?

Certainly, ceramic French Presses are not made for everyone, but if you want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the most luxurious way, you must go for it.

Ceramic French Presses are well known for their luxurious design, but there are also many other benefits of Ceramic or Stoneware material.

1- Ceramic French Presses retain heat for longer than Glass French Presses. They can keep your coffee hot for up to 1 hour.

2- Ceramic or stoneware Cafetiere is the best choice if you want to gift it to someone as elegance and design matter a lot when giving a gift to someone you love or care about.

3- Ceramic French Presses are easy to clean. Stains do not get developed on the surface of ceramic material, and they can easily be cleaned by hand or some soft cloth.

4- Ceramic material does not retain any odors from the previous brew. So, it makes the taste of coffee more pleasant and smooth.

5- Ceramic is the most eco-friendly material. It does not contain any heavy metals, and it’s completely green to be disposed of.

Best Ceramic French Presses | A Quick Overview

Best Design Best Design Uncrowned Kings French Press – Ceramic With Marble Effect
  • Capacity: 20 oz
  • Color: Marble
  • Dimensions: 8.46 x 8.03 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.64 pounds
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Our choice Our choice Le Creuset Stoneware French Press
  • Capacity: 34 oz
  • Color: Blue, red
  • Dimensions: 6.97 x 4.49 x 8.58 inches
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds
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First Ceramic Cafetiere First Ceramic Cafetiere Chantal Stoneware French Press
  • Capacity: 28 oz
  • Color: Aqua, Fade Grey, White
  • Dimensions: 6 x 4.5 x 9.17 inches
  • Weight: 2.06 pounds
view on amazon
Light weight stoneware press Light weight stoneware press Theo Stoneware French Press Coffee Maker
  • Capacity: 27 oz
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 7.09 x 3.94 x 7.48 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
view on amazon
Solid design Solid design BonJour Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker
  • Capacity: 32 oz
  • Color: Red, Black
  • Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 3.09 pounds
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Large Ceramic Press Large Ceramic Press Coffee Studio French Press
  • Capacity: 50 oz
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: 6.6 x 4 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
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Best Stoneware and Ceramic French Press | A detailed Review

1. Uncrowned Kings – Ceramic French Press with Marble Effect

This luxurious French Press has a stylish marble pattern with a stainless steel plunger and filter assembly. This Elegant French Press ensures each cup is perfectly brewed with the perfect strength of coffee grounds. It is the ideal gift for the coffee fan who enjoys creating their own brews at home.

Key Features of Uncrowned King Ceramic French Press

Beautiful Design: This French Press has beautiful marble patterns and a very eye-catchy design. This coffee maker is a great way to show off your style and personality and impress your guests.

Filter type: This French Press has a stainless steel plunger fitted with a dual filter assembly. These filters do not allow any fine coffee grounds to pass through and deliver you a perfect cup of French Press coffee.

Heat retention: This coffee maker has a bamboo lid with a silicone rubber seal at the bottom. This lid prevents heat loss and can retain the temperature of your coffee hot for longer. 

Capacity: This coffee maker has a capacity of 20 oz. You can easily brew 2 to 3 cups of coffee in it at a time.

Best Gift: Uncrowned king French Press is perfect for giving as a gift to your loved ones. This Handmade beauty will surely impress anyone who receives it as a gift.


✔️ Elegant design

✔️ Dual Filter

✔️ Wooden lid with silicone seal

✔️ Retains the temperature of coffee for longer

✔️ A perfect gift for your loved ones


❌ Capacity is small – Not ideal for family use

2. Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

Enjoy your morning coffee in style with this Ceramic French Press from Le Creuset. The durable stoneware construction ensures a long life for the coffee maker. It is made with high-fired stoneware material and is resistant to stains and chipping, making it perfect for everyday use.

 Key features of Le Creuset Stoneware French Press 

Enamel Finishing: Le Creuset French Press has an enamel finish that makes its surface scratch-resistant and prevents it from cracking. 

This enamel finish also does not let odors or stains to get develop on the surface and makes it easy to clean.

Design: This stoneware coffee maker has a glossy look and a stunning design. And the gradient of color makes it look more pleasant.

Le Creuset is available in a variety of color options.

Plunger and Filter: Le Creuset French Press has a ceramic lid with a stainless steel plunger and filter assembly.

Easy Cleaning: Enamel finishing makes the surface non-stick and easy to clean. You can easily wash this coffee maker with just your hands with soapy water or use a scouring pad in case of stubborn stains.

Capacity: This coffee maker has a capacity of 34 oz. You can easily prepare 4 to 5 cups of coffee in it at a time.


✔️ Strong and durable 

✔️ Scratch-resistant because of enamel finishing

✔️ Easy to clean

✔️ Beautiful design

✔️ Brews a full-bodied cup of French Press coffee


❌ The design of the plunger is not suitable; it gets loose with time

3. Chantal Stoneware French Press

This ceramic coffee press by Chantal has a unique style and design. It is made of premium stoneware material and has an elegant design that makes it suitable for any modern kitchen decor. It’s a great way to brew and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Key Features of Chantal Stoneware French Press

Design: Chantal French Press has a very decent design, and it is available in five different colors. The unique design of the handle looks very elegant and facilitates the easy pouring of coffee into your cup.

Fill Line: There’s a maximum fill line on the inside of the Carafe. Don’t cross this line; otherwise, the coffee will spill out when you push the plunger.

Capacity: This coffee maker has a capacity of 28 oz. So, you can easily brew 3 to 4 cups at a time in it.

Lid and Plunger: The lid of Chantal French Press is made of stainless steel, the same as the plunger assembly. 


✔️ Smooth cup of coffee

✔️ Stainless steel lid

✔️ Keep your coffee warm for longer

✔️ Maximum fill line inside Carafe


❌ The plunger does not fit perfectly; this might make your coffee a little muddy

4. Theo French Press Coffee Maker

The Theo French Press provides the perfect balance of style and ease of use. Crafted from durable stoneware with a unique matte black finish and colored accents, this stylish yet simple coffee maker is an excellent addition to every kitchen.

Key Features of Theo Stoneware French Press

Design: This coffee maker has a very artistic and minimalistic design. The blackish aesthetics of this coffee maker increases the beauty of any modern kitchen. The unique bamboo lid looks very elegant at the top.

Capacity: Theo French Press has a capacity of 27 oz, and you can easily brew 3 cups of coffee in it.

Easy to clean: Theo French Press coffee maker is very easy to clean. You can clean it easily by just rinsing it with hot water.

Plunger and Filter: The plunger and filter assembly is made of stainless steel material. The filter keeps all the fine coffee grounds away from your cup and makes your drink smooth.


✔️ Artistic design with Scandinavian aesthetics

✔️ Very easy to clean

✔️ Delivers a smooth cup of coffee


❌ There is a plastic material under the bamboo lid for the purpose of protecting the lid from water

5. BonJour Hot Beverage Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker

Bonjour French Press is a stylish, sleek, and durable coffee maker. The modern design is crafted from high-quality ceramic stoneware. The elegant handle complements the coffee press’s ceramic construction, while bamboo adds a natural touch to the look. You can enjoy excellent coffee made with the rich taste of your favorite coffee beans every morning.

Key Features of Bonjour Ceramic French Press

Design: This sleek and stylish coffee maker has a bamboo handle for a decent presentation. There are black or red stripes on the Carafe, which increases its beauty.

Strong: Bonjour French Press is made of high-quality and strong ceramic material. You can not break it easily.

Easy to clean: This coffee maker is very easy to clean. Just rinse it with soapy water after brewing a batch of coffee.

Plunger and filter: The plunger and filter of Bonjour French Press are made of Stainless Steel material. A fine mesh screen prevents the passage of fine coffee particles into your drink and delivers you a smooth cup of coffee.

Capacity: This coffee maker has a capacity of 32 oz. You can brew 4 cups of coffee in this coffee maker in one batch.


✔️ Simple and artistic design

✔️ The wooden handle remains cool to touch

✔️ Large capacity

✔️ Made of solid and high quality ceramic material

✔️ Prepare a smooth cup of French Press coffee


❌ There is no seal on the lid

❌ This French Press is very heavy

6. Coffee Studio Ceramic French Press By Royal Doulton 

Coffee Studio by Royal Doulton is a classic French Press Coffee maker that brings you the delicious flavor of your coffee. This stylish and elegant piece has a sleek and modern look. You can enjoy the delightful taste of your favorite brew in style with this coffee maker.

Key Features of Coffee Studio Ceramic French Press

Design: This coffee maker has a very impressive design, and it gives the vibes of a classic coffee bar. It is one of the ideal gifts for coffee lovers. It has a very pleasant color gradient of grey at the bottom and white at the top.

Capacity: This is a large French Press coffee maker with a capacity of 50 oz. You can easily brew 6 to 7 cups of coffee in it at a time. This is ideal for you if you have a large family.

Handmade: Every piece of Coffee Studio French Press is handcrafted with high-quality porcelain. The material of this coffee maker is scratch-resistant and completely dishwasher safe.

Plunger and filter: The plunger and filter of the Coffee Studio Coffee maker are made of stainless steel. The filter of this coffee maker does not work quite well as some of the finer coffee grounds manage to escape through the filter and make your coffee muddy.


✔️ Exquisite design

✔️ Handmade design

✔️ Made of high-quality porcelain material

✔️ Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

✔️ Large Capacity


❌ There is no seal on the lid

❌ The filter does not fit perfectly and allows some of the fine grounds to pass through

Factors to consider while buying a Ceramic French Press | Buying Tips

Strength or durability

Ceramic French Presses are obviously less strong and durable than Stainless-steel French Presses, and they can break if not handled properly. But Ceramic or Stoneware Cafetieres are certainly stronger than glass Presses.

All of the Ceramic French Presses mentioned in this list are made of high-quality ceramic or stoneware material, and they cannot break easily.

Read a detailed guide on what to look for in French Press while buying

Aesthetics or design

Obviously, the best thing about Ceramic or Stoneware French Presses is their luxurious aesthetics and artistic design. 

Ceramic French Presses are the best choice if you want to buy them as a gift for your loved ones.

All the French Presses mentioned above have a very decent design. But the design of the uncrowned King Ceramic French Press is most pleasant of all. The marble effects on the ceramic surface and the wooden lid make the design out of this World. 


There is no purpose for elegant looks and exquisite designs if the French Press will not fulfill its core purpose, i-e, brewing a smooth cup of coffee.

Before buying a Ceramic French Press, you must check whether the coffee maker has adequate filters or not.

Because if the filters are not adequate or do not fit properly inside the Carafe, you will end up with a cup of French press coffee with too many sediments.

The top 4 Ceramic Cafetieres in this list have adequate filter assembly. Le Creuset French Press coffee maker has the best filters among all and delivers you the smoothest cup of French Press coffee. Also, Uncrowned King Ceramic French Press has unique dual filters which do not let any fine grounds through them.


You must decide whether you want a coffee maker for personal use or for a whole family before buying a French Press coffee maker

20 oz French Press is best for two people, while 50 oz is best for you if you have a family of 5 to 6 persons.

In this list, you can find coffee makers in the range of 20 oz to 50 oz.


Ceramic French Presses are a little more expensive than Glass French Presses. You can find a good ceramic French Press in the range of 40 to 70 dollars.

The design of Expensive Ceramic French Presses is more reliable and stronger than those available at affordable prices.  

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